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  1. Sunday, December 30, 2007

    qi hong has left to ns. not hearing his voice around, not use to it lahh. i bet lingyi feel even worse. my heng dai ciao for 3 months ler. i hope i can see them during chinese new year.

    leong chun kit too. and also yew wei. have fun you guys! i heard from them that their camp is not bad. but the line quite char as i hear from chun kit.

    had a farewell gathering for them at starbucks yesterday. was great having all of us sitting down a have a nice chat. =D

    just got home from a wedding party in damansara. i like the place. =)


  2. Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    merry christmas peoples. =)

    i spent the whole day in the salon and shopping at klcc. i saw damn of clothes i like ler. but mum say i got too much already so cannot buy. sob sob =(.

    as i said, i was in the salon. i finally cut my hair short as in shoulder length after soo many years. i think my last was when i was in primary. thats sooo long ago.

    the old me.











    i was longing to cut it off for some time already. but i was still doubting it. and this is my new do.

    i see all my hair on the floor i felt sad. like damn alot u know. ahahaha. tell me what u guys think. =) wink*

  3. Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    merry christmas everyone. =)
    good luck and have a happy new year.
    merry xmas to youu my dear.
    may the it brings youu all the luck and joy. <3

  4. Sunday, December 23, 2007

    apparently "youu" cant be erased.
    as much as i thought i want it to but i cant. i just cant.
    all my memories of youu keep flashing through.
    it even made me tear. =(
    i cant get rid of youu. sighs.
    actually i dont want to. i need youu.
    i want youu.

  5. since i got all my pictures from genting, i am going to blog all about it. a trip that i'll cherish most. i love everyone that went. this is gonna be a very long post.

    date : 17th to 19th december 2007
    venue : Genting Permai Park & Resort, Genting Highlands
    peoples : cherly, stephanie, shereena,
    kah tim, jia shen, walter, chun kit
    dickson, qi hong, en lin, ferng lin, yew wei, jenn hsen, hashimi.
    our apartment. =D

    the view from the balcony.

    day 1

    went up there by car. actually taxi, my uncles taxi. reached about 3 i guess. then was greeted by a few of them. they help us carry stuff somemore. good ler? ehh...wait no... they came to take their ps2. sobs. =(

    they all just reach only want to go play football already. football and them are inseperatable. the ball keep dropping over the edge. ma fan lah...but they enjoyed it really alot.

    we girls pulak... take picture over there. ahahahaha.

    after seeing them playing their football some decided to go for a swim. some pulak in the apartment playing ps2. they and their winning eleven.

    so engross man.

    the pool water soo cold. i keep telling myself its not cold.. somemore raining ler. so misty also. imagine ler?? cold....

    the four hunks.

    after swimming went up to the apartment to get ready to go for dinner. the mist was really bad.

    so misty.

    after that we had to walk to goh tong jaya for dinner. soo far ler. i dont like walking up hills. walter's dad knows the owner of the steamboat shop. so we got a price of rm18 per person. the owner damn good ler. somemore fetch us home.

    the walk.

    the makan place.
    us. all also very full.

    went back and played blackjack. got a few times blackjack and two love ler. even tim who is sitting beside me also damn lucky that night. but sadly i lost my money.
    want to sleep that time stupid jia shen go scare me. i hate u. open my eyes suddenly see your white face. shit u.

    day 2

    went to the theme park. sat that skyway thing. omgosh scary lah. luckily got the rest pui me. so high up ler. scared as i have the fear of heights.

    so high up.


    all 14 of us.

    the weather wasnt that good. keep raining and got lots of mist. most of the rides were close when we were inside. so we ended up sitting the merry go round. ahaha.

    me and jia shen.

    qiqi and tim.

    dicky and chun kit.

    once again. me and sifu, jia shen.

    then we went for the tea cup. wah.... so dizzy!

    jenny and cherly.

    after that we went to antique car. we just needed to get on rides that wont get us wet.

    chun kit, yew wei and walter.

    all the silly things they did and i really miss it!

    see lah what they do.

    jia shen and his look.

    en lin soo happy man.

    tsk tsk yew wei. dont dirty the place.

    due to the rain and mist alot of things cannot play ler. so we went indoor for a while. went for some 4d motion master thing. its freaking rm8 if u dont have the all park ticket.
    while waiting.
    us with our yeng specs. which one side works and the other doesnt.

    a waste of money. its damn shit lah. its freaking boring and i dont even know what the heck is it talking about. spoilt all the mood.

    went for bumper car after that. i sprained my finger.... pain ler. i kesian tim too. evryone keep aiming on him. he always kena bang until stuck in the middle and cannot move.

