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    Tuesday, June 04, 2013


    It's SWOTVAC right nao and I am not enjoying it... Studying makes me so sleepy anddd exams make me so stressed out!! I have only been telling myself one thing in order to get through this, my eyes are focused on the prize, "Do well and try my hardest for exams and I'll be back to Malaysia in 16 days!!"

    I was suppose to update two days ago but my internet got capped as it was over the quota limit soooo I was internetless during the peak hours for the last three days. I am one of those people who wouldn't be able to survive without the internet man! By the third day, I would most likely be completely bored and literally lifeless. HAHA! And to top the capping, I am low on my mobile data as well. So basically I could do nothing for 18 hours between 8am till 2am the next day. Well... nothing means some studying lah... At least without the internet, I would be less distracted. HEHE :D

    So..., what I have been doing for those three days was, sleep at ungodly hours and wake up between 2am till 8am and go online in that 6 hours. Do whatever I could and mainly to skype with the boyfriend. In Melbourne 2am is Malaysia's 12am soooo it does make it pretty convenient to skype with the boyfriend :)

    HEHE 16 days till I see my favourite boy! How awesome is that?!! I am going to spend a week with him before he heads back here to Melbourne for his masters studies. Wheeeeeee!! And..., he will be tagging along to Pulau Pangkor with me and my friends as well! A whole weekend beach vacay/getaway with the boyfriend and the close friends! So so looking forward to it!

    Wokays the updates! The memorable things that I have been doing since my last update...

    Last Wednesday was amazing!! I walked all over the city and went on a snapping spree with my cammie baby! I felt so alive and touristy and it was so much fun in just a backpack and a camera hug over my neck and just truly seeing Melbourne for how beautiful it really is in autumn! :)

    First stop was to Carlton Gardens. I have been dying to go there and capture the autumn colours. And finally I did it! It was the only good day because I am going to be busy with exams and also yesterday and today it rained like nobody's business. Autumn is all about the colour transitions and how it's painted colourfully over the city.

    It was my last chance to catch Carlton Gardens in autumn because the days after that was going to be wet and I have exams coming up soo I can't go.. So glad I still managed to catch it at its colour transitions time and the sun was out as well!

    The primary school kids. Happily gathering and throwing fallen leaves at each other.

    Carlton Gardens was literally covered with fallen leaves everywhere. The heavy fall of leaves is the sign of autumn ending..

    The old architectured and pretty fountain! And the Royal Exhibition Building in the backdrop.

    A couple enjoying the sun and a read together under the tree.

    The small pond.

    Look at all the pretty colours!!

    I can't get enough of the fountain! It really looked so so pretty and magical when the sun was shining on it!! And when the wind was blowing, the water droplets moved with the wind. I was literally in awe and I could just stand there and stare all day! So beautiful!!

    The blue sky that didn't last for very long. But so glad the sun and it came out while I was at Carlton Gardens!

    The autumn colours at the gardens was just too pretty! Colourful!! Autumn is the best season! Colours are beautifully painted everywhere and it is just truly amazing how beautiful nature colours can be!

    By the time I was done with Carlton Gardens it was already 2 something in the afternoon which calls for lunch time!

    The walk from Carlton Gardens to A'Beckett Street for lunch. Captures on LaTrobe Street.

    The former Melbourne Magistrates Court which looks like a building from Hogwarts.. :) but in the city @ the corner of LaTrobe and Russell street.

    Melbourne Central in a distance along with the City Circle tram.

    I have been craving for Wonderbao for sometime already and finally satisfied myself!! :D

    After the finger licking good and very filling lunch, I walked to Flinders Street.

    The captures along Swanston Street.

    The State Library of Victoria.

    The Melbourne trams and the very pretty light pole.

    Street dancers.

    Melbourne Town Hall and City Square.

    The St Paul Cathedral and a statue standing outside that has a seagull sitting right on top of its head. 

    Flinders Street Station.

    Then from Swanston Street, I detoured(turned left) to Flinders Street and then to Hosier Lane. Then I crossed over to Federation Building.

    Hosier Lane aka the graffiti lane.

    Federation Building and the Australian Centre of Moving Images(ACMI).

    And of course, a stroll along the Yarra River is a must do!

    From under the Princes Bridge.

    Finally, a Yarra River and Southbank skyline capture from the Princes Bridge.

    The colours are just too pretty. Too bad for the gloomy sky.. The pictures are all lack of one thing, a blue sky.

    By the time I was done, it was already about 430pm and the sky was already super gloomy. Initially, I wanted to stay to capture a sunset from the Yarra River but the sky was too gloomy to even have sunset seen let alone a nice sunset capture.

    Flinders Street Station :)
    The train drivers and passersby.

    The only good thing that Metro is popular for other than its never ending delays and cancellations. It's the Dumb Ways To Die song and app!

    It was time for home! That concluded my alone photo day tour in the city! :D Was very satisfying!!

    Facebook album here :)

    One day, I'll do the same thing when I am in New York City! I'll walk everywhere, take the subway and just truly see NYC for how beautiful it really is. I'll have a camera hung over my neck and I'll take pictures of every tiny bit and document everything the way I see it with my eyes. In hopes that if whenever I reflip the pictures taken, it'll be as tho I am reliving the memory and the moment and it'll be as tho I am there in NYC  One day, I will fulfil this dream of mine! Definitely I will.

