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  1. gucci.

    Sunday, October 30, 2011

    went to lygon street for dinner.

    the dinner was very seafood-ish. and it was great!

    now that everyone has left. the house seems so quiet. which means its exam crunching time. god, please help me through... =/

    and please help him through as well..


  2. red skinny jeans.

    Saturday, October 29, 2011

    went down to the city today with aunty D uncle they all.

    bought little mini cupcakes (:

    and lunch at chinatown for roast duck on egg noodles.

    was in the city till like 4 something. even met audrey in melbourne central as well. haha both of us bought a bottle of 100ml sex and the city perfume for only $10. hahah

    came home had seri muka for tea. aunty D made it hehe =D

    i am getting tired of going out so much. tomorrow i will be home solely to sleep, do laundry and read some practical notes. got practical exam on thursday.. ):

    i am liking the flare skirt look right now. not the usual me but love it!

    and have a i mention how so hot and sexy shane west is?

    its been awhile since i blog about some hot celebrity. but damn, he is hot! so much hotter as a protective boyfriend role in nikita. plus all the gun, fighting and tough scenes.. even more sexy...~ ahah


  3. go around the world with me someday.

    Friday, October 28, 2011

    go around the world with me someday. yes, that's how much and how long ahead i want you in my life. =D and hopefully much longer after that.. (:

    my sleeping cycle had been jumbled up for the past two nights. once my unix assignment was due on wednesday i was so damn relieved but at the same time i was thinking about my yesterday's test.

    got home that wednesday evening, had very early dinner and slept from 8pm till about 2pm. studied for the test from 2 plus till 6 something in the morning and left to uni at 7am. my test started at 830am and.... i passed my test! hehehe so so happy.

    which explains the coming part of my post.

    after that, took a tram and headed over to richmond and went to the bardot factory outlet again =DD

    it was such a hot day man yesterday...! hence the chilled chrysanthemum tea. (:

    i've been getting a couple of black dresses from bardot already. but somehow still couldn't resist this. hehe

    my $5 fluffy cardi =D

    and lastly, this is the cardi i was talking about in the post earlier that i regretted not buying. its more like a crochet cardi and i super duper love it!! its hard to tell the cardi over the dress.

    got home about 5 something and i was in bed also about 8pm and slept until this morning 9 ish. hehehe i know more than 12 hours of sleep. hehehe

    then just continued staying in bed while whatsapping with cousin and mum. i envy them.. they are in rome right now. i so so so so want to go there!! my next favourite place to go after new york.

    plus i am going to take up italian in uni next year or the year after. so we shall see =D


    about 12pm i went down the city to meet up with aunty D and uncle they all at south melbourne market.

    had the yummy paella at simply spanish (:

    but that one plate wasn't enough for me. i went to buy another dim sum after that. ahaha i was so hungry lar okay....

    i realised the meat and deli stuff is cheaper there rather than vic market.

    got home about 3 plus. then 4pm we went over to dfo essendon. hmmm just bought one polo tee for the cousin and pajamas shorts for myself.

    thats it for today..

    i've been asking mum to get me quite a number of things from europe. how i wish i could go along... ):

    hmmm there is always next time. and i just asked dear to go with me to Rome one day. haha i certainly hope that date would come by =P

    like this tattoo! i really feel like having a tattoo. just A tattoo. one is enough. either on my feet or at the back of my neck. hmmmm =/

    but my dear teck wei no likey tattoos.. ): how a..

    kla ciao peeps!

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

  4. nice shopping outing today.. =DD hehe

    shopping day with aunty D and relatives. first stop we went to footscray homy ped shoe factory outlet. usually i don't get stuffs there cause there are more older looking designs. but.... i bought a pair of t-bar flats today. eheh

    and super duper love it!! milky cream white ♥♥ $23. cuteeeee!

    then went to siricco factory outlet over in south yarra. they mainly sell leather stuff but neh.. anyways mum is over in europe getting me stuffs me love already.. bags heaven in europe man!

    but still ended up with a $5 knitted red scarf and a bunch of 6 files for $2 (:

    was hungry after that so we headed over to richmond for vietnamese pho.. meaning vietnamese noodles.

    ordered sliced rare beef and beef balls. had it at i love pho 264 on victoria street.

    and i know there is a bardot factory outlet nearby and i had to go because we were just nearby and i've always always wanted to go. so yes, brought all of them there.. and i went nuts!!

    half sheer cobalt blue skirt. $10!! and i love it!! ♥♥

    bow front tube dress. $15!! omg...

    plain front dress but back looks damn sexy.. $5!!!! hahahahaha yes its FIVE dollars!

    crochet tunic $20 (:

    heart bodysuit $5 and $10 military-ish shorts.. love the shorts!

    linen oversized knit. $5!!! ♥♥ love love!!

