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    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    was over at teck wei's for the weekend (: nothing makes me smile more.. hehe

    yesterday had to go back to uni to get my assignment going though... unix assignment due on wednesday. oh my god man... ))):

    left uni about 6pm then went over to glen waverley to get dinner for the both of us. tapao-ed food from petaling street and then got myself a cup of happy cup bubble tea.

    yums! my mango fruit tea with mango pudding and pearls (((:

    and also nasi pattaya for teck wei and claypot loh shu fun for me. hehehe

    but the weather was a downer yesterday. rain and rain all the way. and to make things worse, my flats broke.. water was sipping in through the sole.. ): needa throw it away liao..

    got back to MA, had dinner then watched the zookeeper with dear.

    so cute...! and funny hahaha

    did nothing today. just stayed in till i was suppose to get home. came back home around 630pm today.

    my weekend sure went by fast... =/ happy times or times where i super look forward to, always pass by fast.. ):

    here's from wednesday,

    lunch at hardware societe. i had their seafood empanada. nice!

    i still wanna go and try their breakkie.. been there for lunch three times already. and not loving their new menu very much.. so must go try their breakkie soon! and promised my dearest teck wei to go with him also. har har =D

    shopping spree.. hehe

    all bought for $10 except the pink belt for $6. love the stripey dress from factorie!!

    hmmm... thats it for now la.

    i am really not having much blogging mojo lately. i used to blog at least once every two days but now, one a week.. sighh.. =/

    oh and mum is flying to milan right now.. ): how i wish i was the one going with her! its okay.. to compensate that, i gave her my shoe size and the codes of stuff i wanted. eheheh i can't wait till i get my pressies...! heheh

    okie.. goodnight la.. *my post was so weirdly lined.. i know.. one moment ): and =/, another moment hehehe* i am losing the touch la.. bear with me la k.. =D

    much love,

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