    On Friday, I went back to uni early in the morning to do last minute touch ups on an assignment which was due later that evening. Everything went smoothly and that was my last day in uni for the semester till exams start. And by the time I was done at about 3pm, I haven't had anything to eat yet so I made plans to meet up with Celine over at Lygon Street.

    Main reason was to collect an item that I asked her to buy for me and second was to catch up cause I am likely to not see her till I return back to Melbourne in August after my winter holidays in Malaysia. And of course to eat! Super starving by the time I met up with her!

    Met up @ Tank. A Fish & Chippery place :) My first time and it was a good first time experience!

     Ordered a large bowl of chips to share! Plus had a dimsim and a freshly crumbed scallops for myself.

    The chips were soooo good! They have like a special seasoning which tasted salty, sourness and spicyness. It was tangy and refreshing! Celine went to get a small plate of seasoning to dip the chips in. The ketchup was just for show. HAHA! ANDDDD the crumbed scallops was so so so good!!! So fresh and juicy and huge! :D I am so going back for moarrrrrr! :D

    Then about 5 something we parted ways. I went back home and slept till like 9 something cause I was super drained out from only 4 hours of sleep the night before cause I was busy doing my assignment. Which is now all done and good and nothing to be worried about.

    And spent the rest of the night whatsapping the boyfriend until he went out for drinks with his friends. I wanna go out for drinks with him and his friends also lorr.... Instead I am here stuck with SWOTVAC and that night I was internetless somemore... ):

    Saturday, woke up at 1pm and spent the next hour or two planning and finalizing our family trip to Tasmania in September. Mum and uncle and cousin is coming to visit and we all haven't been to Tassie sooo tassie it is! Booked their flight tickets for only $74 return trip. So cheap right! Initially I couldn't join them because I am pretty sure next semester is going to be a hectic one for me.

    But then aunty D suggested that I just fly there and join them for the weekend. At least I could say I did go to Tasmania with them. So yeap! I booked a weekend flight for me and the boyfriend to join them in Hobart for two days and flying out early on a Monday morning because that was the cheapest flight and also the journey is only an hour fifteen minutes. We will be back around 9 something in the morning on Monday to resume to classes :)))) Wheeee I can't wait! For a family trip and also because the boyfie is joining!

    After finalizing all of that, me and aunty D went out to DFO Essendon and I came back with a Ralph Lauren polo tee for the boyfie. Coincidentally there was big pony polos for men and it is the exact same design that I have which is a women cut and I bought it almost three years ago. So now, we have our very first couple tee :DDD And it was totally unplanned! Picture next time when we wear it it together :P

    Got back from DFO around 5 something and I gotta get ready to head out for dinner in the city with Cherly and Jia Shen. I left the house around 630pm. Hopped onto the train and was at Red Silk by 7pm.

    @ Red Silk. Dinner for four.

    Asam fish fillets.

    Fried eggplants with sambal.

    Mami chicken which I think it just a slight variation from Marmite chicken. Cause it doesn't taste like the ones back home but it still tasted pretty good :)

    After dinner, Jia Shen suggested to go for drinks so we headed over to Cho Gao @ Melbourne Central. I had a glass of strawberry and pear cider and he had a glass of beer. It was a serious catch up session because I haven't been seeing him for over 6 weeks already and there are a lots of in between events that I didn't know of and they were in need of updates :)

    Only sat there for about an hour and then we went to sit at San Churros for coffee for another hour. Then Cherly sent me and Jia Shen to go get his car and JS fetched me home. Was back by 11pm and JS only left about 20 minutes after that cause he was being polite and talked to my aunty for a bit. HAHA!

    Look at me lahhh... Only one glass of cider and it left me red and pinky for over 2 hours... HEHE not drunk but redddddd! My trademark after any alcohol consumption no matter how much or how little :P

    The rest of the night was chats with the boyfriend and skype sessions. The spread and circles over the screen.

    Sunday and Monday and today and the rest of the days till I go back to Malaysia will be stay at home days. Stay at home and quarantine and hibernate for exams... =/ Me hate exams!!

    Wokays some random bits here and there...

    My Naked Flushed Palette by Urban Decay is finally here!!! And I loveeeeeeeeee it!! Been using it since I got it and they are very flattering!! LOVE THEM!! <3<3

    The smell of this is ah-ma-zinggggg!!!! I will definitely use it after my bath and I totally love them!! It was $5 and a much much cheaper alternative to the Body Shop ones that costs $30 for the same amount. Wheeeee love smelling so good after my shower!!

    Yesterday night's dessert/supper! :D Apple pie with two scoops of Cadbury's vanilla ice cream :D Yums!

    Today's lunch prepared by me :DD Two scrambled eggs with beef slice on a multigrain toast! Simple, quick and yummy! (((:

    Last week's manicure. OPI's Thanks a Windmillion. LOVE THE COLOUR! This shade of green is so pretty!

    Today's manicure. Rimmel's Lemon Drop. Its scented as well!! Its has a fruity scent when dry and of course, now my fingernails smells like lemon! :DD

    That's it for now! Back to reading lecture notes and tutorials! Three days till my first paper! Byee peeps~!

    Much love,
    sher xoxo.

    They are new and exciting and I love every single bits and moments of it!!
    Love the words and the ear whispers! 17/05 & 02/06

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