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    Monday, April 14, 2014


    First, I was thinking "ok..... let's write a blog post on the my favourite catch up with the friends while I was in Malaysia..." and it happened to be the CNY gathering @ my house and so... "it shall now be a full Chinese New Year related post" :D

    I know... CNY happened two and a half months ago and I am only writing this up now... -.- but HEHE :D I have really been a bit busy... My daily uni life is totally eating me up alive and when I do have time, I don't have much time for blogging..

    But but, I still am sticking to my good blogging roots and keeping up with the backlogs!

    So...., here goes, the CNY spirit :D

    Let's start with a picture of my first day's(大年初一) outfit-of-the-day and the face-look-of-the-day!
    The cheongsam is from Stanley Market in Hong Kong! :)

    And then on to the CNY must have, Lou Sang/Lou Hei/鱼生,

    The traditionally normal ones. And also the first one I had for the year @ Chuai Heng, Jalan Bukit Bintang.

    And a new found love this year, the Japanese kind of 鱼生! I LOVEEEEE IT!!!! Had two different plates this year and they were both AWESOMEEEEE! I love the sashimi!!! Of course. And I love the seaweed and the tempura batter crumbs and the jellyfishes!!! Plus I am sure the sauce is different. I like this version sooooooo much more!!

    A very awesome one from Sakae Sushi with extra salmon sashimiiiiiiii!! Thick fat cuts of sashimi!

    One from Nihon Kai as it was prepared by my cousin since he is the head chef there :) 

    The lunch @ Chuai Heng.

    I especially love these peking duck skin wrap things!

    This year, since my grandma was ill, we've decided we weren't going back to Raub(my hometown) for CNY. But then, on the first day of CNY, it just felt so different and just as tho something was missing. Soo.... we went on an impromptu day trip back to Raub just to feel some CNY spirit :D

    Because..., every year without fail, since I was a baby, we will definitely head back to Raub and celebrate the eve and CNY there. I am so used to the smell of food and it's preparations and the smell and the smoke of eyes watering joysticks and the loudness of laughters of people and gambling sessions. So, of course this year felt different. But at least we did make a day trip and had dinner with the rest of the relatives and for that day, it felt like a usual CNY celebration :)

    Mummy dearest and baobei nam nam :D

    Next up was a BBQ gathering with the rest of the familia and for the first time, the boyfriend was around to join. As usual, the KL venue will always be in my house :)

    As usual, my aunt will definitely whipped out her specialty noodles!

    The BBQ stuff. Yummeh~!

    And the next agenda was, having CNY dinner with the boyfriend and his family and my mum :)

    To me, it was a happy moment and such a blessing! :)

    Next was, attending an open house @ Ulu Kelang with mum. It was a garden/outdoor thing and the food was really good!


    After the open house, mum dropped me off @ SS15's Tong Pak Fu to meet up with the boyfriend for after dinner dessert. As he was there with his friends and I just went and join in the fun :D

    Shared their Durian Snow Ice with the bf :)

    The boyfriend's high school buddies and I am the odd one out :D HAHA! But they are such nice people and so easy to get along with!

    Whilst we are on the bf's friends topic, I also joined some of his friends(CX,CY and JW) and went for brunch with them in Klang :)

    *Restaurant Gold Leaf Village in Klang*
    Was there purposely for that claypot bowl of Tau Fu Kang(thick tofu soup with crabmeat and eggs) and it tasted pretty good :) And... those salted egg pumpkins were SOOOO GOOOOD!! Its like salty and crunchy on the outside and on the inside, its soft and sweet! SO YUMS! My first time eating that and I was OMGGGG! Especially when eaten hot :)

    The mantis prawn dish :) Half cooked with nestum and the other was sweet and sour I think?

    It was superrr heavy brunch ok... Ate rice and soup and meat and all that at 11am!

