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  1. #100happydays Part II.

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014


    I am back with the #100happydays series :) Here is Part I.

    These #100happydays posts is to give all of you an insight to my daily stuff! :) Which is rather good in a way because I don't really have to give much thought into what to blog and everything is already in a chronological order for me :D

    Day 16
    Day 16 of #100happydays eating ice cream on a somewhat hot day emoji and it's the salted caramel with macadamia! Bought this to nomz on while waiting for our kebab dinner order emoji

    Day 17
    Day 17 of #100happydays; feels good to be back with the blogging again! Somehow writing about my life and good food just makes me really happy! The feeling of accomplishment once the post is up feels so good! Especially it being a post that was suppose to be up two months ago.... :D hopefully I'll get back the hang of writing more frequently!

    Day 18
    Day 18 of #100happydays; finally trying out a restaurant that has been on my next-go-to-place list for like ever! Altho overall the food wasn't as great as I hoped it would be and we waited 90 minutes for the table, there were still some thing somewhat worth the wait. The two bigger pictures are the best dish for the night I reckon. Their signature street style corn and the tiny tortilla chips topped with awesome crab toppings! Those were yums! At least now I can say I've been to Mamasita haha

    It was so so busy! 

    Tiny tortilla chips topped with crab meat. These were good buttttt its $4 for that tiny small piece of chip! You would definitely feel like you need more than just one piece to feel satisfied, but the price just doesn't seem to justify ordering another platter..

    Their signature corn. 

    It was pretty damn good!

    But still, you wouldn't want to queue up for 90 minutes just for some good corns... Where as the rest of the food was no where near my tastebuds' expectations at all...! Its a safe bet to say, I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon.

    Day 19
    Day 19 of #100happydays; tried something that has been tempting me on the fb adds.. The KFC Nacho Box! Crunchy corn chips topped with Popcorn Chicken(!!!), cheeeeeseee and salsa! I am sorry that most of my 100happydays is on food...HEHE emoji I am huge foodie, so fooooood makes me happy emoji

    Dinner meal with the boyfriend :)

    Day 20
    Day 20 of #100happydays; prepared dinner with the boyfriend! He was on the preparing/cutting up everything role where as I was on the cooking it up and make sure it taste good part! And the fried rice turned out pretty good wrong could fried rice go anyway right.... But it's the first time there is so many colours in my fried rice! I hardly put much vege in it emoji HEHE

    Day 21
    Day 21 of #100happydays; cooked a comfort food from home emoji in fact this is the best dish I have ever recreated, Claypot Chicken Rice! I am so proud of this dish ok!!

    Day 22
    Day 22 of #100happydays; brunched! In case if none of you already know, I loveeeeee my brunches! And since I've been back in Melbourne for the year, this was my first brunch meal. So happpyyyyyy!! Just look at them eggssss!! emoji I am no runny yolk person. But yet I love the poached eggs in brunches because it goes well with everything plated with it! 

    It's a corner cafe in South Melbourne. Not too far away from Chez Dre. In the middle between St. Ali and CD.

    They dedicate one and a half pages to just eggs. Different ways and pairing to an egg dish. I loveeee the variety!

    A classic OJ :)

    As usual, the bf ordered their Big Breakfast. It was hugeeee and them scrambled eggs consistency were cooked so well! Just a little down side, the eggs were a tad bit bland.. But other than that, its good! 

    Brunch food are heaven in the mouth :D

    I likeeeee my gooey messy mess!

    Cafe Sweethearts was pretty good! The portion was huge and the price were so reasonable! Those eggs were OMG GOOOD! 

    Even for it being bland, I think it is just a healthy option. It's just that people like me, who loves salty food and am super unhealthy, would comment on it being bland :P HEHE 

    Regardless, all in all, this place is good! Been hearing about it so much from Celine and am so glad to have finally tried it!

    Thanks to Celine, I think I found my new Froyo love! The Macadamia flavored froyo is soooo good! And those little cheesecake bites are yums cause it has this chocolate coated layer! This is their only outlet for now, but please do open to more easily accessible places! I'll be sure to be back moreeee often! This froyo is so so so goooddd!!

    My outfit and look of the day!
    Maxi cut out dress: Fabspy
    Statement necklace: Sportsgirl

    Day 23
    Day 23 of #100happydays; finally got hold of these cute little nail polishes!! Don't you think the packaging is so precious and adorable! Love the colours, and they smell pretty good plus they were buy one free one! emoji

    This was how it looked like on :) I love the colours!

    Day 24
    Day 24 of #100happydays; catching up with friends over a cup of super chocolatey mocha and some window shopping!

