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  1. no song can describe how i feel.

    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    Wednesday, 30 September 2009.

    i slept at 3 am this morning. was suppose to sleep earlier after i watched both episode 2 and 3 of supernatural. BUT.... i was so tempted to watch the rest.

    and yes i did. i watched episode 2 of gossip girl. wanted to watch episode 2 of one tree hill also but it was getting late and i had to wake up at 7.30 am this morning. sooo i for go that one episode for today.

    gossip girl is getting less interesting. somehow. maybe the drama hasnt officially started. but i somehow enjoy watching the fashion in the show. they dress nice and expensive. and looks damn good.

    you know what... i am actually finding Ed Westwick kinda hot. suddenly i find him rather charming where as Chace Crawford is getting more and more normal to me.

    hmmm... i have this attraction to bad boys suddenly. i mean the style of a bad boy. hot and mysteriously attractive. HAHA!

    this explains my "hot and mysteriously attractive" phrase.

    BUT.... his chest hair is a turn off. guys with chest hair and me will not go along. so now i am judging Ed Westwick minus his chest hair. ahahahaa! just look at his face.

    watched my one tree hill this evening. i dont know why but to me, the life stories of them presented in the show just makes alot of sense. like it really relates to real life. and watching it always makes me emo because it makes me realise that the real world out there has no mercy on anybody.

    and when things gets better, it wont stay better always.

    one tree hill is still my love. my first love in tv series. <33333

    uni was till 12.30 pm today so i met up with jia shen for lunch. he was craving for rose garden's food where as i also felt like eating their spicy chicken ribs. and we met up there.

    had nice and satisfying lunch then we went walking around melbourne central. he teman me shopping. ahaha! walked to myers, then walked back to melbourne central, then went to valley girl to check out skinny jeans.

    as usual la he will zhat me non stop and push my head la and block me from walking forward. stupid fella.

    he had to leave only at 4 something and celine finished her class already so we went to meet up with her to go for a drink. waited for her at some bench in front of the state library then went for bubble tea!

    oohh i so love bubble tea. in fact i just like the pearl. aha! the green mango was not bad. sour ((((: but niceee.

    reached home around 5 something.

    skyped with qi hong earlier. too bad i couldnt manage to snap the part where he started acting cute. i was too slow. ahaha!

    then just finish skyping with mum. she made a very funny comment on jia shen. which made him emo. ahahaha!

    jia shen says: (11:37:58 PM)
    i damn emo d


    oklaaaa i want to watch bones now. trying to finish season 4 as soon as possible then i can start season 5 which i just downloaded. yay!

    nights everybody. (((((:


  2. my obsession towards you is getting serious.

    Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    Tuesday, 29 September 2009.

    blueeeeee shades~

    was at uni early today cause the bus journey to essendon station was rather short as it is school holidays so no school kids in the bus.

    its good. (: peaceful and quiet.

    after telecoms lecture, julian sat with me a while to teach me some of the maths questions in the assignment that was due today.

    it has been sooo long that i sat down with someone and had them to teach me a maths question. i think the last was last year when we were preparing for sam finals. gosh thats long ago. :D

    stopped by moonee ponds before i came home to get some clothes hangers. i think i bought almost 80 hangers already. but it doesnt look like 80 pieces of clothings. hmmm...

    came home and watched 90210 episode 3. the drama is horrible. bitchy and back stabbings. and i want naomi and liam together. they seem cutee together. (: but well.... thats not going to happen i guess.

    maybe off to some one tree hill or gossip girl or supernatural or bones. i downloaded all the latest episodes at uni today. my favourites. (((((:

    the girl in the reflection says love ya'll! :DDD


  3. once you are exposed, you'll know.

