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  1. life has never been better ((:

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    love this movie
    "all it took was two weeks. two weeks for me to fall in love with you"

    got back from bangkok late tuesday night (:

    awesome trip! i shop till i was left with no more money, ate till i put on 1.5 kilos in 4 days. so yea awesome awesome trip!!

    don't think i'll have the time to blog about the trip cause first of all, i don't have all the pictures. and i am flying back to melbourne in less than 48 hours already. will be having some catching up to do which means no time to resize and post up all the pictures and write a whole detail about the trip.

    it was a very good family trip (: i enjoyed so much. this sorta trip is what i had to have since that i am back. =DD

    after being back from bangkok i've just been out. wednesday went back to raub for a daytrip then yesterday met up with my grandparents and treated them lunch and also collected my IC. which looks so much better than the one i had before.

    and and.. tonight i am having zanmai for dinner!!! with mum and cousin and family ((: craving craving..

    time flies tho, i'll be leaving soon.

    under certain new addition to the circumstances, going back to melbourne isn't so bad after all =DD kinda looking forward to being back.

    i enjoyed my holidays to the max, spent enough time with family and prolly friends (not all of them tho). so yea, soon back to reality in melbourne and i am hoping for a way better year ahead there (:

    now i got so much of packing to do. help...)):

    much love,

    my stupid iphone got jammed up and i had to restore from my last back up which means my pictures that i took yesterday is gone and my messages that i received yesterday is gone too.. my messages.. nouuu.. )))):

    *missed you lots relly (=*

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