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  1. red skinny jeans.

    Saturday, October 29, 2011

    went down to the city today with aunty D uncle they all.

    bought little mini cupcakes (:

    and lunch at chinatown for roast duck on egg noodles.

    was in the city till like 4 something. even met audrey in melbourne central as well. haha both of us bought a bottle of 100ml sex and the city perfume for only $10. hahah

    came home had seri muka for tea. aunty D made it hehe =D

    i am getting tired of going out so much. tomorrow i will be home solely to sleep, do laundry and read some practical notes. got practical exam on thursday.. ):

    i am liking the flare skirt look right now. not the usual me but love it!

    and have a i mention how so hot and sexy shane west is?

    its been awhile since i blog about some hot celebrity. but damn, he is hot! so much hotter as a protective boyfriend role in nikita. plus all the gun, fighting and tough scenes.. even more sexy...~ ahah


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