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  1. lips sealed.

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    just got home from rack cafe with khai shien and teck wei (:

    basically just went there and see them play pool. before that i was out at imbi on jalan bukit bintang having dinner. nice chinese dinner.

    earlier today pula went monash with teck wei cause he needed to find some books then lunch with cherly and jia shen at kim gary in pyramid.

    just went walking around then left to go yumcha at ss15's hailam kopitiam which wei nian and tek yit was there and later on jeremy came over too. which then i left from there to go pick mum then headed to dinner.

    i know my timelines aren't properly arranged. hehe =P

    there is a touch to it that i like (:
    a confession to make, i always wanted a tattoo =D

    since like high school when i first watched miami ink, i already wanted to get myself one. but somehow just the idea and thought of it might not be approved )): might get it someday... we shall see :DD

    with love,

    i enjoy it too.
    in fact i am enjoying everything right now ((:
    i am happy. really... never ever been this thrilled.

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