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  1. it is all good (:

    Monday, March 28, 2011


    was suppose to blog this yesterday but i got too carried away by ebay and grace under fire and was skyping till i was convinced not to blog. hehe

    anyways, here is how i spent my weekends.

    left the house about 2pm on saturday to meet up with celine, yao yun, cherly and jia shen at melboure central. we headed over to easy cafe on bourke for bubble tea. which loong joined us later too. then about 4 something we decided to leave cause sitting there and doing nothing is abit too boring. so headed over to yao yun's and played a session of monopoly deal.

    about 615pm we as in me, cherly, jia shen and loong left. loong left for home and the three of us headed over to melbourne central to meet up with the rest cause we were having a s9 gathering that night.

    dinner was at oriental spoon on la trobe street.

    sweet and chilli chicken. which was really awesome!

    and the rest of the food. there was another dish, i think seafood pancake or something?

    in total for 7 of us was $13.70 per person. not too bad. plus i was like really full. so yea (:

    after dinner we headed over to easy cafe again cause it was like the only place that we could get seats for 9 of us and to sit there and just chit chat.

    ended up we rented a deck of cards and started playing donkey and also some game which uses the heart attack concept but not quite similar. which was seriously so damn fun! HAHA! laughed so much that night.

    group picture (:
    clockwise: khai shien, teck wei, me, michelle, ken, audrey, daniel, jia shen and cherly.

    the s9 group in melbourne is like expanding by the year. haha! good thing (:

    i was staying at MA that night so yea left with cherly, jia shen, teck wei, khai shien and ken. ended up sleeping close to 4am that morning. haha

    woke up about 1230pm the next day and about 2pm we left out to kotaraya for lunch. we as in me, teck wei, khai shien, cherly and jia shen.

    then after that headed back to MA and played monopoly deal.

    while indulging in sara lee's ultra chocolate ice cream (((: yums!

    played till about 6pm and got bored. i slept for a while after that. then just continued lazing around then about 730pm i left with jia shen and headed back home.

    reached home about 9 something yesterday.

    had instant wantan mee soup for dinner.

    yes it is instant. the noodles and wantans are frozen then you just add water till the line given and then just microwave for 4 minutes. pretty simple and nice too for instant stuffs (:

    today... uni is just normal. boring. and it was a hot day today. the weather is fluctuating like crazy. brought out my jacket for nothing. haha

    and for dinner tonight, i had cous cous which i haven't had before and its actually quite nice. me likey! no pictures taken. go google it. haha i am very civilised when it comes to dinner at home and taking pictures of the food especially in front of my cousin. ahha!

    thats pretty much it? till tomorrow then.

    teck wei and me (:
    photo credits to tek yit.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    p/s: skype is like the most awesome thing ever. i am loving the use of it for the past few nights being underneath my quilt in a cold night and being talked to sleep ((:

  2. pweety

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    i am loving my new manicure (:

  3. happiness.

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    today was a super gloomy day. it was cloudy throughout the day and scattered showers here and there. went to uni and got home about 4 something.

    first thing i did was opening the fridge and took out the noodles aunty D cooked last night and also the lamb sausage from the day before and heated it all up and started eating while watching the tvb series.

    hehe me likey! i like any sort of fried noodles and fried rice ((:

    since i ate like super late, didn't have any dinner tonight. well technically i did la but it was just that packet of red rock deli sea salt and balsamic vinegar for dinner. eheh =DD

    i am contemplating whether should i go out tomorrow. hmmm... shall see how it goes.

    thats pretty much it tonight tho.

    hehehehehe i am like super duper excited about SYDNEY!!! told aunty D about it just now and was telling her my arrangement with going to the airport i already like damn excited and happy. ahah!!

    shiiiiiiaaat.. its only 1130pm and i am already yawning non stop. nouuuu )): maybe i'll consider to go to bed. "consider" eheh.. kla nights peeps!

    with love,

    music addiction : Rolling in the Deep - Adele

  4. the trip is on!

