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  1. yesterday night i went to zanmai for dinner with mum, cousins and everybody else. omg it was such an awesome meal la. just kept eating and eating and ordering whatever that i like to eat.

    some of my favourite. still had lots more just that i was too busy eating i just gave up taking somemore pictures. haha!

    salmon sashimi.

    we ordered 4 plates of 7 pieces salmon sashimi. omg heaven! =DDD

    hotate mentaiyaki.

    salmon ikura sushi.

    ala carte soft shell crab.

    eggplant gyoza which unagi sandwiched in between.

    this is damn nice!! it was newly discovered by me yesterday ((((: ordered two plates! hehe


    dinner was enjoyable. me love love ((: my last zanmai meal before leaving back to melbourne.

    then later at night had some gambling session with the cousins and i lost RM33 ))): no fun.... haha!

    woke up at 1pm just now. damn pig. ahah!

    tonight will sleep lesser. and then sleep in the plane. going dinner at sentul later then yumcha with the rest at melur. then come back home prolly gamble somemore. then tomorrow morning off to airport.

    2 more days ((: can't wait!

    lots of love,

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