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    Monday, March 14, 2011

    uni was boring and late today. by the time i got home it was like close to 8pm. don't like coming home so late from uni. plus today was sorta a sunny day and i was with one layer of clothes but by the end of the day, the wind was chilly and i had nothing to hide underneath with ):

    today's lunch. sushi sushi's bento box. $14

    i know its expensive but i really was craving for some japanese. haven't had anything really really nice for like two days d.. so yea. its not bad tho (:

    just a short update today. nitee!

    with love,

    i am still not over the whole thing. everything about that night, that day, that moment just keeps flashing through my mind constantly. the more it does, the more it doesn't feel like what happened was right. simply cause of me.

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