    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Monday, 28 September 2009.

    things just dont go your way all the time.

    got back my first maths test results. 28/30. heheee~ not bad eh? but anyway, its just the first test so its about the simpler topics.

    diffrentiation and integration is yet to come in a few more weeks. that will be the hard part.

    and i so dont like programming! sigh. i am trying my level best to understand already. lets just hope i dont fail it. all i want is a pass i dont need a good grade for it.

    sighs. life is just full of obstacles. ups and downs.

    hearing what happen just makes me feel sad and feel fortunate. but yet feel so useless that i cant help nor say anything to make things better.

    money is everything. the more you need it, the more you are drifting further away from it. but when you dont need it, you have plenty till no where to spend.

    for some, every penny counts but a string of unfortunate things happens to them.

    sigh. how i wish i could help out.

    i am going to bed soon already. i am getting tired. its been a long day today for me. and tomorrow i have to wake up early. by 8 am i have to leave the house. early...... )))):


    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester

  4. Monday, 28 September 2009.

    its steph's birthday!

    they are all happily having fun in cherly's house now. i dont think i could stay up till 2 am to officially wish her happy birthday cause 12 am in malaysia is 2 am here.

    sooo i called and wished her!!


    i've known her since kindergarden. its been that long. i have her face in my kindergarden birthday pictures. i still remember in form 1 i went up to her and ask does she have a sister or not cause i remember someone that looked like her in kindergarden.

    turns out the one i remembered that looked like her was HER. ahahah! cause she's also a pts student like me.

    the only old friend which i kept in touch with until today.

    she's been through thick and thin, tears and laughters with me. i remembered that she'll always be the one i'll call and talk for hours over the slightest problems. even cried on the phone to her before also but couldnt remember what was it about already.

    she's just been there for me all the time.

    steph, i am sorry if i've used harsh words on you, neglected you, or even gave you a hard time. i dont mean it and you must know that i'll always love you! ALWAYS~

    happy 18th darlinggg~!!!!!

    i am sure you'll have an awesome day ahead and hopefully the dreams and wishes you have will come true! i so love you. <3>

    lots and lots of love,

  5. pretty and colourful.

    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    Sunday, 27 September 2009.

    i went to the Tesselar Tulip Festival yesterday with jia shen, celine, loong, ken and michelle.

    sat a train all the way to ringwood then had to switch bus to lilydale cause apparently the train tracks had some problem so the train couldnt go direct to lilydale. from lilydale we took a bus up to the tulip farm.

    well... let the pictures do the talking. i am lazy to type so much.

    the girls. michelle, celine and me. (:

    the guys. loong, jia shen and ken. (:

    we had fun! it was soooo wet yesterday. just kept on raining and stopped for a while and then rained again. and it was damn muddy. ALL of our shoes were damn dirty.

    and i was wearing a pair of white shoes. had to come back and wash it. now its clean again. aha!

    since it was raining, it was DAMN cold. i can barely feel my hands man. ken laaa and his smart idea to walk all the way down to see horse mana tau no horse and we had to walk back up in the freezing cold weather.

    but overall, i am sure we all had fun.

    it was a good day out despite the rain and the coldness. ahahaha!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  6. its late!

    Friday, September 25, 2009

    the view outside of my house.

    everything is just so different here. sometimes a better change, sometimes i prefer home.

    just got home like 20 minutes ago. its sooooo unlike me to be able to go out till late here. well... tonight's the first time.

    nothing much about today though. woke up at 11.30 am. i slept with my lights on again. i fell asleep halfway watching bones. laze around the house, thinking of how to continue doing my programming assignment.

    around 6 pm i left the house to catch the bus to get to the city to meet up with jia shen and celine. met up with jia shen at flinders first then went to walk around with him. was looking for a green P sticker for his car.

    then met up with celine. and she brought us to meet up with her friend at melbourne central. had dinner at Notturno at lygon street and desert at san churro. i loveeeee spanish donuts. despite them saying that its abit too "jelak" after eating too much.

    but i still like it. (: but without the chocolate dip. just plain.

    then jia shen drove me home. i should be going to be soon as i have to be at melbourne central at 10 am. which i know that i'll be late.

    anyways, i'll be going to the tulip farm tomorrow with jia shen, loong, celine, michelle, ernest and ken. it seems the weather will be wet but i am sure we will have fun. (((:

    oklaaaa... nights everybody!

    p/s lakes entrance update may delay up to next week and thats if i am in the mood of blogging about it. now i am kinda sick blogging with toooo much pictures and long post. takes up so much time.