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  1. CNY celebrations? (:

    Monday, February 07, 2011

    hellooo...! sorry la been too lazy to come online and blog during chinese new year la.. haha here it is my entire cny week update.

    eve of CNY which was last wednesday,

    had my favourite "nin kou" 年糕.

    but this is the steam ones and dipped in coconut with some salt sprinkled on it. and then use the chopsticks and roll it up then dip inside the coconut and eat it up. YUMMS!

    the other way that i love to eat it is it being fried with batter either just with batter or sandwiched in between yam. niceeeeeee! =DD

    had the reunion dinner that night which i forgotten to take picture of. i wasn't really feeling very well that night.

    by 8 something i went up to the room and slept till like 10 something when mum came in and told me that i was having a fever. texted a little and popped two panadols and slept till 11 something the next day.

    first day of CNY, thursday,

    ate the first meal for the new year. every year it'll be vegetarian food.

    my aunty makes good vegetarian food ((: that huge dish with glass noodle is my FAV!

    thus, i loveeee vegetarian food very much =DD and every year there will be fried egg. sorta like a good thing cause if direct translation from cantonese its like "wallet egg" so its something to do with filled wallet and money and stuff like that one la..

    then went to Tras to visit cousin's gf's family.

    which rusky boy came along in the car too (:

    came home just lazed around. watched Treasure Planet on my mac till it was time for dinner which i forgot to take picture of the food again. eheh

    then just stayed home mahjong-ing the whole time. thats basically what i have been doing all cny. eat, sleep and mahjong. haha!

    mum got bored and wanted to go out for yumcha. ended up it was a really really random plan to go up to genting. left home about 12 something reached up there about 1 something..

    really misty night.. apparently it was 15 degrees. damn syiok!! =DD me love love cold weathers ((:

    i was with my shorts and polo tee and a sling bag thus not looking like i was old enough to enter. so yea i couldn't get in.

    ended up in coffee bean alone with the iPad and bought a regular pure double chocolate.


    coffee bean was closing so i had to move to the lobby and sit there while onlining. till mum called and ask me to go and find them. then we all went for supper which i didn't eat anything cause the drink filled me up already.

    reached back to raub about 5 something which i slept from the foot of genting all the way till we reached home.

    second day of new year, friday,

    uncle felix and family which includes aunty D came back to visit. and also uncle nick and family.

    so we had our lunch together which was all cooked by aunty. ((: yumss!

    for that few hours the house was really packed. everyone was there. it was somewhat a good get together. (:

    everyone left by 4 something. which means it was sleeping time. slept till about 8 till it was time for dinner. ehhe ((:

    that night there was some fireworks display. the guy who had it up stays like two doors away. so practically it was really loud..

    and hugeee...!

    it was also up the night before but i was sick and in bed thus not seeing anything. these fireworks are the same as those people have on countdowns at malls.

    but i prefer seeing fireworks from slightly a far.. it looks nicer..

    slept about 2 plus that night.

    third day of new year, saturday,

    woke up about 10 something cause we had to leave and come back to KL by 12pm.

    aunt cooked her pan mee... this is yum!! nothing out there in any hawker can top this. =DD

    left Raub slightly after 12pm and reached KL about 1.30pm. went to mum's client's house for open house. then headed over to KLCC awhile which had so many people and made me not wanna walk anywhere at all so headed over to Bangsar Village II.

    sat at the Loaf for awhile then cousin went to buy a pair of birkenstock. i saw one too.. but mine hasn't spoil and still looks fine so i couldn't get a new one... )): sad.. HAHA

    we didn't head for home straight is because we were having a dinner in KL at 6pm which is pretty pointless to go back to subang and be home for about an hour then come back out to KL.

    pick up and aunty at jalan ampang then headed over to Sentul for dinner. which uncle and aunty from raub plus grandma and joyce also came down and joined us for dinner cause they were heading down to malacca for a visit the next day.

    at sentul baru.

    yee sang.

    fried choy sum which tasted like seaweed but it was something different and i like it! (:

    my ultimate favourite salted egg chicken.

    there isn't another place that i've tasted this good salted egg chicken. at least to my liking. cause most places their salted egg dishes has some sort of sugar in it that also makes it sweet at the same time which i don't fancy as much.

    claypot curry fish fillets. there is eggplant inside too.. YUMMM!

    hot plate squid and prawns. their signature dish. yumsss too!

    the dinner was so satisfying.. love it!!

    fetched the aunty back to jalan ampang which means using jalan kuching.

    thus the view of the twin tower ((:

    and also after dropping her off, cousin used jalan ampang to head home. which also means..

    the twin tower is just right beside. =DD

    but the feeling of now just seeing by myself and with someone is a wee bit different. hehe ((:

    next up was the kl tower. which i don't fancy as much. haha

    after that met up with teck wei which we went to pappa rich for a while.


    woke up then went to imbi for some visiting then went to kepong for another visit. was home about 4 something.

    5 plus 6 went out with teck wei with the intention of going to pasar malam but it was raining pretty heavy and i was already in the car so we went to oldtown taipan instead.

    sat till about 7 something.

    around 8 something me, mum, cousin and gf went out to usj11 for visiting again. which we sat there till about 9 plus. mum, cousin and gf was going for shaolin the movie at pyramid at 9.50pm so they dropped me home cause i had yumcha plans.

    close to 10 chun kit came to pick me and headed over to oldtown taipan again... ahaha!

    quite a big group. about 9 of us if it includes loong's brother then 10 of us. me, cherly, jia shen, ferng lin, en lin, jack, chun kit, loong and his bro, and yao yun who came much later. ahah

    updated yao yun a little bit when she fetched me home. was home slightly after 12am.


    hmmm.... nothing much. have just been home and think will be staying home till my phone rings. ahah!

    after being stuck at home during cny, staying home seems alright now already. before this, i always had this feeling that i must be out everyday. ahah..

    till then, xx


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