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  1. snowfall, when can i meet you..?

    Friday, February 11, 2011


    i love the lights.
    i love fireworks.
    love blue lights especially.
    and i have an obsession with snowflakes =DD
    of course the lights in disneyland tops it all.

    pretty pretty lights never failed to make me a happy girl.
    but it would be alot prettier if you were there too.

    things that are going on lately and gonna happen :

    • dickson is back from gold coast for good (:
    • i am leaving to bangkok tomorrow afternoon till next tuesday =DDD
    • which means shoppppingggg here i come!
    • teck wei and khai shien leaving to melbourne tomorrow evening. which i'll see them there soon!
    • V day in bangkok is it any fun?

    hahaha not that there is alot to write. just that i felt like using the bullets ((: i'll be back to update after i get back from bangkok. which is next wednesday.

    lots of love,

    p/s: i don't like hearing channels like CNN and CNBC cause somehow they make the whole world sound so chaotic like its coming to an end. haha =P

    and i thought today there would be a movie and zanmai... =/
    i'll miss it.

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