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  1. Home Sweet Home.

    Friday, June 28, 2013

    I am back in Malaysia! Woohooooo!!

    And I have been busy ever since I got back last Wednesday. Tonight is the first time that I am switching on my laptop because the days before today, I am either too busy out with the boyfriend or on a trip with the close friends.

    Now that the boyfriend is back to Melbourne and the beach trip is over, I am having more time in my hands for some me time. To blog, to catch up with social media updates, to manage some aussie purchases and to paint my nails HAHA!

    Wokays, I'll write about the days of being home minus the Pangkor Trip first. The beach trip will be a separate post which will be up next because it will be super lengthy(and also because I haven't receive the rest of the pictures). I hope I do catch up with the updates often because I tend to slack on updates whenever I am back in Malaysia one.. because I have too many other things to do than to spend hours on blogging HEHE :D

    My last night in Melbourne, after my last exam,

    Exam was super horrifying and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I'll pass everything! And on the last day of exams, I decided to bring my cammie baby out to exam with me since I finish my exam at 930pm, it'll be awesome to capture some night shots and to ease my stress from the sitting the toughest paper this semester. Taking pictures and documenting my life with my baby takes my mind of everything :)

    The city skyline from my exam venue, Melbourne Park.

    The tram stop I patronise every end of the semester for exams.

    Flinders Street Station.

    The train home.

    I wanted to snap the Yarra River and Southbank night lights as well but I was in a hurry to catch the train home because with my train line, at night, the frequency is every 30 minutes which means if I miss my usual train back, I would have to wait another 30 minutes. Meaning, I'll reach Essendon Station at 1030pm and also I didn't want aunty D to come pick me so late plus I gotta go home and pack for my trip home.

    Night shots of Southbank shall have to wait till next time..

    I spent the rest of my night packing and cleaning up my room. Exam period equals mess in the room. Everything is everywhere.. And I had to make sure it looks clean and tidy before I head home. Did all of that while watching The Voice USA and also skyping with the boyfie. At that point of time I didn't really bother skyping with him properly because I know I was going to see him the next day in Malaysia already!! HEHE

    I managed to pack 30kgs of luggage and only slept for 2 hours. Aunty D fetched me to the airport at 7am and there I was, all set and excited for home!

    My journey home took 9 and a half hours man... An extra hour flying in circles because LCCT was too full to land a plane.. It finally landed at 5pm and to my surprise, I wasn't greeted by super hot air when I stepped out of the plane which was surprisingly good :)

    I managed to do all the immigration, baggage collection and customs clearance stuffs in 20 minutes and I expected to only be greeted by mum but no! The boyfie came along as well!! Along with my cute little nephew and my aunty and uncle.

    WHEEEE!! Mum told me she was coming alone to pick me and the boyfie came up with a story saying he was going out somewhere for lunch because the night before when I was packing, I asked him if he wants to come and pick me from the airport and he said he wasn't free.. Plus his story was super legit and I believed him! My mum and him both pakat to surprise me which I was totally surprised and happy!! :DDD

    On the sidenote, for the whole entire flight back, I didn't lock my luggage bag. And I only realised it at baggage collection. OMG MAN! Imagine if something happened.. Gone case.. I was too sleepy in the morning till I neglected my cross check.. Next time must remember!!

    By the time I got home, chilled awhile, then went out dinner with the family and the boyfie together @ Kar Hiong :) My chinese food cravingssss.. hehe

    I think there were another two more dishes that I forgot to take picture of. Must be busy eating HEHE

    Then at night, I needed my taiwanese dessert craving fixed soooo... me and the bf and his friend, CX went out to SS15's Blackball :D Not that I couldn't eat it in Melbourne but because it is expensive as compared to here. So must eat lots until I am satisfied before I head back again.

    Dear ordered their Ai Yu Jelly thingy.

    Me and CX ordered their bestseller. 

    The next day, Thursday,

    Woke up early to prepare cause I needed to go out to renew my passport and then to lunch with mum and dear. First thing was to pick up the bf, then to Taipan to snap passport sized photographs, then to KDN in KL for passport renewal.

    After all that is done, me, the bf and mum when to Jalan Ampang for lunch. Japanese lunch!! My ultimate favourite!!!! :DDD

    Located behind Hock Choon on Jalan Ampang.

    Super duper awesome Tamago Mentaiyaki!!! SOOO NICEE!!

    Japanese meal is never complete without sashimis!! And they were so so fresh!! The boss somemore so nice, I only ordered salmon sashimi but because the tuna just came in, he gave me a few pieces complimentary to try :)))

    Spider Roll :)

    This is recommended by the boss/head chef. Teriyaki Anago(sea eel) on a bed of mashed potatoes. OMG SO GOOD!!!! I have never had Anago before and it's texture is almost like chicken but softer. So different and so nice!!