    then they all went for space shot. i was soo scared till i didnt dare to sit.

    qi hong was really scared.
    kah tim and walter was the batch after qi hong, yew wei they all.

    walter praying? tim is too excited.
    the food in genting wasnt that expensive lah. what can u expect from a tourist atrraction centre?

    i got a call from derek saying he is around. after i ate i went to look for him. that fella still havent change. still the same old derek but look much better.

    after the lunch we went to catch up with them rest of them. staright away headed to the go kart. had loads of fun. the first time driving something that wasnt through a fake screen.

    me. behind is dicky.
    we went to sit the spinner too. we thought it was raining. mana tau is the water droplets from peoples shoe. yuck!

    me, cherly, ferng lin and walter. ehh qi hong where you looking?
    me and my girlfriend.
    halfway up there kah tim can manage to kick my chair. his legs damn long lah!

    while we were walking down we found this place which was quite and lesser people would walk pass and jia shen came up with an idea to go topless.

    yes you heard me. topless. crazy man. soo cold u know. damn alot of mist somemore. the moment they took off their clothes they were shivering liao. cold! luckily the guys were the only ones involved.

    all the rocking hot bodies.

    me and the hotties.

    we did jumping shots. suppose to merge everything together.
    reaching up high.
    all of us. my favourites.
    later we went to the first world hotel lobby to wait for walters dad. we needed transport back to our apartment cause it was a very bad weather.

    while waiting for walter to talk with his dad.

    we had our skyway ticket to go back but the weather very char lah. mana tau walter's dad told us the skyway had stopped. some awful stuff happened. its generator stop and people were stuck up there. omg can u believe it? stuck in mid air. so freaky.......

    walter's dad manage to get us a bus down. how nice of him. thank you uncle! he even belanja us makan you know. all 14 of us.

    in the bus.

    we played cards till like 3 in the morning. played a game bluff. introduce by tang kah tim. ahaha. i was so sleepy ler that night but managed to tahan till 3.30. cherly slept damn early and got up at 3 and said she damn semangat kenot sleep already.

    the game which i suck at. bluff.

    most of them wanna sleep already except jia shen, qi hong, ferng lin, en lin and i dont know who else stayed up till 6 playing winning eleven. the recorded tim snoring. ahahaha. =D

    slept at 3.30 in the morning.

    day 3

    got up at 9 in the morning. had a fun time waking the up. ahaha. the boys went for another football game again.
    breastzz + football...

    then we went swimming. the water was even colder than the other day. we played monkey and water polo. water polo was good lah. teamed up with enlin, dickson, walter, tim, cherly. our score was 6-2. we 6 the other team 2. the best was the goal i pass to tim and he hit it in. sok man.
    kah tim.

    cherly and me.

    after swimming i bathed in the boys toilet. the girls toilet no hot water. damn funny lah. cherly is so damn blur.

    cherly cooked us mushroom soup with those big button mushroom. it tasted not bad weih.. for cherly that cooked it, it was real good. ahaha.

    had some chat with the guys at the balcony and decided to go down with them by bus since we already had a ticket home.

    en lin brought out a box of nangka and we ended up throwing it to the monkeys. i meant throwing the seeds. the nangka was really sweet. yummy.

    cleaned the toilet. help out chun kit cause we had to keep the place clean. then it was 345 already. had to leave the apartment. damn sad lah. it passed so fast.

    the taxi arrived downstairs at 3.45.

    the bus ride was the bomb. we were the only ones making noise in the bus. there were other passengers ler. luckily we took the bus. a very very wise choice.

    dickson and hashimi.

    cherly and me.

    jenn hsen and qi hong.

    walter and stephanie.

    ferng lin and chun kit.

    jia shen and kah tim.

    in the bus we are already planning for next year's trip. bali? thailand? some pulau? ahahaha. i m really looking forward for another trip next year. we really need one.

    cherly, me and mouse.
    reached kl sentral and took a group picture. ahaha.

    me and my darling.

    our last group picture. all 14 of us had the most fun ever.

    sat ktm home. waliao damn alot of people u know. packed with people. 5 was left behind and had to catch the next train. stef, tim, jia shen, ferng lin, and dick.

    ehh kah tim, cannot read sign ka?

    they are different.

    three days just passed like that. it was soo fast ler. too good till no words can describe. i miss everything and everyone and whatever we did there. it was superb.
    i miss genting. alot alot alot. looking forward for the next trip.

    omg. yesterday night i felt so gloomy and emo. dont know what is wrong lah. suddenly burst into tears. shit man.... cry? what the hell is wrong?

    oh god. its nearly 6. shit lahh. soo early. i have to wake up at 730. ciao guyz. =D