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  1. cold otak puffs. =D

    Wednesday, February 09, 2011

    yesterday at about 10 something i received a call from enlin asking to go out. which about 11 plus we left out to bangsar. we as in me, jo, ferns and enlin.

    ended up in alexis. my first time there. i am ought to try their pastas someday. but their cakes... nehh i don't fancy.

    had three slices of cake. blueberry cheesecake, tiramisu and strawberry mascarpone.
    mind my very "cincai" picture. hehe =P

    and we all had a glass to drink. mine was a non-alcoholic mocktail, ferns had orange soda, enlin had long island iced tea and jo had some champagne cocktail.

    we sat there till it was seriously their closing shop time. almost to 1am.

    then headed over to Lorong at ss15. which we met yao yun, yyling, kar hoe and nick lim there. i was actually not planning to have any dinner yesterday but then, i couldn't resist the maggi goreng and the milo shake tambah banana =DD

    maggi goreng tambah telur. RM3.50

    medium sized milo shake tambah banana. RM4

    awesome and cheap stuffff..!! maggi goreng and ramly burger is the one thing that i miss oh-so-very-much when i am in melbourne okay...

    we sat there till about 2 plus playing monopoly deal. ahaha! should have seen how we tapao-ed enlin! so funn!! =DD

    was home slightly after 3am.

    slept about 4 plus and woke up about 9 something. cause was going out with aunty D and cousin at 10am to imbi cause she wanted to get some books and then went for lunch at jalan imbi's tangkak beef noodles.

    tenderloins with mihun (: and cold chrysanthemum.

    then headed over to KLCC to walk around. aunty D wanted to go shopping. so yea... left for home about 2 plus.

    once i got home straight slept till 7.30pm. HAHA!

    after waking, did nothing at all. just sitting here listening to songs, blog hopping and that's it. doubt will be heading out to anywhere also tonight.

    stay home and watch series or some movies. and tomorrow would be a new day.

    time is flying by like nobody's business.. =/

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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