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  1. aches.

    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    i fell sick already.
    will be back when i am better.

    ciao guys.


  2. blue. crystal angels.

    Friday, December 26, 2008

    my lovely christmas persent from a mum's friend. my crystal angels. all together 6 of them.

    my favourite among all.

    my guardian angel.

    i now have major obsession with angels. i will go ahhh-ohh-ohmygod when i see angels. especially this one particular one which i saw at some jewellery shop at Asian Avenue.

    and also my very-long-time-ago obsession with blue things~! har har.

    Happy Boxing Day people~!

    yesterday was just like other ordinary day to me. no doubt it was christmas, but wasnt anything special laa.

    stayed at home the whole day until i got really bored and hungry, i went out to buy ramly burger. har har.

    today another day at home doing nothing. sien lo.

    oklaaa.. basically nothing much to write about. ciao first. love ya.


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  3. christmas in japan. aww.. i miss it.

    Thursday, December 25, 2008

    talking about christmas, i miss Japan sooooo much!

    went there in 2004 during the christmas period. it was soo good. i love the place soo much eventhough i dont even understand a word they say.

    but it was fun.

    Universal Studio Osaka Japan.

    by far the most huge christmas tree i've ever seen. it was seriously wayyyy huge.

    Tokyo Disneyland.

    where wishes and dreams come true. i felt like a kid when i was there. everything was sooo beautiful.

    me and my dearest mum.

    thanks to her only my Japan dream came true. i am grateful. (:

    a white christmas tree somewhere in a shopping mall in Tokyo.

    nothing beats the christmas feeling i had in Japan. it was a blast. and i was only 13 years old. omg time files.

    it feels like yesterday.

    much love,

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  4. got a phone call from wey liam yesterday asking me to go to the Curve with them. asked for permission from my mum and i was allowed out.

    left at about 5 something and reached the Curve around 7 p.m.

    they have some pretty christmas decoration and we took some pictures.

    me and cherly.

    me, liam and cherly.

    me, sean and cherly.

    the street.

    me and cherly.

    the early crowd.

    ate pasta and walked around the place. we were trying soo hard to find a place to sit down and drink but everywhere was packed.

    seriously packed.

    we met up with darryl oh shea in the curve. and he tagged along with us because he had to go back earlier.

    then jia shen, keng yew and hong jiun showed up after their work. but there wasnt any place for us to sit down, we decided to go back and go yam cha together.

    before we left.

    so happen darryl's car was parked exactly beside sean's car.

    and because of them, we had to go through two tolls and kena speedtrap. ahahaha! first time see people that dont know the way yet go so fast.

    went back to subang area for mamak. talked and laughed alot. left for home at about 1 a.m.

    the present wey liam gave me.

    he took the trouble to make me not notice he was going to buy a present for me. while we were walking around, he asked me which i like most.

    then he said want to go and buy water to drink. mana tau he went back and bought it for me.

    lovely earrings.

    thanks sooo much my dear. you've made my day. but i feel bad by not buying anything in return.

    thank you thank you~!

    slept and 5 a.m this morning and woke up at 1.30 p.m. christmas is like other usual days for me. staying at home and blardy bored.

    okayy.. i am hungry. (: i want to go and hunt for food.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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  5. christmas is here~ <3


    to all that is reading my blog now. may all of you have a blessed christmas.

    was out to the Curve just now with cherly, sean, wey liam, jack and jia wei. then darryl tagged along. and then jia shen, keng yew and hong jiun dropped by too.

    will update the pictures later in the day.

    was the first time i am out on christmas eve and also had a unnotified christmas present from a good friend.

    once again, merry christmas people!


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  6. you are my dancing queen.

    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    the musical.

    just got back from the Mamma Mia musical.

    it was good. i mean really good. had quite some laughters and i love the ending. where they introduce us the crew.

    some guys were hot with hot bodies. but the main guy doesnt attract my eyes.

    saw some familiar faces there. as the whole teatre was fully occupied by HSBC customers only. and the seat i got was pretty good.

    i guess people pay alot to actuall sit at my seat. but it was free for me. (:

    i love the night streets of KL. one night i might just drive down to go for a round. there are reasons towards it that i have no idea how to explain.

    was talking to mum about my future studies on the way back just now. i cant wait till i am actually in Melbourne as a student there.

    the first thing that comes to mind when i am thinking of something a far is just it. i dont know why but the thoughts had never changed since day one.

    much love,

    music addiction : Abba - Mamma Mia

  7. sacrifice for someone better.

