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  1. it was nice lying there..

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    hmmm should start with yesterday. went over to MA in the afternoon. hanged around first then about 3 plus close to 4pm headed over to glen waverley for late lunch with teck wei, khai shien, jia shen, cherly, raymond and shu hua.

    singapore fried vermicelli. $9.50 okay la. not too bad la.

    close to 7.30pm only i left MA. was home about 9 something.

    today, back to uni. so sien... first was snacks as lunch from flinders.

    dim sim and potato cake. $1 each.

    that was about 1pm. then i had one class. and that's it for the day. was in the library for 3 hours cause i had a group meeting at 530pm. and then i got hungry again. went down to the cafeteria to get a wrap.

    turkey wrap with lettuce, cheese and cranberry sauce. $4.50

    the wrap was quite nice (: hahah nowadays i am getting hungry super often. not good. i was actually trying so hard to restrain myself from going down to get food but in the end i still gave in. haha! plus i was so bored till i felt so sleepy and i had to walk out to somewhere to kill the boredom. hehe

    reached home about 715pm and then had a big bowl of rice with minced curry and meat for dinner. till now i am still so full =/

    today was at a moderate temperature that i actually didn't need a jacket at all. but the weather forecast told me it was going to rain so i thought might as well have a hoodie with me. but it lied =/ i didn't even feel a drop of anything. stupiddd

    okla.. off to doing my presentation slides. goodnight!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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