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  1. it's finally back.

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    finally my first salmon sushi roll since that i am back. $2.40. i miss zanmai so much ): HAHA!

    first day of classes. which i went for nothing cause i went to actually change my tutorial times but i couldn't. and that was my only class for the day as other tutes wasn't running yet.

    pretty sad i couldn't get into that class. considering its a unit that involves group projects and forming a group and all that, i met a couple of malaysians there which was like friendly and wouldn't mind having me in a group with them. but too bad i can't change my tute time. )):

    left for home. and because of the train being late by 2 minutes i missed my bus and ended up waiting at the station for like 40 minutes. so much for a start of a new semester.

    got home and ate and watched gossip girl and then slept for like 3 hours. and then more gossip girl and now off to bed soon. have to wake up by 9am the latest tomorrow.

    being shooed to bed already. sien don't like to go back to class. still feels like holiday mood to me right now.

    good night peeps (:

    omg i am so hungry right now with all the cravings i am having in my mind. i wanna eat alot of things right now. sara lee ultra chocolate ice cream? or baskin robbin's love potion? smiths salt and vinegar? and and smiths sour cream and onion? oooo and and!! greco's mud cake..! omai awesome stuff!!


    haha lots of love,
    sher xx.

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