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  1. it'll never be the same for now on..

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    today is just about sleeping in till 12pm, heated up a chicken pie for brekkie, skyped and chat a little, watched supernatural and easy A then i had the mood to pick up the frying pan and cook some dinner.

    scrambled eggs with toasted rye bread. and mayonnaise on top. thats 3 egss =D

    ate while watching megamind. megamind is damn nice man (((: totally instantly lighted me up by the end of the movie.

    felt sleepy so crashed on the bed for like half an hour. now up again getting back to my life. chatting online and listening to songs. might watch somemore movie till i feel sleepy again. ahah tomorrow back to uni a.. sien )):

    today seems better than yesterday. it hurts lesser but the thoughts are all still clogged up in my mind. i hope things get better. i really want it to. even if it doesn't go back like before, i would still wanna settle down with a friendship.

    ciao people!


    grecos and fireworks. you suppose to be there too =/

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