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    Wednesday, March 23, 2011


    i had a test and a presentation today. i woke up late, ended up being late for lecture which was when the test was held but its like during the second half of the lecture supposingly. got to uni at 1115am went into the lecture hall and the lecturer was already distributing the paper when the second half of the lecture was suppose to be at 1130am. phewww... thank god i made it on time. hehe..

    test was alright i suppose. management just sucks too much of my brain cells trying to remember theories and who said what and who made what assumptions and all those stuff.. annoying much..

    then had a two hour break which i spent in the library.

    working on the presentation i was gonna have later and bought a wrap to fill me up (:

    but well i had like loads more time to spare so i caught a movie. even without earphones which i conveniently forgotten and left it at home i still manage to watch the show softly and with subtitles. ahah!

    10 things i hate about you.

    haha joseph gordan lewitt was like super young in it. and heath ledger... too bad he died.. what a waste of talent and looks huh? julia stiles, i kinda like her somehow. she's different in her own way not the typical "pretty girl" in movies.

    presentation went quite well. our group was in the batch of the best groups along with another group. good job guys! (: but still have a longer one coming up at the end of the semester. nehh not looking forward to that 15 minutes one.. =/

    after class, went over to coles and bought red rock deli chips! teck wei was telling me there is a sale of 2 for $6 and that the sale ends today soooo i had to get it =D i think now, i am more into red rock deli than smiths already. but its more exp ):

    my current favourite which is a must have in the combination of two, sea salt and balsamic vinegar. plus their lime and black pepper is tangy and different which i like too! =DDD

    and yes, i opened the lime and black pepper one on my way back home. ate till only a quarter was left. ahaha

    came home and slept and then woke up like 730pm and had my dinner. i kinda like aunty D's fried noodles tonight. but i know i have to cut down on the portion i am eating. considering i had one lamb sausage with bread and tomato plus barbeque sauce in the morning before leaving to uni. then in uni i had a wrap. and then the chips on my way back plus dinner.

    omg i am eating so much. but you know you feel like super satisfied at the end of the day eating all your absolute favourites or any sort of nice food. and well... i've shed two kilos since i got back, a little more on the food intake won't harm thaaaat much (:

    okay... i've just downloaded a new tvb series. well it's not really new since it has been showing 11 episodes already.

    grace under fire.


    this page has been brought up since 11 something. now is like 115am and i am not done yet. and i have an announcement to make!

    I AM GOING TO SYDNEY DURING EASTER BREAK!!! yessssssssssss!!! bought the tickets already. all set! flying with yao yun and teck wei and will meet celine and her friends there!! wooooohooo!! can't wait!!!!! =DDDD yes baby!

    lots of love,

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