    The day first started with a plate of favourite dish from Rose Garden. Eggplant with minced chicken. Simple but super huge portion and yums! Lunch was with Celine and Jia Shen :) 

    And then, we had a first flat tyre moment. Celine drove and when we got to the car wanting to drive off to somewhere else for coffee break, the back tyre was flat. So yeaaah... it was the first time I witnessed how to change and thank god for a very helpful stranger that helped with jacking up the car and also to JS's cousin who did most of the change.

    After that minor fiasco, we went to Sensory Lab for coffee. The IG picture was of my mocha heavy on the chocolate. Simply cause, I am not much of a coffee drinker. I prefer Chai Latte but if they are not freshly and loosely brewed, I don't like it. If it's that case, then I'll opt for Mocha but heavier on the chocolate than the coffee.

    The cool "lab" water bottles @ Sensory Lab.

    Day 25
    Day 25 of #100happydays; home. Despite what the country is going through and how they are handling things and how people feel embarrassed bla bla..., to me, Malaysia is always my home. It's until I am away from home that I learn to appreciate and feel contented over the place most people are so bitter about. I'll always feel that home is where the heart always is. The people and the food, you can't get it better else where emoji

    My reaction of the MH370 incident. Yes there are some faults but I still don't think our country deserve all the condemning lor... Its just sad to see how almost everyone in the nation despises our own so much. To me, Malaysia is my home. And always will be. People should learn to not complain so much... IMHO.

    Day 26
    Day 26 of #100happydays; painted my nails exactly the way I have wanted it to be for a long time! Because all these while I have yet to have found the nicest affordable glitter nail polish, but I think I have found it! Essie Lux Effects are amazing! Revlon Powder Puff as base and two different Essie's Lux Effects on the top emoji I am not sure if you could see pass the blue glitters, but there are specks of very pretty gold flakes on my nails as well! Have always wanted Gradient Glitter Nails!!

    I LOVED IT! The gold specks and the blue glitters and the powder white base went so well together!

    Day 27
    Day 27 of #100happydays; doing simple things with the boyfriend emoji eating instant cup noodles, while watching the voice with the bf. He is multitasking between his "gorgeous sexy" desktop and watching the voice on my tiny 13" screen as compared to his...

    Day 28
    Day 28 of #100happydays; Space Jam-ed with the boyfriend emoji I remember watching this so so so much when I was a kid and the whole show was like super cool to me then. And I totally loved it back then! The bf has never watched it and so it became our "while-eating-movie-to-watch" for tonight emoji

    Day 29
    Day 29 of #100happydays; Made eggs in a basket!! For our dinner. Been always always wanting to try and recreate this since ages ago when I came across a picture of it on Pinterest emoji so happy it turned out pretty damn good! Plus it was so easy to make emoji

    More yummylicious pictures!
    With parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top :) These were the first batch and I didn't let it sit for a couple of minutes first before taking them out so the shape kinda didn't stay.

    But the second batch was in so much better shape! It was so so so good! But so sinful! But too yumssss!!

    Day 30
    Day 30 of #100happydays; having dessert past midnight! emoji this cup of lemon zest cheesecake from Pizza Hut is the only kind of dessert I can get at this hour and anywhere near me right now..... Ooooooo happiness! emoji

    Day 31
    Day 31 of #100happydays; played through the whole of Hearthstone's tutorial with the boyfriend's guidance by my side emoji it's fun having to do and understand the things he likes. Although I have a super sheet attention span and am super slow with the moves, I think I faired quite well(?) I am on my way through half of the Practice Mode now emoji and these little things we do together, puts a big smile on my face, all the time emoji

    Day 32
    Day 32 of #100happydays; went to Highpoint for their VIP shopping night and scored a bunch of midi rings! Paid $9 for all of these emojiemoji Been always wanting to get some of these and I finally jumped on the midi/knuckle rings band wagon emoji

    Day 33
    Day 33 of #100happydays; Coconut Milk Sago with Gula Melaka after a meal! emojiOh so yummerzzzz!! Whenever I try to recreate this, I always have problem with them sagos...emoji Most of the time, some classic after meal dessert will instantly lift my mood for the day if the meal I had didn't already do it emoji

    Day 34
    Day 34 of #100happydays; Had my first bowling session in Melbourne! Dinner then bowled with the fb and his friends emoji 

    Dinner was @ Shine Cafe in Glen Waverley.
    My seafood pizza.

    The boyfriend's rib eye.

    Overall, the place and the food was a let down. It's pretty pricey but no standard at all... I personally wouldn't have chosen the place anyways cause the Urbanspoon rating is so low and I have a lot of faith in Urbanspoon when it comes to a foreign place that I've never heard of before.

