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  1. all it really took was two weeks..

    Friday, January 07, 2011

    was too lazy to blog last night and nothing much really to blog. (:

    hmm today? waking up at 12 something and watched the lake house again for the 10th million time and waited for cousin to come back with the car. about 3 ish left to teck wei's place to get some series and movies.

    then about 4 plus close to 5pm, drove to taipan oldtown to meet up with cherly and jia shen for late afternoon yumcha. four of us sat there till about 6 something. i had to leave to KL so fetched teck wei home and drove down to look for mum and cousins for dinner.

    this stall sells the most awesomest plain porridge i've eaten. =DD

    they serve plain porridge with a plate of chopped chicken. yummmmmm! the shop also sells beef ball noodle which is not bad. but pudu one nicer. eheh.. nearby mum's office in lebuh ampang.

    then went over to pyramid to get birthday present for my uncle and also my grandfather.

    then sat down at haagen daaz for their fondue. (:

    home by 10pm.

    thought can go out see people play pool. manatau failed plan. another time lar... should prolly sleep early tonight. going out at 7am tomorrow. die die.. so early... )):

    k lar... nitey night!

    with love,

    music addiction : Little House - Amanda Seyfried

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