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  1. T-Minus 5 Days.

    Friday, June 14, 2013

    Hello lovelies! I am in a somewhat not so excited/excited mode because I still have 5 days of exams torture but at the same time super excited that I am 5 days away from being home!

    5 days to seeing all the love ones back home!! favourite boy
    ...mummy dearest
    ...the old folks whom I truly miss and want to spend more time with
    ...the cousins/aunties/uncles and little J boy
    ...the girlfriends
    ...and the closest friends
    ...lastly, the glorious gloriousssss FOOD!!

    In 5 days, I'll be free from feeling like I currently do whilst reading lecture notes on Network Security.

    I have my bag more than halfway packed already because I got bored in between of studying and just simply needed a break from all of it. What's better than packing and putting outfits and styles in your head and imagining what you would want to wear and fold them nicely and lay them in the suitcase! I have all of these outfit ideas floating around in my head!! :DDD

    I even have the whole entire Pangkor vacay outfits and stuffs packed and thought of nicely already!! It will be happening next Friday! AWESOMEEEEEE!! I can't wait!! Can't wait for a getaway with the close friends and the boyfriend~!! WHEEEE~~~

    Now my mind is wandering off to the good parts of holidays when actually, I shouldn't yet.. ))): Exams are still going on.. BOO to exams!! There still is 8 more terrible and scary subjects coming in the near future. I dread you, exams! I dread everything about you!!

    One minute I can be so happy from the idea of going home and the next, I could be so demotivated and so down over the fact that I still have two more papers left.. And did I mention that they are CRAZY PAPERS?!?!!

    God, help me through it. I don't want nor need anything fancy or colourful. I just need a simple pass through. That's it. And when I am done, I could just bid it goodbye and never have to look back. Thank you God.

    Now, back to lecture notes and tutorial questions! Wish me luck peeps and goodbye!


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