    After dinner, we went for bowling. Strike is a bowling alley that serves alcohol. Sooo... you'll need an ID to enter. To me, it was just weird because in Malaysia, bowling alley means a teenage hangout spot. So yeah, when the bf was like, you have to bring your ID for bowling k.. I went like "whaaaaaaat" haha :)

    I only played one game. And managed to score around 80+ I think? Not bad lah right... I literally just simply play only one. And this bowling alley, the lanes are so short compared to the one in pyramid!!! 

    And of course, a bar means a bottle of beer with the boyfriend. And as I've mentioned earlier, Corona is my new love!

    Day 35
    Day 35 of #100happydays; bought four 6-pack bottles of cider and beer! They had some sale when you buy two so we just HAD to emoji plus I am not a Stella Artois beer person, so I'll prefer a bottle of cider emoji these 24 bottles for $54!! Whoop woop! So cheaaappppppp!

    Started the day by going to lunch with Jake and the bf. Lunch was @ Sunny Cafe, in Springvale. It is small little Taiwanese cafe that serves authentic and yummy taiwanese food!

    Their Lu Ruo Fan (滷肉飯) is so good! And so cheap! I think is was $5-6 for a bowl? 

    But this was the YUMSSSSS one! I've had this prolly around 2 years ago and I have thought about it from time to time andddd it is still as good! Its You Chung Bing (Spring Onion Pancake) wrapping around a slice of roast beef and lots of salad. But the really good part about it is the You Chung Bing!!! Makes me miss the awesome awesome one I had by the roadside in Ximending when I was in Taipei.... *slurps slurps!*

    Ba Gua Bun.

    I can't remember what noodles this was.... It was quite nice but a little bland.

    Their soya bean also damn nice! Its smooth and thick enough and just the right amount of sweetness!

    In short, I love this little Taiwanese cafe!! The food is authentic and consistent and goooooood!! 

    After lunch, when we were walking back to the car, we experienced some heart pumping shock moment. For the first time in my life, I got stuck in a lift. And the worst part was that drop when the lift stopped. I think we dropped half a floor because I am pretty sure the lift had already went up at least half a floor and then there was this big drop and the lift stopped moving. I quickly hit the alarm button and for some reason, few seconds after that the lift door opened and we were on ground level. The three of us quickly got out of the lift and walked up the stairs instead.

    It was quite scary ok.... My heart was still like pumping quite fast even after we've already got in the car. Another life's first stories..

    Once we got out of Springvale, we went to Clayton for grocery shopping which was when the boyfriend bought all of those drinks. And after grocery shopping, the boys decided to go out for some basketball.

    That's my dear! It was the first time I properly sat down and watched him play basketball :D

    Day 36
    Day 36 of #100happydays; Classic comfort food, Mac and Cheese! But replaced the mac with fusilli emoji my first take on it ever and it turned out pretty easy to make and tasted goooood! Made a bigggg pot but transferred a little into this ramekin for a nice shot hehehe emoji

    YUMSSSSS! I never knew I could make good macaroni and cheese eventho it was my first attempt! I could eat that all day man!

    I think my cooking talent quite chun-ted one lor :DDDDDD Like seriously, I hardly ever cook anything that taste bad. It'll always somehow taste good one lorr.... Just that I am lazy to cook only.. HEHEHE :D :P

    A fancier picture of it. And watching The Voice Battles in the background.

    Day 37
    Day 37 of #100happydays; Made brunch for two emoji Scrambled some eggs with yummylicious butter and milk and cream! And plated it together with the leftover Mac n cheese emoji yum yum!

    Day 38
    Day 38 of #100happydays; Made two yummy bowls of Har Mee Hoon for dinner! Whoooop whoop! SOOOO GOOD! 

    Day 39
    Day 39// The only happy colours of my day. Looking at these pastels makes me smile!

    Day 40
    Day 40// Mail day! Finally found an affordable pair of cut out boots emoji

    That's all for now! Hope you guys had a great Easter weekend :)

    I am now off to enjoying to remaining days of my Easter holidays :D It's been so far so good! I am doing and eating the things I don't normally get to when I am not on holidays.. Which means, must enjoy kao kao! :D

    Anddddd mum will be here next Wednesday! Whooop whoop! :D

    Sher xoxo.

    Mamasita on UrbanspoonCafé Sweethearts on UrbanspoonAyomo Frozen Yogurt on UrbanspoonShine Cafe Bar & Lounge on UrbanspoonThe Sunny Cafe on Urbanspoon