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  1. The Perfect Getaway, Pangkor Island!

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    HELLO!!! I am finally back to update on our beach trip to Pangkor Island! :)

    Sorry for taking so long! I seriously don't know where all my time went because it doesn't seem like I have been doing much but I rarely have the time to sit down purely for blogging. HEHE better late than never!

    p/s lots of pictures coming your way! There should be more but we haven't receive the pictures from Wei Jun's side yet.

    The trip is dated back to the 21st of June till the 23rd of June. There was a total of 11 of us, me, the boyfie, Steph, Yao Yun, Dickson and his gf, Loong, Adrian, Wei Jun, Chun Kit and Barry. It may be a short trip but it was amazingly fun!!

    Day One,

    First we gathered at Steph's place around 9 something in the morning and then we drove down to Lumut with two cars from Subang and one from Penang. Then all three cars met up for lunch at some ulu place in Sitiawan.

    Lunch was not bad :)

    After lunch, all three cars drove to Lumut Jetty. Parked the cars at their covered parking building and off we went on a ferry to Pangkor Island!

    *On the ferry!*
    My favourite girls

    The guys!

    The girls!

    And my favourite boy! So glad he came along!

    Luggages for 11 :)

    After about a 30 minutes ride on the ferry, we have finally reached Pangkor Island!

    Then we took a van for all 11 of us to our hotel. RM20 for a van from the jetty to our hotel :) Cheap ride!

    The exterior of our hotel. Anjungan Hotel and Spa :) Looks nice hor!

    *Me and the boyfie purposely requested for a separate room for ourselves. And this is our Deluxe Room!*

    I love our room! Looks super niceeeee! Nice big windows everywhere and the room is super spacious!!

    As you can see, the opened door is a connecting door to the room beside which one of the Family Room we booked. In total we booked two Family Rooms and one Deluxe Room to house 11 of us :) So convenient to communicate with the other peeps!

    This is how the Family Room looks like! Double storey! So cool righttttt! And looks really awesome!!

    The bottom floor.

    The two girls were on the top floor. So cool lah up there! Altho it is a tad bit too hot but still so nicee!

    The boyfie and Miss Loy.

    The steep stairs...

    I like the coloured window and the wood finishing everywhere!

    The boat shaped pool downstairs.

    After settling down into the hotel, we went down for a long dip in the hotel's swimming pool.

    All ready for a swim!

    We spent the next two to three hours swimming and chatting in the pool while we all sat in the jacuzzi area. Playing and laughing and chatting away!

    Around 8pm, we left for our dinner @ Daddy's Cafe on Coral Beach which is a 5 minutes walk away from our hotel and was recommended by our hotel staff and also I read about it when I was researching about the hotel.

    Dinner on the beach! :)


    Steph and Yao yun! :D

    My love 

    My fruity mocktail and the boyfie's cocktail :)

    Some of the food we ordered. Presentation was great but taste wise, just so so. And also a tad bit on the pricier side.

    After our on the beach meal, we went to the convenient store to get snacks and drinks to mix with the bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label that Ad brought. It was time for our drinking/party time!

    We played Kings and the Ring of Fire.

    One of the highlight of the night, the J/K card drinks. Of which, for both games, the drinker was Chun Kit. In that cup, there was a little coke, a little black label and some nescafe!


    And after that, filming for the thoughts of his after taste.

    The other highlight was Barry being all flamboyant due to some set rules in our Ring of Fire game! You should have seriously heard how he sounded like.. OMG too funny!!

    We called it a night after we all finished the whole bottle and had enough of ground stomping laughters. Some were totally redded up and some were just high on all the laughters. The whole drinking session were in our deluxe room and everyone left with liquor and coke stains on the floor. Long story short, everyone was high in some form. HAHA!


    After any form of alcohol, I usually get all hyper and only will fall asleep after I used up all my energy. And so, I spent the whole time after that disturbing the boyfie and stopped him from sleeping HEHE :P

    It was a memorable night :)

    Day Two,

    All of us got out of bed wayyyyyyyyyyy later than scheduled. And after all of us finally got ready, we walked out to nearby shops for our breakfast.

    Turns out the food was good and it was cheaaaappp!! Ordered a plate of nasi lemak biasa and another plate of nasi goreng to share with the boyfie. And another two cups of teh o ais limau. I can't exactly remember how much, but it was seriously cheaapppppp!!

    My outfit for the day :) $10 Ripcurl tankini which I LOVEEEE!! Looks awesome even as a normal top!

    While we were having breakfast, Dickson and his gf went scouting on the snorkelling and beach activities prices. Because day two is all about the beach activities!! So.. after breakfast, we walked back to the hotel which was just less than 5 minutes away and got ready for our beachy day!

    The surprisingly blue Pangkor beach :)

    And so, they signed up for a RM35 deal. Which included some Island Hopping, Snorkelling, Banana Boating and that Big Mable thingy. Me and the boyfie didn't want the snorkelling and the banana boat stuff so we just went with the island hopping and a speed boat ride for RM10. SO CHEAP RIGHT!!!

    Because all I wanted was to sit on a speed boat and called it experiencing the whole beach activities thing. I simply don't do well with the rest of the stuff because I am very much afraid of the ocean and worse thing is, I do not know how to swim. How saddd right?! But at least, I did enjoy the boat ride :) A whole boat for the 11 of us. Laughing and snapping away!

    And finally after touring some rocks formation and pointing out to us the little islands, we stopped at this other small little island for their Snorkelling.

    A very rocky little island.

    While the rest went to snorkel, me and the boyfie were on jaga-ing duty.

    The little floating orange dots are them at apparently some sharp dead coral area.

