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  1. more of this to come? really...? )):

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    love my H&M grey blazer! and my owl necklace from hong kong's street market! ooo and and my high waisted shorts with ties at the sides from bangkok's wholesale mall!! ((((:

    3 hours of uni, neh not too bad. came home lazed around watched Mean Girls 2 then got ready to go out with aunty D and her friends for dinner at docklands.

    the first one is more dramatic than this tho. the girls in this seems more tame.. plus the guy is cuter in the first one too (: hehe

    went to dinner at BlueFire. its like some brazilian grill thing.

    entree, bread with dips. the dips were awesome!

    main, i don't have any pictures of it tho. basically they bring out like large skewers of beef, lamb, chicken, calamari, fish, chorizo and then you tell them how much you want.

    flip to this side if you want somemore.

    or the other side that says no more if you're full. or want a break which i conveniently forgot to take picture of.

    and my chilled chocolate tart for dessert.

    omg i was so full till i can't breathe properly. haven't been eating so full in a long time. dear me.. haha! but the food was just so so tho? its expensive eventho we had this meal paid for.. not like i'll actually go back and crave for somemore.. seriously..

    now that i am so full, i feel so sleepy. but i am refusing to go to bed this early and be like a pig. hehe

    that's it for today i guess? byeeee!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    maybe i have over reacted a lil bit over the problem. yes it still bothers me, but it doesnt seem like a huge huge deal as it was on the day itself. more problems like this to ever come along anyways.. right? i am not a positive thinker to think that it'll get better since the start. i sorta think the worse out of everything. which is a big not good =/

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