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    Monday, October 10, 2011

    friday, sorta an unofficial day out date like with teck wei ((:

    first stop was rose garden for lunch and i had their preserved vege with shredded duck fried rice. $9.50 and i quite like it but it was a tad bit oily.. but still nice =D

    then went with him to get his haircut. for the first time i am actually sitting there while waiting for someone to get a haircut. my hair sessions usually take up to 5 hours so this is kinda nothing cause guys haircut barely take more than 40 minutes inclusive of cut, wash, blow dry and styling. haha

    next up was movie in melbourne central.

    real steel!!

    really really liked this show! i found it reallyyy nice..! hugh jackman was so man and the boy was soo cute and the graphics were really good!! hehe should really go watch it people!

    and so worth my $10 for it plus i had the extreme screen cinema which means it has a huge screen and made things even nicer! =DD plus company and shoulders which is always a plus for me (:

    dinner was at southbank. which is my favourite place in the city. the view and the feel is like so my thing! at night is the best cause of the night lights and i love love night lights =D and the nice stroll along the river is nice too..

    so we walked from melbourne central to southbank and had our dinner at grill'd. was suppose to either go for buffet or meat and wine co but they were really expensive and i had no room for dinner cause of heacy rose garden lunch and didn't make any reservation for meat and wine co. so the next thing on my list was grill'd burger!!

    and i purposely chose the one on southbank eventhough there was one in melbourne central.

    i love the view =P

    and love my date too =D literally i really do.. *he was still counting at two when he snapped it.. HAHA*

    yummy burger! =DDD and fries which he likes (:

    then just went strolling along southbank. looking at the crowded poshy restaurants along the waterfront and enjoying the lights (: walked over to crown to show him the gas burn infront of crown as he hasn't seen it before. omaii so so hot those flames...

    then hopped on a tram and got to southern cross. did some grocery shopping and headed back to clayton which i spent a night in MA. haven't been spending nights there for like over a month?

    saturday, just spent my afternoon in MA. waking up late as usual... having those moments of laughters which i still find it so funny now that i think back because it happens almost everytime after i wake. tickles~

    about 4pm i left cause meeting up with mum and friends for dinner. so i took a bus to glen.

    which i conveniently went and get myself a mango fruit tea with mango pudding at happy cup while waiting for mum's friend to come and pick me up (:

    went over to mum friend's place over in forest hill and aunty wai peng made creme caramel (:

    and dinner was over a sofia's in camberwell. something new for mum and aunty jaime as they have never been.

    for four.

    tried something new that night. seafood pancake (: and it was really really good!!


    went to ishka for their warehouse clearance which we ladies, me mum aunty D and aunty jaime went crazy!!

    then headed over to the rose street market.

    and lunch was at this venezuela cuisine on brunswick street.

    platter for two (: niceeeeee!

    the varieties of pancakes with different fillings.

    nice and something different (:

    damage of the day:

    this was a present from aunty jaime ((:

    and love love love my $5 satchel!!! so cheap and sho sho niceeeee!! =D it was a cheap steal man...


    ishka again to get some last minute buys cause sales ends today.

    then hardware societe for brunch =D

    their new seared scallops. they just changed their menu last week. and i personally think the old seared scallops taste better.... like much better. this was a let down because of the salad in the middle. it was bitter which made me not like it. but the scallops were really fresh tho..

    uncle's empanadas. this was quite nice!

    aunty jaime's pork belly. i reckon the one cousin had the last time looks bigger and more worth it than this one..

    mum's spanish stew..

    in conclusion, me no likey their new menu. prefer the old one. which means no going on weekdays anymore.. will try their weekend menu someday..

    after filling up our tummy, we went over to highpoint. we as in me mum aunty jaime and uncle.

    damage today :

    accessories!! people who knows me, knows how much i loveeeeee them!! and there were nothing over $7 okay.. rings at $2 and $5, necklaces at $5 or $7, earrings at $3 and bracelets at $2..!!

    accessories overload!! this was just all of our accessories buying for today only!! and we've been buying for like a couple of days already.. imagine that!!

    that sums up my weekend. tomorrow back to uni. and now back to report writing... =/ no fun.. plus mum is heading home this sunday.. no fun on that too.. )):

    kla i'll be back soon!


    sho cutee... ((: i wouldn't wish for anything more or anything less. everything is as perfect as it is now. ♥♥

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