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011


    i had a test and a presentation today. i woke up late, ended up being late for lecture which was when the test was held but its like during the second half of the lecture supposingly. got to uni at 1115am went into the lecture hall and the lecturer was already distributing the paper when the second half of the lecture was suppose to be at 1130am. phewww... thank god i made it on time. hehe..

    test was alright i suppose. management just sucks too much of my brain cells trying to remember theories and who said what and who made what assumptions and all those stuff.. annoying much..

    then had a two hour break which i spent in the library.

    working on the presentation i was gonna have later and bought a wrap to fill me up (:

    but well i had like loads more time to spare so i caught a movie. even without earphones which i conveniently forgotten and left it at home i still manage to watch the show softly and with subtitles. ahah!

    10 things i hate about you.

    haha joseph gordan lewitt was like super young in it. and heath ledger... too bad he died.. what a waste of talent and looks huh? julia stiles, i kinda like her somehow. she's different in her own way not the typical "pretty girl" in movies.

    presentation went quite well. our group was in the batch of the best groups along with another group. good job guys! (: but still have a longer one coming up at the end of the semester. nehh not looking forward to that 15 minutes one.. =/

    after class, went over to coles and bought red rock deli chips! teck wei was telling me there is a sale of 2 for $6 and that the sale ends today soooo i had to get it =D i think now, i am more into red rock deli than smiths already. but its more exp ):

    my current favourite which is a must have in the combination of two, sea salt and balsamic vinegar. plus their lime and black pepper is tangy and different which i like too! =DDD

    and yes, i opened the lime and black pepper one on my way back home. ate till only a quarter was left. ahaha

    came home and slept and then woke up like 730pm and had my dinner. i kinda like aunty D's fried noodles tonight. but i know i have to cut down on the portion i am eating. considering i had one lamb sausage with bread and tomato plus barbeque sauce in the morning before leaving to uni. then in uni i had a wrap. and then the chips on my way back plus dinner.

    omg i am eating so much. but you know you feel like super satisfied at the end of the day eating all your absolute favourites or any sort of nice food. and well... i've shed two kilos since i got back, a little more on the food intake won't harm thaaaat much (:

    okay... i've just downloaded a new tvb series. well it's not really new since it has been showing 11 episodes already.

    grace under fire.


    this page has been brought up since 11 something. now is like 115am and i am not done yet. and i have an announcement to make!

    I AM GOING TO SYDNEY DURING EASTER BREAK!!! yessssssssssss!!! bought the tickets already. all set! flying with yao yun and teck wei and will meet celine and her friends there!! wooooohooo!! can't wait!!!!! =DDDD yes baby!

    lots of love,

  5. it was nice lying there..

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    hmmm should start with yesterday. went over to MA in the afternoon. hanged around first then about 3 plus close to 4pm headed over to glen waverley for late lunch with teck wei, khai shien, jia shen, cherly, raymond and shu hua.

    singapore fried vermicelli. $9.50 okay la. not too bad la.

    close to 7.30pm only i left MA. was home about 9 something.

    today, back to uni. so sien... first was snacks as lunch from flinders.

    dim sim and potato cake. $1 each.

    that was about 1pm. then i had one class. and that's it for the day. was in the library for 3 hours cause i had a group meeting at 530pm. and then i got hungry again. went down to the cafeteria to get a wrap.

    turkey wrap with lettuce, cheese and cranberry sauce. $4.50

    the wrap was quite nice (: hahah nowadays i am getting hungry super often. not good. i was actually trying so hard to restrain myself from going down to get food but in the end i still gave in. haha! plus i was so bored till i felt so sleepy and i had to walk out to somewhere to kill the boredom. hehe

    reached home about 715pm and then had a big bowl of rice with minced curry and meat for dinner. till now i am still so full =/

    today was at a moderate temperature that i actually didn't need a jacket at all. but the weather forecast told me it was going to rain so i thought might as well have a hoodie with me. but it lied =/ i didn't even feel a drop of anything. stupiddd

    okla.. off to doing my presentation slides. goodnight!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  6. it's nano la..

