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  1. the tickles (((:

    Monday, March 07, 2011

    today is such a hot day. i am having my fan on right up till now. ughhh.. hate the 30 degrees weather today. but apparently we will be having rain tomorrow. don't like the rain either especially that i have to head out to uni but i like the temperature during the rain (:

    tomorrow 4 hours class. not too bad (: should be heading off to bed soon actually.

    neh nothing much today. just thought of having an update. i am so hungry right now.. have to head to bed soon before i start thinking so much about food. hehe

    tho i am right now. i am thinking of buying a tub of sara lee ultra chocolate ice cream and bring it over to MA this weekend. provided if someone has a freezer. and and i am looking forward to going to grecos this weekend too! ooooo mud cake! and marz bar cheesecake! YUMS!!

    oh nou nou.. )): i am getting all excited and hungry and without anything to munch on with right now.. i am so getting smiths salt and vinegar tomorrow after class. so getting it! hehe

    hmmm i should really head to bed. i am thinking of food too much already. hehe =P

    goodnight my dears!

    ; in fact never give up on anything at all.

    this quote should really keep me going ((:

    despite all that has been said of things progressing abit too much ahead than normal, i shouldn't be convinced by it. as i am very much happy (: there is just occasional insecurities that pops up at you know one of "those days" kinda moments. other than that, i've never been happier =DD


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