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    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    i am so bored right now.. got nothing to do. maybe after posting this up i'll continue on with my series. i still have private practice and grey's anatomy to catch up with.

    hmm so today uni was pretty boring. ooo i did something miraculously fast today. i ate mee hoon before i left home in like 2 minutes. just cause the bus was gonna arrive at the bus stop at 1206pm, i was only done heating up my mee hoon at 1202pm.

    ate and dumped it in the sink and just quickly left the house. but i still manage to get on the bus. haha i was too hungry to resist it when i opened the fridge which was a mistake. haha

    came home munched on somemore food. i was so hungry. like seriouslyy.. i've been getting hungry alot lately. not good..

    then dinner was pretty light. just meat and salad which i absolutely love aunty D's salad dressing and some sweet potato chips. hehe

    before dinner i was like busy tidying up my room cause it was in a mess since i got back from malaysia with all my stuffs on the bed. finally it is all cleared up. and and i put up those lights i bought from bangkok.

    its just so preeeeettyy! i love it so much!! like seriously very much!

    now i am sitting here blogging with just those lights on and everything else is off. i really love it. me and my lights have this obsession thingy going on. ahaha!

    i remembered i saw them in chiang mai the last time i went and i already loved it but didn't buy it. this time seeing it in bangkok, i knew i had to buy it! and it was like so cheap. RM15 and RM19 only. my most loved RM34 ever spent during the trip. HAHA!

    awesome awesome! now i have my own little lighting space in my room. *loves*

    tomorrow uni one hour then off to MA and prolly lunch plus movie. we shall see (: good night ya'll.

    with love,

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