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  1. back to melbourne in 20 hours.

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    its 4am now..

    came back from my last yumcha session at about 1.30am. had to organise one before heading back to melbourne ((:

    it was a great catch up. every single, the high school moments are being brought up, i miss high school so much. those days with carefree moments that i am never able of getting back again.

    said my last goodbyes to qihong, jenn hsen, yew wei, steph, dickson, chun kit. chun kit's girlfriend and hong jiun was there at melur too with us. and... yao yun which was there too but not last goodbyes cause i'll be seeing her in melbourne. aha!

    really nice to catch up with them. tho some of them i haven't got the time to actually meet up with that much for the past three months, at least i got to see them just now.

    i love my friends (:

    epic moment for chun kit. sooooohaiii! HAHAH! qihong's exes being brought up so much and appeared in melur too. the old high school stories. omg.. i'll miss all of this.

    despite all of that enjoyable moments, back to reality. back to melbourne tomorrow. flying off at 1.20pm.

    i now am torn in between the feeling of wanting to go back to melbourne and missing home. especially that i've been living in my own house for the past three months. mum and cousins and aunty uncle and grandma and grandfather. i'll miss all of them.

    going back to melbourne aint all that bad now. at least i have things to look forward to (: hopefully it'll be a fun year there =D

    i better head off to bed. got to leave to the airport at 9.30am. good morning malaysia!

    i am going back with 40kg of stuffs. which doesn't include the 7kg of hand carry. omaiii 47kgs! HAHA!

    lots and lots of love,
    sher xoxo!!

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