    7 pieces for $70. and its bardot!! where to find laaaaaa...~!!! that explains why i went a little crazy.. hehe

    i might drop by again thursday because i wanted another cardi but i didn't have time to really look and now i am regretting not getting already. so yes, will be back on thursday after my test! heheh

    so yeap.. that's my monday. hehe

    tomorrow back to uni. back to assignment.. ): and then gonna go over to MA since aunty D uncle and everyone else is going to phillip island for the night.

    mwahhhhss ,

    me love jarlsberg cheese.. hehehe =D

  5. trucks rule.

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    was over at teck wei's for the weekend (: nothing makes me smile more.. hehe

    yesterday had to go back to uni to get my assignment going though... unix assignment due on wednesday. oh my god man... ))):

    left uni about 6pm then went over to glen waverley to get dinner for the both of us. tapao-ed food from petaling street and then got myself a cup of happy cup bubble tea.

    yums! my mango fruit tea with mango pudding and pearls (((:

    and also nasi pattaya for teck wei and claypot loh shu fun for me. hehehe

    but the weather was a downer yesterday. rain and rain all the way. and to make things worse, my flats broke.. water was sipping in through the sole.. ): needa throw it away liao..

    got back to MA, had dinner then watched the zookeeper with dear.

    so cute...! and funny hahaha

    did nothing today. just stayed in till i was suppose to get home. came back home around 630pm today.

    my weekend sure went by fast... =/ happy times or times where i super look forward to, always pass by fast.. ):

    here's from wednesday,

    lunch at hardware societe. i had their seafood empanada. nice!

    i still wanna go and try their breakkie.. been there for lunch three times already. and not loving their new menu very much.. so must go try their breakkie soon! and promised my dearest teck wei to go with him also. har har =D

    shopping spree.. hehe

    all bought for $10 except the pink belt for $6. love the stripey dress from factorie!!

    hmmm... thats it for now la.

    i am really not having much blogging mojo lately. i used to blog at least once every two days but now, one a week.. sighh.. =/

    oh and mum is flying to milan right now.. ): how i wish i was the one going with her! its okay.. to compensate that, i gave her my shoe size and the codes of stuff i wanted. eheheh i can't wait till i get my pressies...! heheh

    okie.. goodnight la.. *my post was so weirdly lined.. i know.. one moment ): and =/, another moment hehehe* i am losing the touch la.. bear with me la k.. =D

    much love,

  6. baby smell.

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    here's it. the weekly chronology.


    in uni with classes and assignmenting in the library.

    then tea time with mum, aunty jaime and uncle somewhere nearby uni.

    tried smith's vegemite flavoured chips. and no.. salty was the word.


    went for love never dies with mum, aunty jaime, aunty D, uncle and julian. it was a buy one free one thing so we only paid like $50? pretty cheap.

    this was our view to the stage. pretty good seats for the price.

    and it was okay? a tad bit dark in terms of storyline i find.. peterpan or mamma mia was more my thing for musicals tho..

    had to wear these pair of long flare pants from asos at some point. $10 and they are super comfy! but they also have to go along with a super high pair of heels if not its too long..


    home all day for an assignment. forego going out with mum and aunty jaime and uncle to vic market..

    dinner was pan fried salmon with creamy mash potatoes (:


    booked yum cha at gold leaf in sunshine.

    mango pudding (:

    this wasn't all the food and it was aunty D's treat hehe..

    then took a drive to torquay which was like an hour and a half away.

    main thing, it was a surf city.

    surf city means surf brands. and surf brands means shopping. =DD bought a top and two barrets or beanie whatever it is.

    after torquay was a drive over to the werribee rose garden then it was home.

    had a visit that night from teck wei, cherly, jia shen, ck and sean cause there was some stuff to pass to my mum to bring home. hence them coming over and me seeing my dear (: tho it was a short visit, but good enough for the week since i haven't had the chance to drop by MA.


    home all day doing my assignment. and it was a misery. mum, aunty jaime, aunty D, and uncle all went to mornington for a flea market and i was feeling super miserable at home. )): i really wanted to go to the mornington flea market...

    assignment all day... stressed the shit out of me. =/

    mum and aunty jaime went back to malaysia this morning at 2am. so they were off to the airport at assignment was due by 1159pm and i couldn't even send mum to the airport like i hoped i did. )):

    i am gonna miss mum... no indomie whenever i feel hungry or even her just being there with me in my room even she's just on her sudoku with her phone.. sometimes i think i take her presence for granted and think that it was still a long time before she heads home. getting pretty emotional over her going back this time. something just kinda hit me..

    been so stress for the past few days that i am only a breaking down level. and what tops that? bad news on an assignment and assignments due this sunday and next wednesday. a test next thursday and another final exam the next thursday. then finals a week after that. great.. just great..

    don't think my days are gonna get any better until finals are over..

    still looking forward to my fridays or for that matter any time i am with you.

    much love,

    sometimes i wish you always know. so that i don't have to ask or even thought of asking. the conversations we have seem kinda blunt lately.. or maybe i am just asking for more..