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  1. sunday,

    took a 40 mins drive to gisborne market with mum, aunty D and uncle.

    i am loving my $9.95 midi orange skirt. this look is so not me but i actually kinda really liked it. hehe

    potato with peri peri powdered sprinkled on it ((:

    american hotdog =D

    beef combination pho for lunch at footscray.


    lunch at manchester press with mum and marvin.

    the faces were sorta depending on how the person looked. mum had her glasses on. hence, the glasses on her hot chocolate.

    marvin's cappuccino.

    my smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese and dill topped with capers and side salad. $12 and loved it! =D

    everything seems to be going on really nice these couple of weeks. tomorrow aunty jaime will be here to visit and staying over at my place. which is good! another visitor from home (:

    not so fun side, back to uni tomorrow =/

    exams are like slightly a week more than a month away... sighhh thinking about my digital signal subject its enough to give me a bad bad migrain.. )):

    for now, i shall look forward to friday (:

    i am having my dinner date that i never even once had a chance to have it here at all. and begin with the usual movie date which i so crave for right now.. dinner i am thinking either a crown buffet or meat and wine co. =D we shall see how it goes..

    saying it out loud nowadays seems to be fun. and i am thoroughly enjoying it! (:

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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