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  1. omaigod yummy looking FOOD!

    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    this post is purely about food. i stumbled on some food blogs on tumblr and i just went constantly on next page next page till i got so hungry. i am so hungry now!

    tonight is totally about indulging myself in food pictures and salivating to myself.

    first up, my brekkie this morning. i missed it! toasted raisin toast with a slice of cold cheese on the top =D

    cinnamon rolls! ooo chocolate flavoured ones are awesome!

    bacon and asparagus roll. haven't tried before but i want to. =P

    ooooooooh! MAC AND CHEESEEEEEEE! haven't had an awesome one is ages!!

    baked egg and bacon roll like thingy. looks super yummy!!

    grilled cheese!! yumssssss!

    craving for some instant noodles right now. hehe

    aglio oilo seafood pasta! YUMSSSSS!

    super awesome yummy looking steak sandwich, with all that cheese and bacon and egg and spinach! my god...!

    i wouldn't mind a good hot dog =DD

    cheese friesssss! so unhealthy but looks so yummy.

    this is even better! fried cheese!! omaigod....!!

    a plain mushroom pasta would be nice too. and some grated cheese on the top. yumss!

    still love my pan fried salmon medium rare. yumsss!

    craving for some jap food!! nouuuu.. melbourne very hard to find. affordable ones i meant. ):

    okay. i should put to a stop on the food. hmmm.. i still haven't gotten my chips yet. tomorrow tomorrow =DD

    i can't believe every night i am getting all hungry and am having all these weird cravings out of the blue. kinda fun too but no fun when my tummy is all growling and i have nothing to feed it with but just a glass of plain water sitting on my table ):

    should head to bed. i can't stay up with all this hunger. haha!

    nitey nite!

    lots of love,

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