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  1. it's finally back.

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    finally my first salmon sushi roll since that i am back. $2.40. i miss zanmai so much ): HAHA!

    first day of classes. which i went for nothing cause i went to actually change my tutorial times but i couldn't. and that was my only class for the day as other tutes wasn't running yet.

    pretty sad i couldn't get into that class. considering its a unit that involves group projects and forming a group and all that, i met a couple of malaysians there which was like friendly and wouldn't mind having me in a group with them. but too bad i can't change my tute time. )):

    left for home. and because of the train being late by 2 minutes i missed my bus and ended up waiting at the station for like 40 minutes. so much for a start of a new semester.

    got home and ate and watched gossip girl and then slept for like 3 hours. and then more gossip girl and now off to bed soon. have to wake up by 9am the latest tomorrow.

    being shooed to bed already. sien don't like to go back to class. still feels like holiday mood to me right now.

    good night peeps (:

    omg i am so hungry right now with all the cravings i am having in my mind. i wanna eat alot of things right now. sara lee ultra chocolate ice cream? or baskin robbin's love potion? smiths salt and vinegar? and and smiths sour cream and onion? oooo and and!! greco's mud cake..! omai awesome stuff!!


    haha lots of love,
    sher xx.

  2. like the way it sounds.

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    spent my whole night yesterday watching vampire diaries and 90210 which ended up sleeping at 3 something in the morning.

    then snoozing my alarm which was set at 1020am till close to 11am and then woke up nearing 1120am when my bus that i was suppose to get on to go down to the city is at 1136am. but.. i still made it. =DD

    met up with teck wei, khai shien and cherly at melbourne central then headed over to A1 for lunch.

    my egg chiffon rice. $9.50

    after lunch, went to DFO south wharf to take the boys go shopping. not really the boys but just teck wei. haha

    by the time done with DFO it was like 4pm i think? then walking a big circle around bourke street and melbourne central for some souvenirs then to max brenner at melbourne central.

    which i had brownies. awesome!

    this is an old picture tho. had it the second time today. $5.80

    left them about 530pm and got home. watched somemore 90210 then dinner then somemore 90210 and then one tree hill. now off to the current episode of vampire diaries then back to one tree hill again.

    since class only starts at 1230pm tomorrow, i only have to wake at 1015am. not too bad. don't have to go to bed like super early or something.

    that's it for the day. you know... i am actually loving my life in melbourne abit more this year. seems like the beginning has been good so far. hopefully will be good till the end?

    a girl like finger on a man like palm? guess whose is this =P

    lots of love,

  3. like it?

    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    woke up like 8 something this morning. left the house at 930am. reached MA about 1120am. just lazed around. slept a little cause i was like still sleepy from the waking up at 8 something.

    walked out to kotaraya for lunch about 1 something with teck wei.

    their hainanese chicken rice which is only available on fridays, saturdays and sundays. $9.50

    hmmm so so? not to say like super duper nice that i'll go and crave for it la.

    then went back MA watched the current episode of rippling blossom and then slept somemore. ahah! ended up only leaving MA at 720pm.

    reached home by 920pm.

    that's pretty much my day. i liked the laid back way i spent my saturday today. everything was just right except for the stupid heat. omg so hot today.

    thank god it rained a little just now thus hoping for a much lower temperature tomorrow. =DD

    now off to my series. i am feeling for 90210 tonight (:

    good night peeps!


  4. caution: lots of words ahead. feel free to not read. (:

    i've been back to melbourne for like 5 days plus already and i never had the time to actually write some stuff to update my blog.


    firstly caused i reached melbourne at like 1245am on monday morning/midnight? slept close to 5am then left the house at like 1130am and went over to Monash Accommodation to go look for cherly, teck wei and khai shien.

    went chadstone the first day there then got ready bla bla bla.. and left out to the city along with cherly, jia shen, teck wei and rachel cause it was rachel's 20th birthday and we were going out to lygon street for dinner.

    dinner was a total of 9 of us.

    my medium rare porterhouse steak (: yummm omg the red wine and pepper sauce is like omg! haha

    teck wei's chicken parmagiana.