    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    U.S Coast Guards.

    currently watching the Guardian on star movies. i have been watching it for sooo many times yet i am still watching it.

    its good. i love the morale behind it. he was the guardian of the sea.

    and ashton kutcher is hot in the movie. his body is hot. the ideal kinda body size. and i like the number 2 tattoo on his back. it made it look hotter.

    was supposed to go to Bangsar Village with cherly today but she couldnt make it. well.. i guess some other day laaa.

    tomorrow i have to stay at home cause i had to keep an eye on my grandmother. she's not capable of staying at home alone eventhough she keeps saying that she is fine.

    if anything happens, it will be my regret for life.

    at night i'll be going for the Mamma Mia musical at istana budaya. i am not really a fan of it but since the tickets are free, might as well just go.

    nowadays life seems so much more lively. whether is it that i am at home doing nothing or out at some place, i acted different as before.

    maybe because the big burden in my heart is finally removed. i am accepting things in a better way now.

    if it really makes my days to come better, i might confirm myself of going to Sarawak next year.

    lets just see what other offers is there for me.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Goo Goo Dolls - Name

  8. jingle bells.

    Monday, December 22, 2008

    i am happy.

    happy that things got soo much better, happy that i am happy and happy that i shopped happily today.

    went out with mum to sunway pyramid today. finding the carpark was driving me nuts. you know laa malaysian drivers.

    people simply park at corners and cant wait patiently. took me half an hour or more to find a blardy parking space.

    i bought two shorts, one dress, one vest and one blouse. oooh yeahh and a pair of ballet flats.

    it was great shopping like that. i havent had any since god knows how long. plus my mood is getting better and my mind is not soo narrowed already.


    being emo maybe normal to me but i guess its not healthy for taking too long to recover. i am not a 100% fully okay but i am wokring towards it.

    its progressing well. :D


    music addiction : T.I - Whatever You Like

  9. feliz navida.

    Sunday, December 21, 2008

    christmas is around the corner.
    i am happily wishing for the best for myself and the ones i love.

    just got back from dickson's house for his christmas party. left the house at 9 p.m to pick up the other guys. which were chun kit, ferng lin and yew wei.

    the first thing we did there was christmas carolling. it is something new to me. but it was fun. everybody sang together.

    then kah tim and en lin arrived. we talked and ate. the lamb was really good. plus the mint sauce even better.

    went out to the roadside and talked somemore. even sat on the road and talked about our trip. and they just couldnt stop insulting me. stupid friends! but i still love them. (: it made me smile at least.

    i was the only girl there with the whole bunch of guys. but i had fun. it was a good get together.

    we left dicky's house at around 12.40 a.m. then kah tim said want to race at the traffic light. kononnya only laa. i went first. hahah!

    then we took the other turn back to subang where as tim took the right turn back to kota kemuning.

    with the windows down, i went 120 km/h all the way back to subang. but it was fun for me. havent been driving like that for some time already.

    reached home about 1.10 a.m.

    went to IDP and Monash today. talked to some people and now one of my options is to study at Sarawak next year at Swinburne University.

    most probably i might go for it. i am wanting to go to a new environment.

    tomorrow should be out shopping with mum. there is a couple of stuff that i want to get. :D

    i am soooo happy to get my wish granted. it was all i was asking and hoping for. it was all i want for a happy christmas. yay to me. its all officially over.

    much lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : The Fray - Look After You

  10. a lifetime vow and love.

    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    stayed at home the whole day today. wey liam called at 11 something asking me to go out for lunch. but.. i couldnt make it.

    did nothing much at home but sleeping and watching tv.

    at night drove to sri hartamas for a wedding dinner with my mum. it was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre.

    the bride is my mum's customer's daughter. she is marrying an Austrian.

    "he is my best friend. my soulmate" quoted by the bride.

    the wedding was long. there was one guy which look quite good. he should be one of the relative or friend of the bridegroom.

    and there was this lady which played soo well in violin. it seems she is someone famous. Joanne Yeoh.

    i am in love with her very special blue violin.

    then drove all the way back home. and i am tired. i slept so much today yet i am still sleepy.

    tomorrow morning i should be out to ss15's IDP. i need to talk to caunsellors. i really have no idea on what to do already.

    i thought of joining the guys for futsal tomorrow but i guess something even more important should come first.

    and tomorrow night should be out to dickson's party.

    with love,

    music addiction : Reamonn - Through The Eyes Of A Child

  11. future?

    Friday, December 19, 2008

    keeping quiet is the best.
    before i annoy anyone with my stupid problems.

    talking to no one about it seems better.
    anyway no one bothers right?
    its life.

    what if i end up in sarawak next year?
    well... i dont even know what i want to do.

    but sarawak?
    its just one of the option.

    and... UTT IS HOT~!
    like really my type of hot guy.
    the height, the body and the look plus the style.
    ahhh.. close to perfect. (:

    ps : today, i mean yesterday we saw the popular hot dude when i was in form 1. he still looks quite good. jun hao. well.. those were the days.