    Saturday, March 19, 2011

    had a nice day out today (:

    feels just very much like in malaysia. one day out hopping from one place to another and fulfilling my cravings =DD

    love the red and the ring from bangkok!
    well technically it isn't red, its labelled raspberries and cream. haha!

    left the house bout 1130pm and got to melbourne central by like 1230pm and met up with teck wei. and then headed over to rose garden for lunch. i know... so typical of me, rose garden most of the time.

    and i had eggplant with mince chicken which i've posted the picture once here about few weeks back. it was such a hot and sunny day to be sitting outside at rose garden tho.. so hard to eat =/ but yea. then walked over to vic market and i bought churros!

    i had two for like $2.
    mind my blur picture was like walking while snapping. hehe

    after that we walked to bourke swanston and had Easy Way's bubble tea. after having super horrible experience with tenren, i'll never ever go back there!

    my large passionfruit black tea with pearl. $5

    and easy way is actually quite nice (: i like it as much as easy cafe now. might like it more in the future if i find a nice combination =D

    took our drinks, hopped on the tram and went over to smith street to check out some hoodies. but no, bought nothing then headed back to the city. walked over to yaoyun's place cause i needed to borrow a book from her.

    by like 430pm, we went our separate ways and headed home. i was home about 530 or so.

    i had all my cravings today. rose garden, churros after so long imissyou so much and bubble tea =DDD i was so full by the end of trying to finish up my bubble tea. ahaha

    came home had laksa with instant noodle's noodle for dinner. and i became even more full. after dinner i came up to the room straight slept for like 2 hours plus. omg so pig... ahah but the feeling damn nice!

    now i am trying to plan on a trip during easter. seems like goldcoast is completely off and sydney is like colder than water, i am thinking off heading to canberra provided if jo ann's around during that time. if not, then i guess i am not going anywhere.

    will see how it goes. now i am gonna do my online assessments and then watch bones and then maybe harry potter and the chamber of secrets.

    watching the sorcerer's stone yesterday was so cute. the three of them looked so cute! and it was like 10 years ago already. i remember how crazy i went over the chocolate frog cards, i still have the whole collection somewhere at home in malaysia =DD

    kla goodnight dearies!

    lots of love,

  7. getting out of the shell.

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    painted it red.

    woke up late this morning. and then had to deal with some mess that i made. wasn't in time to make the 1006am bus so i had to walk down to the station. kinda was speed walking and i was with two layers of clothes. one tank top one jacket and i was sweating like mad... ): what a way to start my morning.

    headed back to uni to hand in my assignment then rushed back to the station to catch the train and i was like all heated up again.. ughh =/ and then headed over to MA. ate chips for lunch while watching america's next top model's new episode and then watched mr and mrs smith and then i still manage to pig for like 20 minutes before leaving at about 535pm. had a nice walk this time out to get the bus (:

    got home about 715pm, ate two plates of fried rice, two small slices of fried salmon and aunty D's sorta special marinated chicken. omg yums! heaven after not having a proper meal today =DD

    and then watched cinderella story on tv. omg chad michael murray is like omg hawt! HAHAH! i will never change my mind on him. hahah i remembered how much i used to like him way back since form 1. after i had my eyes on him in one tree hill. i think it was like my first white guy crush on tv. AHAH!

    now prolly gonna do some work and then maybe watch the first episode of harry potter (: nitee peeps!

    much love,

    this time i am gonna go with my guts and my instincts. its the first and i wanna go with what i want. i rather follow what i think its right and if i end up hurting myself, at least it was a decision that I made and no one is to blamed for. i appreciate the guidances i got that tried pointing me in the right direction but i prefer learning it on my own. just that i would rather not have an itoldyouso if i happened to fall hard on my face. i am only going to say this the last time, i know what i am up against and betting on and going up for and i know the odds and what i am doing. it maybe abit harsh but don't take it personally. i am just kinda done with being told to do whats right and never taking the step by my own and never following what is it that i really want.

    i meant it sincerely. thanks but no thanks.

  8. totally speechless..

