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    Sunday, April 06, 2014

    Hi hii :D

    I am suddenly in the mood to keep up with my old backdated post worthy events that happened while I was back in Malaysia for holidays.

    I am taking a break from all the other stuff that is happening in my day to day life right now. It is pretty intense and crazy and I well deserve some sort of break of a couple hours(which translates to the whole day :D HEHE). These couple hours would be consists of series, movie, youtube and blogging(if I am really in the mood). I've been losing the blogging mojo more and more over time.... =/

    Anyways, these drinks nights happened during the last days of 2013 and the middle of January :)

    This trip home, I went out for TWO alcoholic drinks nights. I kinda like the idea of going out with a bunch of friends and have conversations over alcohol and nice musics. But don't get me wrong, the idea I have is nothing like going clubbing. I mean REAL proper sit down sessions and not dancing around all the time with loud musics that are impossible to converse in and so, what people do is do things that talking is not needed.

    But oh wells, in Malaysia the "hipster" drinking places don't really have the kinda of nice music I have in mind but it will have to do. And I am not much of a drinker but I like to talk to people who have had some alcohol in their system because almost always, it'll crack me up with the weirdest funniest randomest things people say.

    So first night was, a middle sized group of us went to The Beer Factory @ SetiaWalk in Puchong. That would have been my first visit to the new mall(?) and I must say, I kind of like the surrounding and the outdoor greenery and water concept of the place.

    It's not exactly middle size cause it was a table for eleven :D

    This bokeh styled picture is to say how much I love the colours in a blurred bokeh picture. All the colours of the lights are like further enhanced and vibrant! 

    Taken from exactly where I was sitting.

    This was the view behind of me :)

    I remember I barely had anything to eat that night and so we decided to order a Nachos to share but it ended up more like I ate the whole thing to myself. It was some special for that night and it was like RM12? RM15? But....., it was reallyyyyy good! Totally totally not what I have expected.

    Corona! My new favourite beer! It has trumped my old favourite the Hoegaarden. I think I started to get into it after watching the latest Fast and Furious. And the Kilkenny is mostly what the rest drank that night. I think every 4 pints you get a free Kilkenny cup. I think we went back with 4 free cups? And I brought back one :D even tho I didn't drink it. I think the other kind of beer they had was Carlsberg and Guinness Stout? Idk cause I only stuck with my Corona :P

    Then halfway while we were chatting and all that suddenly the beer selling ladies came to our table and started pulling and grabbing the boys to sit on the chair in the middle of the place that serves them some sort of drink from a tube?

    At first it was Ee Jun who got caught then it was pushed to Wei Jun and he then pushed the lady to En Lin. So.... it was En Lin who went for it and we were just cheering and happy that we weren't the ones who got caught XP

    The picture isn't clear because I took it off a projector screen. But you can roughly tell that there is this tube thingy and the drink will end up in your mouth while you're being restrained by those people. Anddddd you see the guy on En Lin's left? We seriously think he is gay cause he kept touching the guys that sits on that chair in a very "touchy" way..

    The drinking/happening area in SetiaWalk at night. Beer Factory, Sector 7 and Sky Bar are all the drinking places. And mind you, that isn't even a "skybar" at all..... -.-

    But it does look pretty at night.

    But also, other than that, I think SetiaWalk is pretty dead at normal times lor.. I don't think it has ever crossed my mind to go there to shop. But maybe to eat? :)

    After Beer Factory that night, we went back in Subang and yumcha-ed at Lorong JS in SS15. It is one of those mamak places that we like :D

    Second outing was on the 18th of January @ Piccadilly Restaurant in Section 14, PJ.

    That night was on a very random note with Ferns and Tim *in the last week and a half, they both celebrated their birthdays, Happy Belated Birthday guys!* :DDD It was super last minute too. But anyways, me and my friends, I think we do more things when it's totally random and unplanned hahah!

     This is Piccadilly yo! We were seated right in the middle so imagine another half of that behind me. Basically it is this huge and long mamak plus beer place underneath an apartment building? I knew Piccadilly existed but never knew exactly where it was and how it looks like and when I got there I was like "woah" :D

    So..., that night was my first visit to Piccadilly. And the place is not only massively sized for a regular mamak type restaurant but it's menu is massive as well! I think it was like 14/15 pages of varieties of food? They were all printer quite small in a page and it was packed but yet they still have sooooooo many pages of food! 

    Andddd the beer was like CHEAPPP!

    I think a bottle of Hoegaarden came to about RM7.50 or RM8? Mad cheap!!

    And the jug of Tiger was really cheap too but I can't remember how much it was..

    Tim was like questioning why is it so cheap which is understandable because the beers were all so cheap until it felt a little dodgy... HAHA!

    We sat there for quite a number of hours and just chatted away. It has always been a thing for the three of us. We can sit down together and talk about anything and everything amongst us and the conversations will always stay at where it is.

    I love my friends!! :D *I have pictures I candidly took of them but I don't think I should put it up.... Because the pictures weren't taken that nicely. They were too engrossed in some conversations until all they look like in the picture is either really weird or really serious HAHA!*

    And that's it for this little short post!

    I am kinda on a hype now to write about my friends and the people I've been meeting when I was home. Sooo maybe the next post will be of them? or of #100happydays? or both? :D

    We shall see how the week turns out first..

    Bye now!

    Much love,
    sher xoxo.

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