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    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    spent my whole night yesterday watching vampire diaries and 90210 which ended up sleeping at 3 something in the morning.

    then snoozing my alarm which was set at 1020am till close to 11am and then woke up nearing 1120am when my bus that i was suppose to get on to go down to the city is at 1136am. but.. i still made it. =DD

    met up with teck wei, khai shien and cherly at melbourne central then headed over to A1 for lunch.

    my egg chiffon rice. $9.50

    after lunch, went to DFO south wharf to take the boys go shopping. not really the boys but just teck wei. haha

    by the time done with DFO it was like 4pm i think? then walking a big circle around bourke street and melbourne central for some souvenirs then to max brenner at melbourne central.

    which i had brownies. awesome!

    this is an old picture tho. had it the second time today. $5.80

    left them about 530pm and got home. watched somemore 90210 then dinner then somemore 90210 and then one tree hill. now off to the current episode of vampire diaries then back to one tree hill again.

    since class only starts at 1230pm tomorrow, i only have to wake at 1015am. not too bad. don't have to go to bed like super early or something.

    that's it for the day. you know... i am actually loving my life in melbourne abit more this year. seems like the beginning has been good so far. hopefully will be good till the end?

    a girl like finger on a man like palm? guess whose is this =P

    lots of love,

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