    Mum's lunch set.

    Hotate Mentaiyaki! I love love loveee mentaiyakis anything!

    And lastly, somemore salmon sashimis!! They were all cut thickly!!

    I shared all the ala cartes with the boyfie while mummy dearest had a set to herself. And boy, it was so so satisfying!!! So good and so fresh!!! I am a super japanese food lover!! :DD

    First few shots with the boyfriend ♥♥ Finally after 5 weeks of not seeing each other in person! I missed my baby too much!

    After lunch, we went over to Publika because I wanted to buy some stuffs.

    OOTD :) I love my new Michael Kors jetset bag that mum bought for me from US!! <3

    After publika we went to the salon cause the bf needs a haircut and then we came back home and chilled. Chilled till it was time to head out for dinner. Dinner plans with dear's friends. So about 7 something we left to fetch CX and went over to Sunway Mentari for steamboat.

    I only took the after makan shot because I didn't want to be one of those people who stops the whole bunch of hungry guys from eating. haha! After makan shot also quite appealing lah :) Plus its just steamboat only, no need fancy shots hehe :D

    And look! My childhood favourite ice cream!! i can't believe I found it there! Plus it was included in the RM30 that you pay and I could have took more than one but I was too full so I was just savouring this particular one and reminiscing about the good old days when I used to buy this from the uncles that sells ice cream on the motorbike :)

    Dinner was somewhat nice :) At least I got to sit down with dear's friends and have a proper meal together with them. After dinner, we went over to Racks @ SS15 for pool.

    I was like a paparazzi, keep snapping the boyfriend only HEHE :D He looks yeng lor when he plays pool!!

    Parted ways after Racks and sent CX home and dear stayed over at my place because the next morning we were departing to Pangkor from steph's place which was just nearby. So it saves the trouble of going over to the bf's and pick him up earlier and then depart from here. HEHE the bf's first time staying over at my place :))))

    And the next three days we were at Pangkor. Which I will update on it soon :)

    Sunday night,

    Straight after we got back from Pangkor, we went out for dinner with dear's family @ Rakuzen SS15.

    Sake Oyako Don. My only shot from dinner because I paiseh wanna take picture of everything infront of everybody. HAHAH! But this was good!! The boyfie is equally loving sashimi as much as I do already!! :P


    Mum fetched me to dear's house on her way for appointment at 9 something. Which I went there and slept till like 1245pm. Just before it was time to head out with dear and his mum to SDMC for dear's doctor's appointment. Waited and waited till it was his turn, then we tapaoed 1901 before heading home and dear's mum dropped the both of us at my place.

    Then, we went out to Taipan to tapao McD. I know right... We just ate like 1901's hotdogs and then went out to tapao McD somemore. hehehe McD for it's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe!!

    So awesomeeee!! Australia why u no have???!!!! I had one and the boyfriend had TWO!

    After our burgers,

    We had some awesome Ben&Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream!! Super love this!!


    We had some mozzarella sticks! :DDD

    We ate all of that and we were going out for pizza dinner in like two hours. HAHA! My mum was saying that the two of us were eating as tho there is like no tomorrow. HAHA! Which is somewhat true cause the bf was heading back to Melbourne the next day already.

    Then about 6pm, Khai Shien came to fetch the both of us from my place and we headed over to Sarpinos @ USJ1 for our S9 gathering :)

    I only managed to take two pictures of the food cause I was too busy eating HEHEHE :D There were 3 pizzas and two sides :)

    Total of 8 turn ups. Brandon and his gf, Rohit, Wei Xiang, Khai Shien, the bf, me and Wei Ping :)))

    So cool that after 5 years, we are still pretty close. Never fail to schedule meet ups when whoever is back in Malaysia :)

    After dinner, we went to Racks for pool againn.. This time I played as well and I think I am not entirely bad :) As in not the worst cause I could still hit the right ball straight! :D

    My baby looks so yeng when he plays laaaa :PPPP

    My love ♥♥

    We called it off at Racks around 1130pm and then ks dropped us back to my place. Then dear drove to CX house to collect some stuff and then the two of us went for ramly. Going for ramly @ USJ14 has always been our thing. When things sorta first started, we always always went there for ramly and spend our time sitting on the car bonnet eating and talking :)

    But that night, we tapaoed and he drove back home then I drove the car back to my place alone. Which is out usual routine cause I'll be the one that has an available car and then I'll drive to his place and then make him drive the car. HEHE being chauffeur driven is always nice :)))

    My favourite kind of burger. Ramly!! Daging special tambah cheese :DDD


    Woke up at 745am and went to pick the bf and then went down to Klang to meet up with Brandon and his gf, Rohit and Wei Xiang for BKT. For nice BKT! :DD

    After BKT, we went back to my place and was then greeted by this cute little person..

