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  1. getting out of the shell.

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    painted it red.

    woke up late this morning. and then had to deal with some mess that i made. wasn't in time to make the 1006am bus so i had to walk down to the station. kinda was speed walking and i was with two layers of clothes. one tank top one jacket and i was sweating like mad... ): what a way to start my morning.

    headed back to uni to hand in my assignment then rushed back to the station to catch the train and i was like all heated up again.. ughh =/ and then headed over to MA. ate chips for lunch while watching america's next top model's new episode and then watched mr and mrs smith and then i still manage to pig for like 20 minutes before leaving at about 535pm. had a nice walk this time out to get the bus (:

    got home about 715pm, ate two plates of fried rice, two small slices of fried salmon and aunty D's sorta special marinated chicken. omg yums! heaven after not having a proper meal today =DD

    and then watched cinderella story on tv. omg chad michael murray is like omg hawt! HAHAH! i will never change my mind on him. hahah i remembered how much i used to like him way back since form 1. after i had my eyes on him in one tree hill. i think it was like my first white guy crush on tv. AHAH!

    now prolly gonna do some work and then maybe watch the first episode of harry potter (: nitee peeps!

    much love,

    this time i am gonna go with my guts and my instincts. its the first and i wanna go with what i want. i rather follow what i think its right and if i end up hurting myself, at least it was a decision that I made and no one is to blamed for. i appreciate the guidances i got that tried pointing me in the right direction but i prefer learning it on my own. just that i would rather not have an itoldyouso if i happened to fall hard on my face. i am only going to say this the last time, i know what i am up against and betting on and going up for and i know the odds and what i am doing. it maybe abit harsh but don't take it personally. i am just kinda done with being told to do whats right and never taking the step by my own and never following what is it that i really want.

    i meant it sincerely. thanks but no thanks.

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