    dinner was rachel's treat. thank youuuuu! xx

    after dinner went to workshop for like a cup of beer. then left with teck wei cause i wasn't up for going to the strip club with the rest of them. so yea.

    ended up going back to MA and watched half of step up 3d was too tired to continue.


    woke up like 2 something i think? then walked over to kotaraya with teck wei, khai shien, cherly, jia shen and rachel and tapaoed lunch go back MA common area to eat.

    then close to 6pm left out to the city with cherly. jia shen joined us in the train at murrumbeena station. 4 of us went to the city to meet up with wei nian, tek yit, loong and his sis and shu hua hsini beng they all for dinner at menya.

    after menya bubble tea at ten ren then went back to MA.

    which they had like this surprise cake thingy for teck wei at 12 ish. cause it was his birthday and had like a cake fight in the room. it was so rich and creamy and cheesy and milky. don't like the smell. haha

    which then headed over to jasper's room with some sorta session which i am new to.

    bought a zippo lighter for teck wei as his present which i conveniently forgot to take picture of and didn't even know it doesn't come with lighter fluid. have to buy separately.. =.=


    woke up super late. then headed down to the city with teck wei to meet up with the rest. wei nian, tek yit, loong, sheng nee, cherly, jia shen, shu hua, beng, hsini for dinner. had korean jap at oriental spoon. sorta like a 21st birthday dinner for teck wei.

    then went over to the suzuki night market at vic market till about 9 ish then went over to starbucks for a drink then the 4 of us, me teck wei jia shen and cherly went over to wei nian's to get the monopoly deal cards then headed over to jia shen's house.

    js took the car and fetched us back to MA and stayed there playing monopoly deal with us. 4 of us plus khai shien played till about 2 something i think?

    then watched finished the remaining half of step up 3d with teck wei along with a huge 300g smiths salt and vinegar.

    don't really like it to be honest.

    i expected more and better storyline. step up and step up 2 was so much better. i was quite disappointed with the movie considered how so very much i desperately wanted to see it but gotta wait so long for.


    woke late again. walked out to comp shop with teck wei. lingered around MA till about 4 something i left for home.

    reached home close to 7pm, ate dinner and went up to my room and just stayed there watching series till it was like 12am.

    today, friday,

    woke up about 9am left to uni at 930am. settled stuffs in uni till about 12pm. went over to MA to look for them for lunch.

    ended up me, teck wei, jia shen and cherly had lunch in chaddy. jap food ((:

    my ten don =D yummss $9.90

    then four of us headed to jia shen's and played somemore monopoly deal since cherly just bought a new deck for $10.

    about 6 plus took the train and headed down to the city to meet up with wei nian, tek yit, raymond, shu hua, beng and hsini they all. loong and his sis didn't come tho.

    had dinner at oldtown kopitiam mamak.

    my nasi goreng. $9.90

    hmmmm.. so so? i've eaten better with the same price. laksa king still tops it all. haha!

    left city about 8.30pm to come home.

    just finished one episode of the rippling blossom as i am downloading latest and current episodes everyday.

    i like it ler..

    and two episodes of vampire diaries. i like vampire diaries alot too. haha!

    tomorrow might be out for lunch.

    been spending the first three nights staying over at MA. then been out quite often too. once classes starts next week, don't think i'll be that free to jump around everywhere anymore. but these past few days had been like awesome fun. seriously..

    much love,
    sher xx.

    (: smiling so much.
    haven't been happier.
    love it.

  5. back to melbourne in 20 hours.

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    its 4am now..

    came back from my last yumcha session at about 1.30am. had to organise one before heading back to melbourne ((:

    it was a great catch up. every single, the high school moments are being brought up, i miss high school so much. those days with carefree moments that i am never able of getting back again.

    said my last goodbyes to qihong, jenn hsen, yew wei, steph, dickson, chun kit. chun kit's girlfriend and hong jiun was there at melur too with us. and... yao yun which was there too but not last goodbyes cause i'll be seeing her in melbourne. aha!

    really nice to catch up with them. tho some of them i haven't got the time to actually meet up with that much for the past three months, at least i got to see them just now.