    Little J Boy! :DDD 

    Then for lunch, the two of us went out to Taipan's In House to meet up with Hsien Ming.

    My wintermelon tea with pearls and grass jelly.

    Boyfie's sour plum drink.

    I ordered some dimsums.

    Hsien Ming's mapo taufu rice.

    The boyfie's chicken chop cheese baked rice :)

    It was a good catch up with his friend. Last meetup before he heads back to Melbourne.

    Oh and the most significant thing about the weather for the last few days was the haze! Look at that! This isn't even the worse. It was wayyy worse the day before this. But thank god! Now, it has totally cleared up and we have our blue sky and fresh air back already :)

    After lunch, I went back to the boyfie's place to help him with his last minute packing cause he was gonna fly back that same night at 1030pm.

    While he napped, I took selfies cause I was bored. HAHA!

    Then about 7pm, dear's mum fetched me and him to the airport. Only me and his mum sent him off cause his sisters were busy.

    My baby in his new polo shirt that I bought for him and in my favourite pair of jeans of his :D I totally dig his outfit that night! He looked so good! I couldn't stop staring at him okay... I must buy for him more polos already. He looks too good!! But downside, he was ready to fly back already... ): Looking at this right now makes me miss him.. ):

    Our last picture together till I see him in 6 weeks time. I miss my baby so much already!! But I am glad I flew back as soon as I could and managed to spend 6 days with him in Malaysia first. Love my bii and missing him too much as well...! ):

    After sending him through the gates, dear's mum fetched me home and since I didn't really have dinner,

    Mum steamed two nyonya bak zhang for me :D


    Went to pick Kah Tim up cause he needed a lift to Mid Valley. So me and mum had lunch @ Yuzu in Gardens.

    Soft shell crab and salmon skin salad.

    Mum's saba shioyaki set.

    Garlic fried rice.

    Saba shioyaki.

    My salmon set.

    Sashimi and cold soba.

    After lunch, me and mum went shopping at Pandora.

    Mum's damage. The charms all looks so pretty!

    My damage. The onyx heart charm. I love it!! The chain was a free gift from when I bought mum's pandora bracelet during mother's day. The chain is worth $90 and it was freeeee!! So it is now mine :) I now own Pandora stuffs :D

    With mummy dearest.

    OOTD :) Peplum top and bright colour shorts from Forever New.

    After shopping happily for charms, we went to buy drinks and snacks for tea time :)

    Gong Cha's signature wintermelon tea with white pearls :DD Super love this!!

    And bought cucur udang and nyonya kuihs. I miss nyonya kuihs! Kuih koci aaaa! :DD

    And had home cooked dinner! Aunty cooked it and we tapaoed it home. Love yong tau fus!!!! And my favourite veggies! :DDD So happy with dinner that night. Simple and nice!


    Went out to KDN to collect my passport and then went to Sri Hartamas shopping mall with mum, grandma and mum's friends.

    Very nice appetizer! Taufu with potatoes, ikan bilis and edamame beans fried with sambal. So nice!

    Fried beancurd with prawns and cheese.

    Fried yam puffs.

    Steamed yam cake.

    Steamed siew mai :))

    Lunch was nice and affordable :) After lunch we just headed for home and I had a nap for the rest of the afternoon for 4 hours till it was time for dinner :DD Life is goooood! Holidays are so nice! Apart from the boyfie not being here..

    Dinner we just had simple home cooked food by aunty again but this time I was too hungry for any pictures. HEHE

    After dinner and my shower, I went on a skype date with the boyfie :D Skyped together for close 4 and a half hours. Basically our skype dates right.., we hardly talk one. He will be doing his own thing and I'll be doing my own stuff and we will just talk to each other whenever we have something to say. It is more like a "I know he is on the other side and easy accessible" kinda thing. Can just talk and yelled out whenever I want to :) Can't say this enough.. I miss my baby too much!

    While skyping halfway, I got hungry, soooo I paused the conversation awhile and came downstairs to prepare supper.

    A small glass of strawberry yogurt drink, three pieces of TGIF's mozzarella sticks and a small cube of camembert cheese :D YUMS!

    The boyfriend jealous cause I was eating the mozzarella sticks. HEHEHE


    Mum tapaoed char kuey teow with fried chicken for me for lunch!! :D Been such a long time since I had good hawker style char kuey teow! Wheeeeee happiness in my tummy!

    Mum is out right now and I am having some of my me time. I spent the last couple of hours writing up this post and now I shall move on to catching up with social medias and then paint my nails while indulging in Ben&Jerry's choc fudge brownie~! :D

    Me time is fun sometimes! But but.... sadly... I am getting a bit bored from staying home for a couple of hours already... Somebody, anybody, let's go out? :D

    Next up shall be my Pangkor trip post! Till then, I shall be indulged in lots and lots of glorious food and catch ups with the friends! :D

    Lots of love,

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