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  1. it's nano la..

    Saturday, March 19, 2011

    had a nice day out today (:

    feels just very much like in malaysia. one day out hopping from one place to another and fulfilling my cravings =DD

    love the red and the ring from bangkok!
    well technically it isn't red, its labelled raspberries and cream. haha!

    left the house bout 1130pm and got to melbourne central by like 1230pm and met up with teck wei. and then headed over to rose garden for lunch. i know... so typical of me, rose garden most of the time.

    and i had eggplant with mince chicken which i've posted the picture once here about few weeks back. it was such a hot and sunny day to be sitting outside at rose garden tho.. so hard to eat =/ but yea. then walked over to vic market and i bought churros!

    i had two for like $2.
    mind my blur picture was like walking while snapping. hehe

    after that we walked to bourke swanston and had Easy Way's bubble tea. after having super horrible experience with tenren, i'll never ever go back there!

    my large passionfruit black tea with pearl. $5

    and easy way is actually quite nice (: i like it as much as easy cafe now. might like it more in the future if i find a nice combination =D

    took our drinks, hopped on the tram and went over to smith street to check out some hoodies. but no, bought nothing then headed back to the city. walked over to yaoyun's place cause i needed to borrow a book from her.

    by like 430pm, we went our separate ways and headed home. i was home about 530 or so.

    i had all my cravings today. rose garden, churros after so long imissyou so much and bubble tea =DDD i was so full by the end of trying to finish up my bubble tea. ahaha

    came home had laksa with instant noodle's noodle for dinner. and i became even more full. after dinner i came up to the room straight slept for like 2 hours plus. omg so pig... ahah but the feeling damn nice!

    now i am trying to plan on a trip during easter. seems like goldcoast is completely off and sydney is like colder than water, i am thinking off heading to canberra provided if jo ann's around during that time. if not, then i guess i am not going anywhere.

    will see how it goes. now i am gonna do my online assessments and then watch bones and then maybe harry potter and the chamber of secrets.

    watching the sorcerer's stone yesterday was so cute. the three of them looked so cute! and it was like 10 years ago already. i remember how crazy i went over the chocolate frog cards, i still have the whole collection somewhere at home in malaysia =DD

    kla goodnight dearies!

    lots of love,

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