    Then after lunch, they've decided to gamble together and after all the deliberations, the small gambling session was held @ my house. They wanted to mahjong so yeaps :)

    *Gambling sessions*
    We had sessions @ JW's house for two nights and it was fun!! I am starting to get to know more and more of the boyfriend's friends and its been really nice :)

    First was a BBQ party with them and then numerous gambling sessions and movies and lunches and yumcha sessions too :) Nice!

    *Next, some poker chips session @ Wei Jun's.*
    Which we played "in between" and I lost RM5 but the boyfriend won like 20+ I think? I am not sure if you guys could tell, but that pile of chips and notes in the middle easily has RM150 in there man.. We didn't stay that long so yeah.. I am not sure what was the rest of the damages throughout the night.

    And onto my favourite part..,

    *CNY session @ My house*

    But first, before the session, I had some girl time with my girls at Chillis in Empire for dinner and then only the four of us adjourned back to my house for the night session with the rest of the peeps. Bought some booze for the "house party" too :P

    We also had a very brief girly time of nail polishes and reminiscing through old yearbooks :) Brief because people started arriving earlier than the planned time haha

    I think this was still when the boys were on some god knows what topic and the girls were engrossed with their phones :) 

    I think we played rounds of BlackJack first.. and mind that JS being typical himself, "trying to be funny" :D YY and Pat only played BlackJack because they had to leave early for another thing.

    Them explaining the rules of the game Kings/Rings of Fire. And then ah....., Let the game begin! As you can see, the center cup is ready and tim brought the Johnny Walker Black Label. This was when the night came alive!

    This was somewhere in the middle of the game when one of the rule was "Cannot show teeth ah!" So yeah... everyone was either talking with hands or shirts covering their mouths or not opening them at all and just kept on nodding :D

    As you can see, there were a bottle of liquor, red wine and beer and of course iceeee. Everything went into that cup in the middle there...

    Out little house party session went on until 4 something 5 in the morning man. From 9pm! or almost 10pm to be exact :) It was so much fun just catching up and doing stupid and funny things as tho all of us were still in high school together!

    Even after all that games and drinking, we even sat for an hour more together and just talk. Talk about life mostly.. Its really nice to gather the group once in a while and just catch up with one and another. Always always nice :)

    *Group picture time!*
    They conned me on the "do the CNY gong hei pose"... -.- But I still love them nonetheless! :D

    We were missing quite a few peeps that night cause they were away at their hometowns. They were greatly missed! I never knew so many of them stays in KL during the festive period as I usually would be in Raub for the first few days.. Even the boyfriend who wanted to be around badly, had to stay in Malacca for the night. Ngaaww... I know I sure have had missed him that night!

    *I miss my girls! SOOO MUCH!*
    We were somewhat colour coordinated-ish! And the best part is, I don't remember us mentioning about coordinating them. Great minds think alike! :D

    Of course it wouldn't be complete without funny faces lah right :P YY dear sooo cuteeee! :D HAHAHA!

    And of course shots of us laughing randomly together :D I think it was because we wanted a laughing candid shot, so we asked the boys to come up with something funny that we could laugh about and had WJ take the picture of us :)

    Them ♥︎ the JSSY!

    Seriously thank you to the digital age where you could just keep in contact with the smartphones. Without them being at the other end of a 4-inch screen on the whatsapp group chat that we have, I think my life overseas would be so boring and alone... And they keep me going in the sense that, I'll always be able to talk to them whenever and wherever and about anything at all! We will check up on one and another if anyone happens to have had a rough day to support each other or just randomly talk about girly things together and cheers ourselves up :) I miss them! I really do..

    I love my friends! I'll always do :)

    They made life from high school up until now so much more interesting :D As I've always said, these bunch, are to keep for life!

    That's it for the backlogs today :) Not sure what will be coming next, but I'll try to keep with a post a week. Been having some pretty rough days and writing is therapeutic to me at times. So yeapp... Until my next post, take care! (and also send me lots of luck because I think I'll need it... =/)

    Ciao y'all!

    Lots of love,

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