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    Monday, March 28, 2011


    was suppose to blog this yesterday but i got too carried away by ebay and grace under fire and was skyping till i was convinced not to blog. hehe

    anyways, here is how i spent my weekends.

    left the house about 2pm on saturday to meet up with celine, yao yun, cherly and jia shen at melboure central. we headed over to easy cafe on bourke for bubble tea. which loong joined us later too. then about 4 something we decided to leave cause sitting there and doing nothing is abit too boring. so headed over to yao yun's and played a session of monopoly deal.

    about 615pm we as in me, cherly, jia shen and loong left. loong left for home and the three of us headed over to melbourne central to meet up with the rest cause we were having a s9 gathering that night.

    dinner was at oriental spoon on la trobe street.

    sweet and chilli chicken. which was really awesome!

    and the rest of the food. there was another dish, i think seafood pancake or something?

    in total for 7 of us was $13.70 per person. not too bad. plus i was like really full. so yea (:

    after dinner we headed over to easy cafe again cause it was like the only place that we could get seats for 9 of us and to sit there and just chit chat.

    ended up we rented a deck of cards and started playing donkey and also some game which uses the heart attack concept but not quite similar. which was seriously so damn fun! HAHA! laughed so much that night.

    group picture (:
    clockwise: khai shien, teck wei, me, michelle, ken, audrey, daniel, jia shen and cherly.

    the s9 group in melbourne is like expanding by the year. haha! good thing (:

    i was staying at MA that night so yea left with cherly, jia shen, teck wei, khai shien and ken. ended up sleeping close to 4am that morning. haha

    woke up about 1230pm the next day and about 2pm we left out to kotaraya for lunch. we as in me, teck wei, khai shien, cherly and jia shen.

    then after that headed back to MA and played monopoly deal.

    while indulging in sara lee's ultra chocolate ice cream (((: yums!

    played till about 6pm and got bored. i slept for a while after that. then just continued lazing around then about 730pm i left with jia shen and headed back home.

    reached home about 9 something yesterday.

    had instant wantan mee soup for dinner.

    yes it is instant. the noodles and wantans are frozen then you just add water till the line given and then just microwave for 4 minutes. pretty simple and nice too for instant stuffs (:

    today... uni is just normal. boring. and it was a hot day today. the weather is fluctuating like crazy. brought out my jacket for nothing. haha

    and for dinner tonight, i had cous cous which i haven't had before and its actually quite nice. me likey! no pictures taken. go google it. haha i am very civilised when it comes to dinner at home and taking pictures of the food especially in front of my cousin. ahha!

    thats pretty much it? till tomorrow then.

    teck wei and me (:
    photo credits to tek yit.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    p/s: skype is like the most awesome thing ever. i am loving the use of it for the past few nights being underneath my quilt in a cold night and being talked to sleep ((:

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