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  1. lime and pepper.

    Wednesday, March 09, 2011

    i bought it! finally.. i bought chips!

    but..... i regretted buying that pack of grain waves. my first time trying and i don't like it at all. just that it was the packet that i opened when i got out of safeway and thought that if i continue eating it might get better, but no. now there is a half pack sitting there with me never wanting to eat it up already.

    but the packet of smiths is in my tummy already tho ((: hehehe! the red rock deli, leave it to later.

    and and.. i totally pimped my iphone till everything turned blue.

    blue sms bubbles. and if look at the top, blue battery bar. and also changed the font (((:

    and blue battery when you plug in.

    awesome awesome! now, that's what i am doing with my jaibroken iphone. other than downloading cut the rope for free today and kept on playing during my train to uni and home and wanting to complete each level with 3 stars =P

    blue blue blue =DDD

    i shall continue with you're hired. i've gotta finish that series sooner or later. it was hanging halfway from more than a month. hehe

    bye peeps!

    sher xoxo.

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