    We got bored.. HEHE

    Then, me and the boyfie had some wild idea of going into the water as well. Because since we have a life jacket, it wouldn't be so bad going into the water for a dip right... The rest of them went in so easily and it doesn't look so scary.. But.... it turns out to be the worse decision!

    The both of us fell on the rocks while going into the water. He fell first then me. And both came out with injuries from scraping on the rocks.. Minor but bloody.. =|

    The bf had three deep ish cut on his finger. And some minor cuts on his leg. Thankfully I had some plasters with me in bag to keep the cuts on his fingers closed.

    And me... a right arm filled with scratches. And a bruised left butt.. 

    Well.. it wasn't that bad. Just scrapes that needed some antiseptic cream and we would be good to go :)

    Maybe after about an hour of snorkelling, the rest came back and then decided to head back out to where we came from. All we gotta do is call our boat driver which his number was written on our life jackets and he will come to pick us up.

    And after we got back, the rest went on the banana boat.

    All 9 of them on one long tube.. and then all 9 fell into the water don't matter how much they resisted. SO GLAD I didn't go for it! I would have freaked out!

    And after the banana boat, they went on the mable thingy. And it looks so fun!! It is a donut that drifts on the water and no one has to fall in. After yao yun got back she was telling me how fun it was and that I should go for it! And I DID! Which I totally totally love!! It was seriously so fun!!!!! :D Totally worth the extra RM15 I paid for that one longg ride!

    After the water sports, I went to get some antiseptic cream and some ramly burger and we all just sat at the hotel lawn and chilled. With beach mats and all. Lying there, eating and having our own little picnic. We were waiting on the sun to set a little before we went out on the beach again for some Frisbee throwing.

    Around 4 something, off we went to Coral Beach to chill. It was just a short walk from our hotel.

    *Shots on the beach*

    Them with hanging fruits..

    Our frisbee teams. Me, Adrian, Barry and Dickson in one team. And the other team has Teck Wei, Chun Kit, Chow Ping and Loong. Wei Jun was the photographer while Steph and Yao Yun were water ladies as they were sent to get cold drinks for us.

    I gotta admit, I am so unfit!! Running around on the beach for 20 minutes tops and I was completely exhausted out..

    I finally became fairer after being in Melbourne for years, and all it takes is a weekend to be a black chicken! )):

    I think I was looking into his finger cut.. 

    The girls came back with miracle cold drinks from the shops!

    And some bubble as a picture prop. 

    Wheeee hehehe :D

    And... here comes MY USUAL bitchy face! Take that!


    Me and the girls! Friends of 9 and a half years!! I'll always love them <3

    There wasn't a proper sunset that day.. It was cloudy and this was the best the camera could capture. Blueee all over! With a tint of purple, pink and orange :)

    I don't think I can love us enough :)

    After the whole day on the beach, we went back and got ready for dinner. Went to another nearby restaurant and ordered some ikan bakars and nasi goreng kampung for all of us. Which turns out to be another nice meal! :D Too bad I don't have any pictures because I forgot to leave my memory card in the camera. I brought the camera out without a memory card... Stupid I know.. HEHE

    Had another drinking session after dinner! This time with beers instead of liquor. And only to those who wants to drink. It was suppose to be a night of pure relaxing and chilling.

    First what we did was played rounds and rounds of the game Mafia while we ate snacks and drink until we got so sick of the game. After that everyone was just lazing around..

    We sat there and sang to the songs played by Wei Jun and Barry on the guitar. While having more munchies and drinks :)

    We mostly sang chinese songs. Maybe because they were easier to play on the guitar? That night was so relaxing until everyone was almost half asleep by 2am..

    Called it a night after that and I am pretty sure everyone slept like a baby. From the long day out and the relaxing after dinner activity.

    Day Three,

    Got up around 10am, prepared and packed for home. Was feeling kinda sad when I woke up that morning because the trip was coming to an end.. After all the packing and getting ready, all of us went down to the hotel's restaurant for chill breakfast.

    The bf ordered their Good Morning Omelette.

    And I ordered their Hangover Hash. The food was pretty good! But the portion was too small..

    Around 12pm, we called for another van to take us to the jetty. And this trip back to Lumut, we were in an all covered ferry and it was somewhat unpleasant.. Smells, flies everywhere and also really tight seats. But because I had a tummy ache and to ease myself from thinking about it until I get to the toilet, I still managed to sleep through the unpleasant way.. HAHA! I can always sleep through a crisis if I really needed to. 

    Once we got to Lumut, we went to get our cars and all three cars drove to Ipoh for a late lunch because by the time we got to the restaurant was already 3pm. We settled at Onn Kee for Nga Choi Kai :D

    The #asiansatwork.. Food pictures HAVE to come first! :D

    The Ipoh taugeh/nga choi are was fattier and juicier compared to the ones we get here.. So yums! Well at least I enjoyed the meal very much :) 

    And around 4pm, we all parted ways. Dickson and his gf, Chow Ping headed back to Penang. And the rest of us headed back to Subang. Our car(me, the bf, kit and barry the driver) headed back first because me and the bf had to be back for dinner. Where as the other car stayed awhile longer in Ipoh to get some food souvenirs.

    That concludes the trip!

    It isn't written in detail but at least it has been documented down :) So glad I came home for the trip and managed to make it! We should really do this whenever we could! A trip together brings us together and it was really really enjoyable! We made memories to be always brought up and talked about and laughed about whenever we see each other!

    After being out of high school for five and a half years, we are still so close and still take the time to plan things together and just have fun together! The high school buddies are the ones that don't matter what, they'll always be in my heart! A friendship that lasts a lifetime! :))))

    The last two weeks catchup post(mostly on the food) will be up soon HEHE *procrastination at my best*

    CIAOZ! It's 5.19am and I'll be off to bed after one more episode of Sex and the City :P

    Much love,

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