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    Thursday, October 06, 2011


    yesterday lunch at samurai which is japanese food nearby my uni.

    my samurai don. $12 nice and really worth it!

    mum's teriyaki chicken with rice plus a bowl of miso soup for $7.50. so cheap!

    uncle's tempura prawn udon. $8 but i reckon its a tad bit too salty to my liking.

    aunty jaime's gyoza. $4

    i ordered a side of beef tataki. $5

    today's lunch at oriental spoon.

    uncle's bento with kimchi fried rice and spicy pork. $13

    mum's bento with spicy noodles and beef. $11 and its really nice (:

    my beef bibimbab. yums! $11

    tea time at il dolce freddo for some gelati (((: yummy~

    dinner just now at corretto on lygon street.

    entree sized cardinale pasta with fettucine. i love corretto's fettucine!

    pasta mista. salmone linguine, spaghetti carbonara and risotto marinara. nice! plus it was a bigger portion today than when i went with cousin about 3 weeks back..

    medium sized ferrari pizza. nice too! me likey sundried tomatoes.. hehe =P

    nice street art by a homeless guy which happened to be friendly rather than those just being plain weird.

    fat lo fat but somehow it was worth while putting on those weight ((:

    life has been pretty good these days as aunty jaime is here along with mum and uncle, i've been like walking everywhere and eating everything. but next week comes this assignment due on friday and before that lab report due tuesday. can't slack so much already...

    but looking forward to tomorrow's date and saturday dinner and monday hardware societe! ((:

    for now, taS!

    with love,

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