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    Sunday, June 09, 2013


    I am suppose to be in the middle of my revision of lecture notes and tutorial questions but I am taking a slight break for now till after dinner to have a little update.

    My first paper was great! Italian has become my forte :D Well.. Introduction to Italian. Not the advanced kind. Felt so good after coming out from my first paper! But.. I don't think I will be saying the same for the next three papers. The killer papers...

    The messy table until exams are over! I seriously think I need a larger table...

    Anyhoos, still the same life for me. Same till the day I finish my exams. Studying and taking breaks in between and the daily necessities and of course the communications with the boyfriend.

    Little things like him cheering me up before an exam over skype with quirky songs and cute dance moves and texts like "good luck baby", keeps me going! Altho he isn't physically here to hold me through exams, he is still here with me mentally and through the cyberspace. I can't wait to have him in my arms in 10 days!!! ♥♥

    And on Friday night, aunty D took me out to dinner :D Japanese dinner @ Hyakumi on Keilor Road. The one we went to with the boyfie as well on the night before he went back to Malaysia. Read here on the awesome House Special which had sushis and sashimis and served on a traditional boat!

    Ordered Aburi Salmon for starters. Aburi Salmon means lightly seared salmon and they were soooo goood!

    And ordered a Sukiyaki Hot Pot to share.. $22 per person.
    It has veggies..

    And a huge plate of porterhouse beef slices!! So fresh and perfect to eat it cooked at medium rare!!

    And the waitress cook for us and dish it out in separate bowls for us as well! Thumbs up for their service :)

    I need to struggle and pull through another 9 more days of exam related things! I can! And I will! God, just keep me some faith and strength... Am not asking for a lot but just enough for me to pass through everything.

    My tired looking eyes... ignore that and my funny looking hair all pulled back HAHA! Focus of the orange lippie!! :DD It's from the Maybelline Vivid range named Vibrant Mandarin :))

    Off shortly to dinner downstairs as I can already smell the food cooking.. :D And then it'll be more of these Broadband notes! Studying literally drains everything out of me.... Never in the world am I going to do exams anymore after I am done with my degree.. Neva eva!! =|

    "Maybe it is the red time of the month or it looked significantly more serious than it seemed but the reassurance is, it was merely for the laugh as per usual eventho it didn't look like it was. Ended up, it turned out to be the total opposite... It became heated and offensive. From something which meant no harm turned out to be something that was taken count into the heart. Wished the words could have been taken back and all of that could have been avoided. It has been a long long time since it poured like a waterfall and breath were so hard to catch. A promise was made, that words would only be used smarter, wiser and more sincere from now on. And the quick agitation would be less.. The less there is to feel like this morning again, the happier things would be. It was so scary... because for a split of a second, it felt like things were beginning to fade..."


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