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  1. wentworth miller

    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    finally finished watching heart of greed. the ending was preety unexpectable. haha. but it was a gud one. ahaha. =D overall the show is nice lah.

    for you cherly gan. finally getting the post you've wanted for a long time. tell me what you think about it. woops. someones turning seventeen soon. can't you imagine? the oldest among us?? haha. =) goes..

    everyday also she'll say:

    cherly: shereena go update your blog lah. i everyday also go check you noe? post about wentworth miller lah. faster lah.

    me: oklah. i'll post about him lah. soon. don't worry.

    cherly: remember to say he is hott you noe. ok?

    she is soo into prison break and wentworth miller! i baru only watch until season1 don't know episode what already lah. she finished season 2 already. looking forward for the season3 already. ever since watched prison break she thinks that wentworth miller is super hott.

    but i don't find him that hott oni wor. but he is still okay. yeng lah. okay okay.. very hot (yes yes..cherly gan)

    wentworth miller*
    being influenced by her already. now every tuesday after falcon beach then i'll watch prison break. if i cant catch it the i'll watch the next day. ahaha. the show very thrilling. ahah. i lyk his name in the show. michael scofield.
    end of wentworth miller. ahaha. ms. cherly, at least i posted okay?
    aiyo...this few days evryday oso rain lah. evrything seems so wet. not nice lah. have some sun but not too hot would be just nice. ahaha.
    what a coincidence? when i went online, i saw somebody i always wanted to see. whenever i am down i really look forward to see youu. youu cheer me up. XD

    okies. off to see a.n.t.m (america's next top model). i don't lyk it when u already know who won. potong stim oni lah.
    bye guys.

  2. hong kong drama.

    Saturday, July 28, 2007

    currently watching a hong kong drama Heart of Greed. the show not bad lah. but see this kind of show damn geram wan lah. people fighting for money, property, name, etc. aiya big family punya usual problem lah.

    heart of greed*
    one thing that i damn geram about is imagine your bestfriend cheating with your boyfriend. a best friend whom you were friends with since your are 8. sooo annoying. while watching i'll be like:

    the girl: this will be the last time i am seeing you..but i still love you and will remember the memories we have been through. *hugs*

    me: omg. i dunno what kinda friend is this...argh. *shaking heads*

    even bestfriends that you practically share all your secrets and everything with betray you. if me i sure cannot tahan.
    getting too into the show already. haha. XD. but at last the guy die. eventhough he very jahat but at least he try his vry best to solve the problem. haha. but honestly, i like seeing the both of them together. minus all the quarelling part they are sooo sweeet together. and... i like him in person too. hott. raymond lam.
    finally i could go online. the telekom people repaired the stupid line already.

  3. music.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    just listened to Enrique Iglesias - Do you know (the ping pong song) a while ago. i love that song. its just that the music video of the song is kinda stupid. =) he is kinda hott. i heard he was a spanish? really? i like seeing him in the video. he looks hott. especially wif the tuxedo.

    enrique. xD

    the first time i saw the MV i didn't find him hot. maybe a lil' good looking. now, whenever the video shows i see that he looks hotter each time. during MTV Ask he looks abit too tired and different. ahaha.

    i shuldnt be online now. my modem gone cacat-ed. the stupid DSL light don't wan to light up. so i m practically using someone elses wireless network. *evil laugh* thts the advantage of having neighbours wif unlocked wireless networks. bluek*


  4. tuition.

    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    this morning stef msged at 8 sth to wake me up coz nid to go to segi college to attend a crash course. reached about 930 and qi hong was there already. went up to register and manage to find seats at the back. there are alot of familiar faces.

    we r quite far from the board so we were nicely ss-ing back thr. qi hong was the only guy wif 3 of us and he misses his ling yi. we had mcdonalds for lunch and its f.o.c (free of charge). i mean we paid for it including the fees of course.

    some pics during class.

    *me, stef and miss cherly*

    *qi hong and his angels*

    *hong and me*

    we went home after a walk in summit. 6 whole hours of tuition. vry tired.this whole thing will go on for 5 saturdays. aihz. ciao.

  5. a new start

    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    i always used to think bloggin was a waste of time. but i've made myself one. haha. *weird*. i m new at it but i'll try to keep it updated. =)

    have a great day. xoxo