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    outfit today. finally brought my crumpler backpack out for the day after it being hanged on the rack for almost 4 months now..

    uni was normal. nothing spectacular to look forward to anyhow.

    was actually not planning to have lunch cause of the very very heavy dinner last night but i had a class that finished early and 30 minutes to spare, i went over to the cafe on campus and bought this.

    spinach and ricotta roll. seriously yums....! $5

    and eating while watching Aquamarine on my mac. then left for home and continued the rest of the movie throughout my journey back home.

    slept a little. ate dinner then just been sitting here facing my mac and looking at my hongkong and macau trip pictures and feeling like wanting to go back again so so so bad! and also talking to people.

    ooo and i watched Just Friends just now. ryan reynolds seemed hotter in the Proposal than any other movies. haha!

    that's it for the day.



    i am seriously tired of hearing what people have to say. like seriously.. i don't get whatever that has been said. i guess i'll just never agree from my point of view. and i can't voice out my honest opinion at all. maybe except to one person. but yea.. i'll go mad soon if things just stays as it is. crazy..

  9. more of this to come? really...? )):

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    love my H&M grey blazer! and my owl necklace from hong kong's street market! ooo and and my high waisted shorts with ties at the sides from bangkok's wholesale mall!! ((((:

    3 hours of uni, neh not too bad. came home lazed around watched Mean Girls 2 then got ready to go out with aunty D and her friends for dinner at docklands.

    the first one is more dramatic than this tho. the girls in this seems more tame.. plus the guy is cuter in the first one too (: hehe

    went to dinner at BlueFire. its like some brazilian grill thing.

    entree, bread with dips. the dips were awesome!

    main, i don't have any pictures of it tho. basically they bring out like large skewers of beef, lamb, chicken, calamari, fish, chorizo and then you tell them how much you want.

    flip to this side if you want somemore.

    or the other side that says no more if you're full. or want a break which i conveniently forgot to take picture of.

    and my chilled chocolate tart for dessert.

    omg i was so full till i can't breathe properly. haven't been eating so full in a long time. dear me.. haha! but the food was just so so tho? its expensive eventho we had this meal paid for.. not like i'll actually go back and crave for somemore.. seriously..

    now that i am so full, i feel so sleepy. but i am refusing to go to bed this early and be like a pig. hehe

    that's it for today i guess? byeeee!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    maybe i have over reacted a lil bit over the problem. yes it still bothers me, but it doesnt seem like a huge huge deal as it was on the day itself. more problems like this to ever come along anyways.. right? i am not a positive thinker to think that it'll get better since the start. i sorta think the worse out of everything. which is a big not good =/

  10. can just talk. nothing more.

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    uni was boring and late today. by the time i got home it was like close to 8pm. don't like coming home so late from uni. plus today was sorta a sunny day and i was with one layer of clothes but by the end of the day, the wind was chilly and i had nothing to hide underneath with ):

    today's lunch. sushi sushi's bento box. $14

    i know its expensive but i really was craving for some japanese. haven't had anything really really nice for like two days d.. so yea. its not bad tho (:

    just a short update today. nitee!

    with love,

    i am still not over the whole thing. everything about that night, that day, that moment just keeps flashing through my mind constantly. the more it does, the more it doesn't feel like what happened was right. simply cause of me.

  11. it'll never be the same for now on..

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    today is just about sleeping in till 12pm, heated up a chicken pie for brekkie, skyped and chat a little, watched supernatural and easy A then i had the mood to pick up the frying pan and cook some dinner.

    scrambled eggs with toasted rye bread. and mayonnaise on top. thats 3 egss =D

    ate while watching megamind. megamind is damn nice man (((: totally instantly lighted me up by the end of the movie.

    felt sleepy so crashed on the bed for like half an hour. now up again getting back to my life. chatting online and listening to songs. might watch somemore movie till i feel sleepy again. ahah tomorrow back to uni a.. sien )):

    today seems better than yesterday. it hurts lesser but the thoughts are all still clogged up in my mind. i hope things get better. i really want it to. even if it doesn't go back like before, i would still wanna settle down with a friendship.