    i love my friends (:

    epic moment for chun kit. sooooohaiii! HAHAH! qihong's exes being brought up so much and appeared in melur too. the old high school stories. omg.. i'll miss all of this.

    despite all of that enjoyable moments, back to reality. back to melbourne tomorrow. flying off at 1.20pm.

    i now am torn in between the feeling of wanting to go back to melbourne and missing home. especially that i've been living in my own house for the past three months. mum and cousins and aunty uncle and grandma and grandfather. i'll miss all of them.

    going back to melbourne aint all that bad now. at least i have things to look forward to (: hopefully it'll be a fun year there =D

    i better head off to bed. got to leave to the airport at 9.30am. good morning malaysia!

    i am going back with 40kg of stuffs. which doesn't include the 7kg of hand carry. omaiii 47kgs! HAHA!

    lots and lots of love,
    sher xoxo!!

  6. yesterday night i went to zanmai for dinner with mum, cousins and everybody else. omg it was such an awesome meal la. just kept eating and eating and ordering whatever that i like to eat.

    some of my favourite. still had lots more just that i was too busy eating i just gave up taking somemore pictures. haha!

    salmon sashimi.

    we ordered 4 plates of 7 pieces salmon sashimi. omg heaven! =DDD

    hotate mentaiyaki.

    salmon ikura sushi.

    ala carte soft shell crab.

    eggplant gyoza which unagi sandwiched in between.

    this is damn nice!! it was newly discovered by me yesterday ((((: ordered two plates! hehe


    dinner was enjoyable. me love love ((: my last zanmai meal before leaving back to melbourne.

    then later at night had some gambling session with the cousins and i lost RM33 ))): no fun.... haha!

    woke up at 1pm just now. damn pig. ahah!

    tonight will sleep lesser. and then sleep in the plane. going dinner at sentul later then yumcha with the rest at melur. then come back home prolly gamble somemore. then tomorrow morning off to airport.

    2 more days ((: can't wait!

    lots of love,

  7. life has never been better ((:

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    love this movie
    "all it took was two weeks. two weeks for me to fall in love with you"

    got back from bangkok late tuesday night (:

    awesome trip! i shop till i was left with no more money, ate till i put on 1.5 kilos in 4 days. so yea awesome awesome trip!!

    don't think i'll have the time to blog about the trip cause first of all, i don't have all the pictures. and i am flying back to melbourne in less than 48 hours already. will be having some catching up to do which means no time to resize and post up all the pictures and write a whole detail about the trip.

    it was a very good family trip (: i enjoyed so much. this sorta trip is what i had to have since that i am back. =DD

    after being back from bangkok i've just been out. wednesday went back to raub for a daytrip then yesterday met up with my grandparents and treated them lunch and also collected my IC. which looks so much better than the one i had before.

    and and.. tonight i am having zanmai for dinner!!! with mum and cousin and family ((: craving craving..

    time flies tho, i'll be leaving soon.

    under certain new addition to the circumstances, going back to melbourne isn't so bad after all =DD kinda looking forward to being back.

    i enjoyed my holidays to the max, spent enough time with family and prolly friends (not all of them tho). so yea, soon back to reality in melbourne and i am hoping for a way better year ahead there (:

    now i got so much of packing to do. help...)):

    much love,

    my stupid iphone got jammed up and i had to restore from my last back up which means my pictures that i took yesterday is gone and my messages that i received yesterday is gone too.. my messages.. nouuu.. )))):

    *missed you lots relly (=*

  8. snowfall, when can i meet you..?

    Friday, February 11, 2011


    i love the lights.
    i love fireworks.
    love blue lights especially.
    and i have an obsession with snowflakes =DD
    of course the lights in disneyland tops it all.

    pretty pretty lights never failed to make me a happy girl.
    but it would be alot prettier if you were there too.

    things that are going on lately and gonna happen :

    • dickson is back from gold coast for good (:
    • i am leaving to bangkok tomorrow afternoon till next tuesday =DDD
    • which means shoppppingggg here i come!
    • teck wei and khai shien leaving to melbourne tomorrow evening. which i'll see them there soon!
    • V day in bangkok is it any fun?

    hahaha not that there is alot to write. just that i felt like using the bullets ((: i'll be back to update after i get back from bangkok. which is next wednesday.

    lots of love,

    p/s: i don't like hearing channels like CNN and CNBC cause somehow they make the whole world sound so chaotic like its coming to an end. haha =P

    and i thought today there would be a movie and zanmai... =/
    i'll miss it.

