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  1. being greedy a little bit =P

    Sunday, March 06, 2011

    i just finished up my photo frame which i bought from ikea last year. bought it before i went back to malaysia for holidays and which i printed like almost a hundred pictures to fit into the big frame. anyways i printed the pictures for free ((: ahah!

    love it! my memories of anything significant bout my life and my friends right till 2010.

    i now have like this wall that i have all the pictures of my friends and its like this little memory corner that i have and feels like i am not that far away from home and from them and the memories which i cherish till today (:

    yet to put up one section on the family part. i have the pictures printed and ready already. still thinking of how to put them up =D

    okayy.. i shall start with yesterday's update first.


    went down to the city for lunch. me, jia shen, teck wei, khai shien and yao yun. lunch at rose garden.

    had my spicy chicken ribs (: $8.80 i missed this quite abit when i was in malaysia. yumsssss!!

    hahah! inside joke. created by jia shen (: but try picturing what does it more or less look like to you. ahah! and take into count that IT WAS CREATED BY JIA SHEN and abit of help from yao yun. HAHA!=DD

    then celine joined us. she was suppose to join for lunch but she overslept so we went ahead with lunch without her. after lunch was bubble tea on bourke street at easy cafe.

    after bubble tea, jia shen left to docklands to find cherly and some other friends who are there doing some shopping.

    the first of us then headed over to target to buy monopoly deal cards for $8 and then went over to yao yun's and had our deal session. celine left about 5pm. leaving the 4 of us continuing on with deal till about 7pm.

    audrey called and said she was downstairs of where yao yun stays so we packed up and went down to meet up with her. actually yesterday's main purpose was lunch with audrey but suddenly she couldn't make it so it was pushed to dinner.

    jia shen was suppose to join but he had to go back to get something done. so yea dinner was just the 5 of us. me, teck wei, khai shien, yao yun and audrey.

    and dinner was at papa gino's on lygon.

    medium meat lover pizza.

    medium super special pizza.

    main sized fettuccine marinara.

    main sized carbonara risotto.

    all of that shared among the 5 of us. which we ended up only paying $12.20 per person. super damn cheap lo. plus we were like so so full! ahah! and sorry for the dark pictures. we were sitting in a dark corner which taking pictures with my 3gs seems to make things worse. hehe

    me, teck wei, khai shien and yao yun.

    me and teck wei.

    yao yun and audrey.

    these pictures credits to audrey's iphone 4. i want the iphone 4's camera to trade with my 3gs ))): sien sien..

    after dinner we headed over to freddo and bought ice cream!

    roche, frutti something and green tea flavoured. $8. roche FTW! damn nice ((:

    we took the ice cream and headed over to the park nearby and sat there to eat. simply cause they were having this huge projector screen with the cartoon Up showing on it for free for anybody to just sit there and watch.

    i like the experience of sitting in the park at night with cold nice breeze and a clear sky with the stars and just enjoy the movie which is hugely projected at the front. awesome!

    by the time we went our separate ways it was like 1015pm or something. i was actually suppose to follow aunty D home but she wasn't gonna be done yet and khai shien and teck wei was gonna head home already. which means that'll leave me in the city alone doing nothing and gotta wait for like another 2 hours.

    so instead i followed the both of them back to MA and stayed over. hehe which ended up sleeping close to 2am.

    today, sunday,

    woke up about 1130am but finally only out of the bed for real around close to 2pm? haha! i know right.. haha

    then walked over to kotaraya with teck wei for lunch.

    had their mee siam. $9.50

    not too bad la. portion is like huge tho. i ate almost three quarter and gave the other quarter to teck wei. haha! and omg la today so damn hot!!

    yesterday was already hot and today was even hotter. plus i was in my yesterday's outfit which i had long pants on, omg torture to walk under the sun man.. )):

    about 420pm i left MA and came home. reached home about 625pm.

    aunty D cooked carbonara for dinner. yumms! and after dinner i just been hiding up in my room. first was painting my nails.


    hmmm... anyhow i took it off already. didn't feel like having it on after painting one hand. eheh

    then was finishing up the rippling blossom with the last two episodes i downloaded. then arranging the pictures to fit in the frame which means cutting and pasting and also skyped with mum.

    ahhh... tomorrow back to uni =/ so so not fun )))): luckily i start at 130pm. at least i don't have to wake up like super duper early or something. one good thing at least. hehe

    klaaa.. gonna be off to bed soon. nitey night!

    much love,
    sher xx.

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