    ciao people!


    grecos and fireworks. you suppose to be there too =/

  12. today changed everything. changed my believes and my trust. today brought me a whole new level of pain that i've never felt before and clarity.

    with only 5 hours of barely getting any deep sleep, i woke up and swamped myself with movies after movies. save the last dance and coach carter which took up my next 5 hours. then left behind looking at the back of someone and have so many thoughts in mind and so much things to say but ended up just feeling too tired and fell asleep on the bed.

    woke up and realised it was time. time for me to lose my everything now. time to go back to feeling nothing simply cause i really just prepared myself for the worst. i sat beside and poured out my feelings and myself right until my core that no one has even seen. said everything eventhough it was with a shaky and scared voice. shown everything eventhough it was so vulnerable to sit there and talk my heart out while tearing in disbelief. then my heart just totally shattered into a million pieces because of a simple yet harsh phrase, don't know. and i asked twice.

    for the first time in my life, i walked out on someone. someone who genuinely and truly made me happy and became almost my everything. i turned my back and left. it hurt so bad opening the door and then walking out and never looking back. the hardest thing i forced myself to do ever and it hurt so bad. so so bad. and the worse thing is, i was having those moments that you see in shows where i secretly wanted to be chased after. and it failed me. not even a call, a text or a word.

    i blame myself for what happened. i led myself on to go through such pain. i never said no at the beginning and now i put the blame on me.

    i don't regret for what i've done with you and for what we've been through honestly.. i really had the best time ever in my life. so now, i only blame myself for everything. for how things turned out to be. him who i especially don't blame at all.

    i would just hope that you felt what i felt when i am with you (:

    but this is the right thing to do. because if things are never gonna get exclusive, it never will. especially knowing that it wasn't only me who've been told about it. why bother holding on to something that in the end means nothing actually?

    i was so scared of the idea of losing everything that i wanted to back out and never make the right move and never to make a stand for myself or for us. because all of this was really just too good to be true for me to just wanna give it all up.

    i've never cried so hard and so easily in such a long time. every time i think of the look i got from you and how things were today, tears just trickles down my cheek. when i think about us, about everything that has ever happened since july last year till today, especially these three months, i really miss it. i miss all of it. i miss you. i want it back. i want to turn back time and to feel again. to feel how i was being swept off my feet again. but for now, reality, it'll never be like before. i can never turn back time. all i have now, is memories. and that's it. memories which now seem so distant and vague.

    i hope you see what i see and want what i want. really.. i am not giving up on the idea of us. just the idea of how things are when i thought there would be an us. until now, i would still really want it to work. i sincerely really do want it to work. but somehow i think the chances are pretty slim? and maybe never ever will be an us after all.

    but i really wanna ask i really wanna know, do i not matter as much as you matter to me for you to change your mind? to willingly want to give it a go? to wanna overcome your fear with? you just never answered me all this questions. never at all. which makes things feel 10 times as bad. i know deep down, you care, you feel what i feel. but just somehow, you never let me in. and i've never heard the answers that i was hoping to hear. was i not being enough for you?

    i am seeing a friendship and something more than that slipping through my fingers right now. it feels like after this thing about today, we will never even be friends anymore and that its just gonna be left like that. no one makes the move to talk and in the end it became unclaimed and never mentioned anymore.

    as much i wanna believe it won't reach that stage, i think it will. it's not that i don't believe or don't trust anymore. it is that i took a step back and looked and realised that what i believed and trusted seem to be different than what it used to be.

    in a hundred photos jumbled together, its you who i see straight to. and it will stay like that most probably for quite a while i think. i don't forget and let go that easily. especially not from something like this. and especially not when it meant so much to me. i've said i won't give up. i won't now, but along the way will i? i would say don't know too.

    i just wanna know how you are feeling. how you are doing. how much it affected you. but my ego stands in the way that i don't think i should be the one who asks questions first. i dare say i know you well to know exactly the answers to all of that. and also because that i think i know you, i think i know how this will end.

    there you go, story of my life.

    p/s don't ask what is it about or what happened. i don't owe anybody any explanation. thank you, but don't. writing it down simply makes me feel calmer and slightly better.