  9. lips sealed.

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    just got home from rack cafe with khai shien and teck wei (:

    basically just went there and see them play pool. before that i was out at imbi on jalan bukit bintang having dinner. nice chinese dinner.

    earlier today pula went monash with teck wei cause he needed to find some books then lunch with cherly and jia shen at kim gary in pyramid.

    just went walking around then left to go yumcha at ss15's hailam kopitiam which wei nian and tek yit was there and later on jeremy came over too. which then i left from there to go pick mum then headed to dinner.

    i know my timelines aren't properly arranged. hehe =P

    there is a touch to it that i like (:
    a confession to make, i always wanted a tattoo =D

    since like high school when i first watched miami ink, i already wanted to get myself one. but somehow just the idea and thought of it might not be approved )): might get it someday... we shall see :DD

    with love,

    i enjoy it too.
    in fact i am enjoying everything right now ((:
    i am happy. really... never ever been this thrilled.

  10. cold otak puffs. =D

    Wednesday, February 09, 2011

    yesterday at about 10 something i received a call from enlin asking to go out. which about 11 plus we left out to bangsar. we as in me, jo, ferns and enlin.

    ended up in alexis. my first time there. i am ought to try their pastas someday. but their cakes... nehh i don't fancy.

    had three slices of cake. blueberry cheesecake, tiramisu and strawberry mascarpone.
    mind my very "cincai" picture. hehe =P

    and we all had a glass to drink. mine was a non-alcoholic mocktail, ferns had orange soda, enlin had long island iced tea and jo had some champagne cocktail.

    we sat there till it was seriously their closing shop time. almost to 1am.

    then headed over to Lorong at ss15. which we met yao yun, yyling, kar hoe and nick lim there. i was actually not planning to have any dinner yesterday but then, i couldn't resist the maggi goreng and the milo shake tambah banana =DD

    maggi goreng tambah telur. RM3.50

    medium sized milo shake tambah banana. RM4

    awesome and cheap stuffff..!! maggi goreng and ramly burger is the one thing that i miss oh-so-very-much when i am in melbourne okay...

    we sat there till about 2 plus playing monopoly deal. ahaha! should have seen how we tapao-ed enlin! so funn!! =DD

    was home slightly after 3am.

    slept about 4 plus and woke up about 9 something. cause was going out with aunty D and cousin at 10am to imbi cause she wanted to get some books and then went for lunch at jalan imbi's tangkak beef noodles.

    tenderloins with mihun (: and cold chrysanthemum.

    then headed over to KLCC to walk around. aunty D wanted to go shopping. so yea... left for home about 2 plus.

    once i got home straight slept till 7.30pm. HAHA!

    after waking, did nothing at all. just sitting here listening to songs, blog hopping and that's it. doubt will be heading out to anywhere also tonight.

    stay home and watch series or some movies. and tomorrow would be a new day.

    time is flying by like nobody's business.. =/

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  11. CNY celebrations? (:

    Monday, February 07, 2011

    hellooo...! sorry la been too lazy to come online and blog during chinese new year la.. haha here it is my entire cny week update.

    eve of CNY which was last wednesday,

    had my favourite "nin kou" 年糕.

    but this is the steam ones and dipped in coconut with some salt sprinkled on it. and then use the chopsticks and roll it up then dip inside the coconut and eat it up. YUMMS!

    the other way that i love to eat it is it being fried with batter either just with batter or sandwiched in between yam. niceeeeeee! =DD

    had the reunion dinner that night which i forgotten to take picture of. i wasn't really feeling very well that night.

    by 8 something i went up to the room and slept till like 10 something when mum came in and told me that i was having a fever. texted a little and popped two panadols and slept till 11 something the next day.

    first day of CNY, thursday,

    ate the first meal for the new year. every year it'll be vegetarian food.

