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  1. totally speechless..

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    outfit today. finally brought my crumpler backpack out for the day after it being hanged on the rack for almost 4 months now..

    uni was normal. nothing spectacular to look forward to anyhow.

    was actually not planning to have lunch cause of the very very heavy dinner last night but i had a class that finished early and 30 minutes to spare, i went over to the cafe on campus and bought this.

    spinach and ricotta roll. seriously yums....! $5

    and eating while watching Aquamarine on my mac. then left for home and continued the rest of the movie throughout my journey back home.

    slept a little. ate dinner then just been sitting here facing my mac and looking at my hongkong and macau trip pictures and feeling like wanting to go back again so so so bad! and also talking to people.

    ooo and i watched Just Friends just now. ryan reynolds seemed hotter in the Proposal than any other movies. haha!

    that's it for the day.



    i am seriously tired of hearing what people have to say. like seriously.. i don't get whatever that has been said. i guess i'll just never agree from my point of view. and i can't voice out my honest opinion at all. maybe except to one person. but yea.. i'll go mad soon if things just stays as it is. crazy..

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