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    Wednesday, February 02, 2011

    sorry that i haven't been blogging for the last few days. been busy somehow that i just didn't get the time around to blog.

    shall start of with sunday night.

    went to Luna Bar in KL. together with teck wei, cherly, rachel, jack, chun kit, hong jiun, keng yew and vera. before that we had dinner at maju maju, jia shen joined but he was sick so sent him home first before we left to KL.

    on the way we had one hiccup but well we still manage to make it there safe and sound.

    basically Luna Bar is a bar in pacific regency suites on the 34th floor. which is just beside KL tower. so when you are up there, you'll be seeing really nice view and enjoy the booze. but that night we went it was raining, so its pretty cloudy.

    yet, i still love the lights =D and the people i was with. ((:

    it was fun (((:

    i know i enjoyed it. i enjoyed my company. enjoyed the talking enjoyed the drinking. i had about a pint of hoegaarden and a shot of lady killer. was still sober but was red up and heated up already.

    drinking sessions to me is always fun. =DD

    we left Luna Bar about 1 something. then headed over to a mamak at mont kiara.

    i had my teh o ais limau and maggi goreng.

    was finally home about 3am. good night out tho (((:

    monday, i stayed at home for most of the day. till about evening i went to uncle's place to visit aunty D who is back from melbourne.

    but before going over, i had dinner at home first. mum bought back food from wong soon kee.

    now the fried chicken is awesome~! (((:

    then about 8 plus left uncle's place to fetch teck wei and went to pyramid for movie.

    watched the 9.40pm Shaolin.

    i quite like the movie. way worth it than paying to watch great day la.

    and and Nicholas Tse is hot! =DDD like seriously.. you know.. he was the first celeb that when i was a kid i wanted to meet so badly. i practically had my first celeb crush on him. thats how far back i went with him. HAHA!

    reached home about 12 plus that night.

    yesterday, tuesday.

    woke up about 9am then went to pick aunty D and cousin sis and me mum cousin went to midvalley. walked around which i bought nothing. had lunch at little penang and then left to bangsar village.

    also just walked around. and bought a pair of birkenstock for aunty D as present cause it was her birthday yesterday. i was so close to getting something for myself but it was out of stock.

    will get it soon ((:

    left back to hometown about 5 in the evening. by the time reach here, Raub also about 7 plus already. then just mahjong and food and online till about 3 plus in the morning only slept.


    still just staying at home the whole time.

    and playing with cousin's toy poodle. =DD rusky boy. so cutee!

    makes me miss Sparky. will see her in about 3 weeks. lets see then if she miss me too ((: HAHA!

    might not be back to update till i am back to subang tho. see la if i have the time or interesting stuffs to update about.

    will back to KL this saturday. till then, love ya'll!


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