    my aunty makes good vegetarian food ((: that huge dish with glass noodle is my FAV!

    thus, i loveeee vegetarian food very much =DD and every year there will be fried egg. sorta like a good thing cause if direct translation from cantonese its like "wallet egg" so its something to do with filled wallet and money and stuff like that one la..

    then went to Tras to visit cousin's gf's family.

    which rusky boy came along in the car too (:

    came home just lazed around. watched Treasure Planet on my mac till it was time for dinner which i forgot to take picture of the food again. eheh

    then just stayed home mahjong-ing the whole time. thats basically what i have been doing all cny. eat, sleep and mahjong. haha!

    mum got bored and wanted to go out for yumcha. ended up it was a really really random plan to go up to genting. left home about 12 something reached up there about 1 something..

    really misty night.. apparently it was 15 degrees. damn syiok!! =DD me love love cold weathers ((:

    i was with my shorts and polo tee and a sling bag thus not looking like i was old enough to enter. so yea i couldn't get in.

    ended up in coffee bean alone with the iPad and bought a regular pure double chocolate.


    coffee bean was closing so i had to move to the lobby and sit there while onlining. till mum called and ask me to go and find them. then we all went for supper which i didn't eat anything cause the drink filled me up already.

    reached back to raub about 5 something which i slept from the foot of genting all the way till we reached home.

    second day of new year, friday,

    uncle felix and family which includes aunty D came back to visit. and also uncle nick and family.

    so we had our lunch together which was all cooked by aunty. ((: yumss!

    for that few hours the house was really packed. everyone was there. it was somewhat a good get together. (:

    everyone left by 4 something. which means it was sleeping time. slept till about 8 till it was time for dinner. ehhe ((:

    that night there was some fireworks display. the guy who had it up stays like two doors away. so practically it was really loud..

    and hugeee...!

    it was also up the night before but i was sick and in bed thus not seeing anything. these fireworks are the same as those people have on countdowns at malls.

    but i prefer seeing fireworks from slightly a far.. it looks nicer..

    slept about 2 plus that night.

    third day of new year, saturday,

    woke up about 10 something cause we had to leave and come back to KL by 12pm.

    aunt cooked her pan mee... this is yum!! nothing out there in any hawker can top this. =DD

    left Raub slightly after 12pm and reached KL about 1.30pm. went to mum's client's house for open house. then headed over to KLCC awhile which had so many people and made me not wanna walk anywhere at all so headed over to Bangsar Village II.

    sat at the Loaf for awhile then cousin went to buy a pair of birkenstock. i saw one too.. but mine hasn't spoil and still looks fine so i couldn't get a new one... )): sad.. HAHA

    we didn't head for home straight is because we were having a dinner in KL at 6pm which is pretty pointless to go back to subang and be home for about an hour then come back out to KL.

    pick up and aunty at jalan ampang then headed over to Sentul for dinner. which uncle and aunty from raub plus grandma and joyce also came down and joined us for dinner cause they were heading down to malacca for a visit the next day.

    at sentul baru.

    yee sang.

    fried choy sum which tasted like seaweed but it was something different and i like it! (:

    my ultimate favourite salted egg chicken.

    there isn't another place that i've tasted this good salted egg chicken. at least to my liking. cause most places their salted egg dishes has some sort of sugar in it that also makes it sweet at the same time which i don't fancy as much.

    claypot curry fish fillets. there is eggplant inside too.. YUMMM!

    hot plate squid and prawns. their signature dish. yumsss too!

    the dinner was so satisfying.. love it!!

    fetched the aunty back to jalan ampang which means using jalan kuching.

    thus the view of the twin tower ((:

    and also after dropping her off, cousin used jalan ampang to head home. which also means..

    the twin tower is just right beside. =DD

    but the feeling of now just seeing by myself and with someone is a wee bit different. hehe ((:

    next up was the kl tower. which i don't fancy as much. haha

    after that met up with teck wei which we went to pappa rich for a while.


    woke up then went to imbi for some visiting then went to kepong for another visit. was home about 4 something.