  13. it smells sweet.

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    woke up at 1120am this morning and then suddenly i wanted to eat indomie. haha! i was leaving home at 12pm so i quickly cooked and ate it up in less than 5 minutes.

    awesome stuff!

    i haven't had it in quite a while. so totally missed it. now i miss maggi goreng even more. the one from maju maju, from lorong and the occasionally nice ones at melur plus ayam goreng. yumss!

    uni today was pretty normal.

    i just came out from the toilet doing something i've never done. i dropped my pendant in the sink so i had to open the pipes and all that to get my pendant back. plus it was stinky water... ))): so not fun!

    thank god i got my cross and idontrememberhowmanyzeropointzerosomethingcaratofdiamond is on it which i bought from japan (:

    tomorrow will be staying out at MA right till monday. but should be back to blog cause i am bringing my baby with me. so yea..

    i now officially love red rock deli chips! the sea salt and balsamic vinegar is good (((: i wanna try the other flavours too!

    one downside, it's bad and fattening to eat so much chips. nouu... )): i don't want to catch up on someone's weight )):

    hehe but for tonight, i'll finish up the remaining packet first. worry bout the rest later.


    with love,

  14. lime and pepper.

    Wednesday, March 09, 2011

    i bought it! finally.. i bought chips!

    but..... i regretted buying that pack of grain waves. my first time trying and i don't like it at all. just that it was the packet that i opened when i got out of safeway and thought that if i continue eating it might get better, but no. now there is a half pack sitting there with me never wanting to eat it up already.

    but the packet of smiths is in my tummy already tho ((: hehehe! the red rock deli, leave it to later.

    and and.. i totally pimped my iphone till everything turned blue.

    blue sms bubbles. and if look at the top, blue battery bar. and also changed the font (((:

    and blue battery when you plug in.

    awesome awesome! now, that's what i am doing with my jaibroken iphone. other than downloading cut the rope for free today and kept on playing during my train to uni and home and wanting to complete each level with 3 stars =P

    blue blue blue =DDD

    i shall continue with you're hired. i've gotta finish that series sooner or later. it was hanging halfway from more than a month. hehe

    bye peeps!

    sher xoxo.

  15. omaigod yummy looking FOOD!

    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    this post is purely about food. i stumbled on some food blogs on tumblr and i just went constantly on next page next page till i got so hungry. i am so hungry now!

    tonight is totally about indulging myself in food pictures and salivating to myself.

    first up, my brekkie this morning. i missed it! toasted raisin toast with a slice of cold cheese on the top =D

    cinnamon rolls! ooo chocolate flavoured ones are awesome!

    bacon and asparagus roll. haven't tried before but i want to. =P

    ooooooooh! MAC AND CHEESEEEEEEE! haven't had an awesome one is ages!!

    baked egg and bacon roll like thingy. looks super yummy!!

    grilled cheese!! yumssssss!

    craving for some instant noodles right now. hehe

    aglio oilo seafood pasta! YUMSSSSS!

    super awesome yummy looking steak sandwich, with all that cheese and bacon and egg and spinach! my god...!

    i wouldn't mind a good hot dog =DD

    cheese friesssss! so unhealthy but looks so yummy.

    this is even better! fried cheese!! omaigod....!!

    a plain mushroom pasta would be nice too. and some grated cheese on the top. yumss!

    still love my pan fried salmon medium rare. yumsss!

    craving for some jap food!! nouuuu.. melbourne very hard to find. affordable ones i meant. ):

    okay. i should put to a stop on the food. hmmm.. i still haven't gotten my chips yet. tomorrow tomorrow =DD

    i can't believe every night i am getting all hungry and am having all these weird cravings out of the blue. kinda fun too but no fun when my tummy is all growling and i have nothing to feed it with but just a glass of plain water sitting on my table ):

    should head to bed. i can't stay up with all this hunger. haha!

    nitey nite!

    lots of love,