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  1. i said i know twice.

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    finally had a taste of Rose Garden today.
    eggplant with minced chicken on rice! yummmmms! one of my favourite on the menu. $8.80 awesome stuff!!

    lunch was with jia shen after class. class today? so so.

    tomorrow long long day ahead. gotta leave home at 7am. soooo.. off to bed now. omg and its so early. its only nearing 1030pm.. so early.. no fun ))):

    much love,

    you know.. i am doubting certain things right now. and prolly have no one to talk to about or more like don't even know should i bring up the topic. sometimes.. i just have my doubts and want my answers =/ it's you whom i have to talk to.

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