    5 plus 6 went out with teck wei with the intention of going to pasar malam but it was raining pretty heavy and i was already in the car so we went to oldtown taipan instead.

    sat till about 7 something.

    around 8 something me, mum, cousin and gf went out to usj11 for visiting again. which we sat there till about 9 plus. mum, cousin and gf was going for shaolin the movie at pyramid at 9.50pm so they dropped me home cause i had yumcha plans.

    close to 10 chun kit came to pick me and headed over to oldtown taipan again... ahaha!

    quite a big group. about 9 of us if it includes loong's brother then 10 of us. me, cherly, jia shen, ferng lin, en lin, jack, chun kit, loong and his bro, and yao yun who came much later. ahah

    updated yao yun a little bit when she fetched me home. was home slightly after 12am.


    hmmm.... nothing much. have just been home and think will be staying home till my phone rings. ahah!

    after being stuck at home during cny, staying home seems alright now already. before this, i always had this feeling that i must be out everyday. ahah..

    till then, xx


  12. 15 degrees weather.

    Friday, February 04, 2011

    Up in genting right now. With shorts and a headache and flu isn't fun ): plus not able to cheat my through to get in the casino even more not fun. Basically just the iPad and my coffee bean pure double chocolate is my only friend right now while mum and cousin and aunty is in the casino. ))):

    And no one to chat online with to pass time.

    Sadder thing is no one to text to as people is asleep. =\


  13. kinda love it more than a lot now.

    Wednesday, February 02, 2011

    sorry that i haven't been blogging for the last few days. been busy somehow that i just didn't get the time around to blog.

    shall start of with sunday night.

    went to Luna Bar in KL. together with teck wei, cherly, rachel, jack, chun kit, hong jiun, keng yew and vera. before that we had dinner at maju maju, jia shen joined but he was sick so sent him home first before we left to KL.

    on the way we had one hiccup but well we still manage to make it there safe and sound.

    basically Luna Bar is a bar in pacific regency suites on the 34th floor. which is just beside KL tower. so when you are up there, you'll be seeing really nice view and enjoy the booze. but that night we went it was raining, so its pretty cloudy.

    yet, i still love the lights =D and the people i was with. ((:

    it was fun (((:

    i know i enjoyed it. i enjoyed my company. enjoyed the talking enjoyed the drinking. i had about a pint of hoegaarden and a shot of lady killer. was still sober but was red up and heated up already.

    drinking sessions to me is always fun. =DD

    we left Luna Bar about 1 something. then headed over to a mamak at mont kiara.

    i had my teh o ais limau and maggi goreng.

    was finally home about 3am. good night out tho (((:

    monday, i stayed at home for most of the day. till about evening i went to uncle's place to visit aunty D who is back from melbourne.

    but before going over, i had dinner at home first. mum bought back food from wong soon kee.

    now the fried chicken is awesome~! (((:

    then about 8 plus left uncle's place to fetch teck wei and went to pyramid for movie.

    watched the 9.40pm Shaolin.

    i quite like the movie. way worth it than paying to watch great day la.

    and and Nicholas Tse is hot! =DDD like seriously.. you know.. he was the first celeb that when i was a kid i wanted to meet so badly. i practically had my first celeb crush on him. thats how far back i went with him. HAHA!

    reached home about 12 plus that night.

    yesterday, tuesday.

    woke up about 9am then went to pick aunty D and cousin sis and me mum cousin went to midvalley. walked around which i bought nothing. had lunch at little penang and then left to bangsar village.

    also just walked around. and bought a pair of birkenstock for aunty D as present cause it was her birthday yesterday. i was so close to getting something for myself but it was out of stock.

    will get it soon ((:

    left back to hometown about 5 in the evening. by the time reach here, Raub also about 7 plus already. then just mahjong and food and online till about 3 plus in the morning only slept.


    still just staying at home the whole time.

    and playing with cousin's toy poodle. =DD rusky boy. so cutee!

    makes me miss Sparky. will see her in about 3 weeks. lets see then if she miss me too ((: HAHA!

    might not be back to update till i am back to subang tho. see la if i have the time or interesting stuffs to update about.

    will back to KL this saturday. till then, love ya'll!