  12. penang day 2.

    Thursday, December 18, 2008


    woke up around 9.30 a.m and got ready to go out for breakfast. we were going to Pulau Tikus market or something like that.

    settled down at this coffee shop.

    had claypot chicken rice. it was cheap and nice. so it was a good place to eat. the food were quite good. (:

    we discussed and decided to go to Penang Butterfly Park insteas of Kek Lok Si temple.

    en lin, steph, chun kit and jia shen.

    and off we went to the roads that hits Batu Ferringhi. because the butterfly farm is along the area. went by two cars.

    remember i told you about the cockroaches in en lin's car? i sat his car to the butterfly farm. how sad right. along with steph, dickson, chun kit and kah tim.

    the rest was in jia shen's car.

    and there we are. at the entrance.

    tim, dicky and chun kit.

    tim, cherly and chun kit.

    steph, cherly and me.

    payed 10 bucks to enter. some didnt even want to go in. and they were forced to.

    pretty butterfly.

    a sneak peek of the place.

    pretty. (:

    it may not be that colourful. but it is simple. me likey.

    i dont know what they were talking about. must be some of the guy stuff.

    the only one up there.

    halfway through walking around.


    some dead leaf mantis thing.

    and another.

    imagine if it is not spottable. so creepy man. it looks like a blardy leaf. it gives me vibe.


    it may not look huge in the picture but it sure does look blardy huge in real. i mean seriously huge!

    the whole area gives me vibe. i can feel the creep.

    chun kit, me and cherly.

    mandarin ducks.

    they look fake and plastic. but they are real. for the first time i saw it. never knew it really looks like the sewed on ones.

    then we went to some exibition of all the butterfly and bugs and stuff like that.

    i am in love with the blue. and its shiny. pretty pretty. most important is i love the colour.

    the dots really look like eyes.

    and looked like an owl.

    another one.

    we dropped by at the souvenier site for quite a while before we walked out to the exit.

    outside before we really really exit the place. and there is this giant bug statue in the middle.

    the yeng kia's.

    the ban yeng kia's.

    mini waterfall.

    they came up with an idea to take pictures with the bug by doing some obscene pose.


    chun kit.



    the girls. vannessa is missing somewhere.

    another shot of us.

    then en lin came up with ideas to climb up the big beetle and do stupid poses. before he could climb up he already did stupid things.

    god knows what he was trying to pose as.

    the girly side of him?

    the went all the way up and ride the big bug.

    happily being up there.

    really really happy.

    after the butterfly farm and en lin's pokai driving, we settled down at Lorong Selamat for lunch. well.. very late lunch.

    while waiting for the one hour long Penang Char Koey Teow.

    jia shen and cherly taking some pictures. and this is the candid.

    the four boys.

    lala pose picture?

    after Lorong Selamat, some went back to the hotel, some went to buy tickets for our midnight movie.

    i went back to the hotel wanting to sleep. and i heard noises. people smsing noises when there were no one in the room.

    even if there was people, there wasnt anyone smsing.

    i only slept for 10 minutes. great right? so i woke up and went down to have a clear mind in front of the beach.

    some were sleeping and some were in the pool. and two went to look for their grandmother at the other side of the island.

    i was downstairs alone by myself for an hour and the half.

    went back up to bath and then went down for our dinner. we were suppose to go to New Lane for dinner but there wasnt enough cars.

    the two girls took one of the car already. so.. we had to eat at Gurney Drive again.

    after food we went back to the hotel. only 3 were along the drive flying kites. which were en lin, ferng lin and kah tim.

    i went back and sat at the steps there again by myself. i wasnt really in a mood at that hour.

    suddenly the guy that guards the valet parking came and ask me, "you want lighter?" do i look like someone that smokes ah??

    and then he asked, "you ok ah?". i guess he was too bored. but i had better things to do. my eyes were pretty much glued onto the SLK 200.
    it was time for the movie cause our movie was at 12.30 a.m at Gurney Plaza. so we drove over there.

    the day the earth stood still was the movie of choice.

    the show sucks. seriously.

    the only thing that kept me watching on was Keanu Reeves. he is blardy hot and yeng! my perfect sort of guy.

    and he reminds me of something else.

    after movie we headed back to the hotel. and i was over at the boy's room.

    sat there for sooo long and kept talking. talking about all the old memories and all the laughters. talked till 3 something and decided to sleepover at that room.

    the boys posing.

    went to sleep at around 5 a.m. in my miserable sleeping bag.

    day 3 will be up sometime soon laaa. i lazy continue already. (: day 2 was really really fun. literally.

    tomorrow i'll be back to Taylors to get consultations. i need to know what courses i can take and which university i can get into with my results.

    wish me luck. (:

    ciao people~!

    sher xoxo.

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