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  1. YAY okay!

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    today was full of its ups and downs. but well.... at least by the end of the day, things was at the up side. =D

    went dinner with audrey, wei ping, teck wei and khai shien at daorae just now.

    then was to station one for yumcha. which jia shen and cherly and joel joined us too. pretty much just sit there and talk only lar..

    home by 11pm. settled some stuff and i have goooooood news.

    off to penang tomorrow with the s9s. =DDDDD can't wait!!

    needa go do some research and pack and all that dy.. niteeeeeees! will be back on sunday! hopefully i'll have lots and lots of fun... (((:

    much love,

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