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  1. afraid of when the day has to come.

    Friday, March 04, 2011

    today.. hmm after uni i headed over to MA lingered around for a little while then about 2 ish we as in me, cherly, teck wei and khai shien left to the city. met up with jia shen in the train.

    went to dessert house for late lunch.

    my lemongrass chicken with fried egg. $9.30

    eating only took us like 20 minutes. then headed over to hoyts in melbourne central and caught the 4pm, I am Number Four. cause i bought the $7 tickets which is like super duper cheap! haha ((:

    its not too bad actually.

    not like great great but watchable. even more watchable since alex pettyfer is in it ((: oooo i find him cute and hot. ahahah! ever since stormbreaker and then wildchild even hotter. now this. sooo looking forward to beastly right now. haha!

    somehow randomly met celine outside of the cinema when the show was over. haha!

    i left for home about 615pm. got home and had aunty D's salmon for dinner. yummms! plus salad and wedges. yum yum! =DD

    i just finished like 3 episodes of grey's anatomy. feeling so sleepy now. shall head to bed in awhile. meeting up the rest in the city tomorrow. (:

    omg it feels like a cold night. i am sneezing non stop.. =/ no fun.

    good night!


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