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    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    woke up like 8 something this morning. left the house at 930am. reached MA about 1120am. just lazed around. slept a little cause i was like still sleepy from the waking up at 8 something.

    walked out to kotaraya for lunch about 1 something with teck wei.

    their hainanese chicken rice which is only available on fridays, saturdays and sundays. $9.50

    hmmm so so? not to say like super duper nice that i'll go and crave for it la.

    then went back MA watched the current episode of rippling blossom and then slept somemore. ahah! ended up only leaving MA at 720pm.

    reached home by 920pm.

    that's pretty much my day. i liked the laid back way i spent my saturday today. everything was just right except for the stupid heat. omg so hot today.

    thank god it rained a little just now thus hoping for a much lower temperature tomorrow. =DD

    now off to my series. i am feeling for 90210 tonight (:

    good night peeps!


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