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  1. happy new year folks!! ((:

    Sunday, January 02, 2011

    just finished playing jimrami with cousins. which i lost RM1.. supposed to have lost RM21 one.. but mum gave me back the RM20 that she won from me. hehe ((:

    anyways, firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR my fellow readers!!!! ((: 2011... i am hoping for a great year ahead!!! it has only been the first day and things are going not too bad la i would say... lets hope for many many great returns!!

    hopefully it'll be a good outweigh the bad kinda year. =DD praying hard.. (:

    i started off the day by waking at 3pm simply cause of yesterday night's barbeque with family, i slept a about 4 something in the morning. so yea... started the new years by waking up so late le.. no good no good...

    woke up then called my grandfather already. since its also his birthday and new years. (: then just stayed home watching tv, playing jimrami till about dinner i went out to puchong for cone pizza (((: and then movie at pyramid with teck wei.

    little fockers (:

    i had a good laugh certain parts. and started "ouching" at certain parts too. haha

    on my way back, i was dropped off at murni usj9 to meet up with mum they all yumcha for awhile then balik already.

    which then started the jimrami game till about 20 minutes ago which is slightly after 3am.

    should be heading off to bed soon. considering i'll be going back to raub for a daytrip and have to leave at 8am. oh no...... =/ me don't like waking up early... )):

    feels like i haven't been blogging very much. =/ my baby isn't back in my hands yet........ ))): sho sho saddddd..!

    and.. apparently streamyx blocked torrent already. no more downloading my series. especially my all time favourite, ONE TREE HILL..... sigh.... )): gotta wait till back to melbourne ni can continue downloading my season 8.. another sho sho sadddd situation )):

    and also my 90210, gossip girl, vampire diaries, criminal minds, grey's anatomy, private practice, bones and supernatural.. no no....! )): sigh..

    okla.. nevermind.. anyways, shall end my post wishing happy new year to all of you once again! may it be an awesome 2011!! ((:

    p/s: oh no.. after july i am no longer a teen anymore.. )): the big 20 coming up this year. time flies...

    lots and lots of love,

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